Shrouded Screen

*photo credit Francesca Woodman, Space2, Providence, Rhode Island, 1977, © George and Betty Woodman*

‘Always wear sunscreen’ – comes from a song .

Wisest life advice I’ve ever heard?

‘Don’t read beauty magazines they will only make you feel ugly. ‘

Quoting like I’m toting.

Screens -Scenes. Teams. Streams.

Rhyme it out until I get an inspiration to scream.

I Love screens. What to watch ?

Birthday party. 35 years old. I never wore sunscreen.

I went under the artificial  tan beams when I hit the isle of  Blighty. Cancer, I probably have.

The world is full of it. Boasting in its insidious arrogant fashion. We can’t slip away from any malady.

Life is a parody.

Stage screens. Projections. People hustling and bustling about in the form of shadows.

Cue: Audio – people chattering, laughing, Christmas jingles pop out like a pack of Pringles.

‘Once you pop you can’t stop’

Stream of consciousness interrupted by my very own human Bee.

How you doing ? – A total Joey from  the series ‘friends’.

Beware of enemies posing as your bros and sisters. Cut out cardboard – fake , one-dimensional – prankster – inanimate.

Politics have got me in the corner of a boxing ring, cutting teeth on my mouth guard.

Betray my thoughts and beliefs  when I mention the pantomime that is crawling underneath the flesh of America’s skin.

I don’t want to share any posts on this farce. Spread more hate and give more time to something that makes me want to spew my guts out.

Angry on behalf of  all that is left of humanity.

The stupidity line is growing longer than the start of the  poverty sign.

One screen dividing the people  and oh wait they are all in the same queue.

Branded – I can’t stand it.

Fuck Kim K and K west and all the KKK’s  and the rest of the Hollywood bandit Muppet crew in folly land with extra zest.

All lives matter. The best show on the cinema screen.

I’m about ready to pack my bag with the bare necessities. Head out to the jungle and live life with my true fellow earthlings.

If I could grow fur ,I wouldn’t need sunscreen.

What the hell are we humans even doing here when we can’t even adapt or evolve in our natural surroundings?

Destroy, conquer, divide- it’s a woeful stuttering thought.

Soon we will be paying for the air we breathe.

“Water is not a basic human right” Just  a thought from Nestle.

Stop polluting what was given to us.

Stop changing the screen to the scenery you want the commoners to see.

We are dying.

Hairdresser fed up of listening to other people moan .She applies for  a job to treat people in a morgue.

Silence .

Now you listen to me!

We all need to talk even if it is behind a screen – a mask .

I’d rather bleed from my eyes than cover my true feelings, opinions, and thoughts.

People can laugh. I don’t care.

Scan my soul  and I will pass every scripture criteria to go to any  one of your chosen heavens.


Perhaps .

I reflect what I see in others. We are but mirrors of another.

Despise me?    Something inside me resonates with you. What are you hiding?

Drawn to me?    remove the smoke screen – brave soldier-admits and refuses to deny that we all share common dreams,

feel similar emotions.

Have days when it’s all commotion after commotion.

I scream – a throwback to the bairn I never intended to wean.

Heartless – that would mean I am aimless.

I’ve had my eye on a spot . That takes more heart and commitment than spouting out hateful , denounced rhetoric.


Grief- ridden, sick chick .

She should have grabbed the knife.

She should have locked the door.

She should have put more clothes on .

She should have done the cha- cha- cha.

Would it have saved her?

Polo – life mint- raspy breath in need of sprightly death.

It’s fun to dream. It’s even better to live it.

Wear sunscreen?

Protection –  duty to our children- the ones who love us .

I say be reckless -not with others hearts- but be a part of the movement to dine with the  Ming dynasty, hovering somewhere above, a local art museum,in some loco town down in  Acapulco.




The song I was on about when my thoughts were rambling.


31 thoughts on “Shrouded Screen”

  1. That would be the excellent “Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen” by Baz Luhrmann, the song that I would like played at my funeral.
    Not because it’s my favourite song of all time or anything, (although it is good) but because it would make a great funeral song.
    I shall insist that everyone sits and listens to the whole thing, there won’t be a dry eye in the house, hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Debra. It’s from the song that I added at the bottom. I refuse to buy magazines or buy into the celeb world. I don’t even watch normal T.V..
      I will watch movies and series I like but the media brainwashes us with every jingle, advert, slogan… They are made for non-humans! lol – I don’t know. Hope you are well? x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Daisy, I can’t think of anyone who does SOC as well as you do. And this line is perfect: “Fuck Kim K and K west and all the KKK’s and the rest of the Hollywood bandit Muppet crew in folly land with extra zest.”


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank’s Rob. Thanks for the reblog too. I’m fed up with the politics. I feel the more I watch it or if I watch it I give these muppets more airtime. They are laughing at us. Time out on political talk.

      Liked by 1 person

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