Silly bean.

Now for something completely different…………  (Obligatory song to get you through it 🙂 )

Magic beans, not even Jack’s can compete.

These beans open up  a portal to a new portal in another space in my  brain.

I stretch up and yawn- pause …


I shouldn’t have done those exercises yesterday.

Sit ups but for my neck.

Ever done those?

You are meant to crunch your abs but instead, crunch your neck. Like that is exactly what I want a ripped neck.

Monster  scream – aaargh………

I’m writing. This is the point.

The point where everyone applauds and claps because I force myself to write.

I could go back to sleep……..

Or my angel gliding on air could bring me another magical bean.

Stained teeth are something I am willing to take on -if it gets me on my feet.

I was thinking about what to get my daughter for her next birthday.

What about a goat?


 You know the ones you get asked bombarded  to  sponser in the dark continent.

Hell, I will take the goat and bring it to balmy U.K. and give it a bell.

DING DONG!  A mobile door bell!


call it,


or Denow….  named after the deity of goats, perhaps ?

Two more words to make this a masterpiece 😉

Hakuna Matata.

It’s Friday!


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