A jar of Hopourrie

Caught up on a few of your posts tonight. 😀


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A sense of accomplishment!



Short reflection (First day down) onWRAP( wellness recovery action plan) facilitator   training.

A stream of consciousness.

Heart beating, struggling to breathe, it’s my  turn next to have a go honing in on my  public speaking skills and being a co-facilitator, speaking about one core value and ethic  of what the  WRAP self-management program means  to me  and why.

  • Breathe.

  • Make a few bullet point notes.

  • Listen to what others are saying. Listen……. 

  • Don’t pre-empt what I am going to say while listening to others.

  • Try and understand where that person  who is currently in the hot seat,is coming from.

  • We are all nervous – we all have feelings.

  • Oooh, look!  A   squishy ,colorful  ball to play with,it lights up. I hope  there is no one who is sensitive to  flashing light in this room . Just Fucking do it. 

  • Remember, my reason for doing what I am  doing.

  • This is not about what others think but about how I develop as a person and what it  means to me,in my life – there is a bigger picture.

  • Smile.

  • wing it.

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  • Look people in the eyes when  I speak.

  • Acknowledge my nerves if need be.

  •  stick to the topic.

  • Believe in my  own worth.


Choose one out  of the 15, WRAP ETHICS AND VALUES  that form the basis and success  of the WRAP  self-management program, get into pairs to practice co-facilitating  (with someone I have never met before). Here is  what I chose and what I had to say.



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HERE   ( there are 15)

  Here’s another link if you enjoyed what you read 😀



Difficult feelings and behaviors are seen as normal responses to traumatic circumstances viewed in the context of what is happening, not as symptoms or a diagnosis.


What I said: Three minutes starts now: tick tock






“Long story short, I grew up in what is commonly referred to in society as a dysfunctional family and upbringing. Grew up around mental illness, addictions / people who used  bad coping mechanisms .

I , family members of mine were Stigmatized because of that.

The global / U.K. NHS model for dealing with Mental health is not working.

Change is needed.

Labels and diagnoses should be a guideline -not something that you are stuck with for life.

We all have feelings – not all  most feelings are irrational/impulsive.

Society is uncomfortable with  dealing with other  people’s feelings.

Feelings can’t be reduced to mere symptoms of illness 

We all have Mental health. We all have a mind and a body. 

We are all subject to episodes of good and bad MH on a  sliding scale spectrum.

People with Feelings should be encouraged  to share them. 

We are all unique. 

We share many similar qualities and are complex beings.

Our narratives – our  personal story.

how we came to be who we are today and who we will become should be  determined by being able to express our feelings and thoughts without being labeled in jargony terms ( if we want it that way).

We are human.  Let’s stop hiding it and act like it.

There is no shame in being human and feeling happy/sad/ insert emotion.

I believe,there is this cultural mentality that people with Mental Health “issues”  ( every human being on this planet btw)  who have come out or indeed still continue to suffer in silence are  deemed incapable of taking true, positive  personal responsibility for our own health in an empowering manner.

I think,We are afraid because we have been told we don’t have the mental capacity to manage ourselves in the current medical, prescribed  model set- up  that we rely on still to this day.

This links into another crucial value and ethic of WRAP  which is  what my co-facilitator will touch upon now”  

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Self-determination, personal responsibility, empowerment, and self-advocacy are key aspects of this program.

How I sum up what my three-minute co-facilitator said, in my own mind, is:

Understanding and wanting to understand how to manage your own issues in new ways – safe ways , different ways requires determination. One step and that is already a person taking responsibility for their path – their mind /their body. 

The result – I have found, is usually empowering.

I can do this.

Why ?

I have just done it.

WOW! Fucking shit man….. 

Carry on working on ourselves and focusing on what makes us well, unwell, etc…. is a great prescription. Self-advocacy is a prescription a person gives themselves. 


Because I know myself better than anyone. I don’t care who believes it or not. 

You know yourself better than any Doctor, family member or friend. You live in your head and body.

I am the expert on me and I can be pretty fucking resourceful if I am pointed in the right direction.

That’s it.

I’m Knackered.


My Bella Bee is  back at school.  Missed her  first day at  BIG  school. 😦

My GHD’s  said a big F U  to me this morning ……


I did it.

I can’t even focus on the words  on my MA in Creative writing   on the Open University website that is finally open and we have full access  to use.


What do I want to write about?

Social issues/ issues that affect us as humans.

I do know that my first Tutor marked assignments  (TMA) is going to be an 18-minute play about a homeless person and how society and the community can succeed in aiding  a vulnerable person  to help him/herself.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind and rewind. Remember that one?


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Catch up soon!

Loads of shout outs as promised  at the end of the week.

Can’t wait to explore all the new blogs and Bloggers in the Willows and beyond.

Good night!

Daisy ❤ ❤



17 thoughts on “A jar of Hopourrie

  1. “Difficult feelings and behaviors are seen as normal responses to traumatic circumstances viewed in the context of what is happening, not as symptoms or a diagnosis.” WOW! Is that part of WRAP?? I haven’t heard it before! That’s a revolutionary way to think of it…I can only imagine if we treated all humans with this in mind…we would live in such a different world. I’m SO GLAD you have gone through this WRAP training, for yourself and pushing through doubts as well as for what it will do for your readers and real life community.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yup. That it is. I am rather passionate about WRAP. It’s such an empowering program and way to live and look at how much responsibility we have over ourselves. One of the key concepts of WRAP is – self-advocacy- so I like to sum that up as : I know myself better than anyone. I live inside my body and my mind. Nobody knows me better than I do and I with support and being clear with my wants can solve my own problems. Thanks for the encouragement- means a lot to me. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Mmmm. Thanks for reminding me about self-advocacy. I had forgotten somewhat about that component. It’s SO important to grant people the right to explain and define their own reality. We’re taught to give away the opportunity to define our reality to experts and authority figures. We need doctors and therapists, but they need to allow the patient to know themselves the best. And patients need to reserve some authority for themselves. Especially with mental health, it’s important to have rights even when your brain is giving you difficulties. Excited to read about your WRAP passion!

        Liked by 1 person

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