When Imagination flew

Hocus pocus -back massage -focus.

Pinpoint – sins anoint.

Deliberate – invigorate.

Disintegrate .

Vinegar – malt – bread and crying lambs.

Bones and hams and dreaded brushed up dams.

Inland – sea water –  -Captain  Considerate bellows out a whispered order.

Shrouded in ghostly ,plaid sheets,

Halloween  music – down tempo.

folk are stranger than fiction.

Potion – paddle me back. I cry for the touch of a heat pack anointed by the king of my  lotus.

Socks – odd- colored. Even spotty dotty.

Handmade witches hat.

Black and pointy – little girl new apprentice forgets the cliche black cat.

Mog – Dog.

Who let these thoughts loose  ?

What a tease.

collar them quickly before they infect a nation of  flightless geese.

Boozy – oozy.

Green mushy peas hit the back of Charlie’s head with ease.

Take this to the 20 pence  psychotic nurse – a comic strip has taken off on a temporary lease.

Clouds ,tufts – whoops and cheers.

 Cowboy yeeha aa’s  with somersault dips in a  carefree child’s stomach- a turbulent ride – nervous passengers close off their ears.

Fish breathe – fish fry – bread crumbs – bits of eyeballs, bats of  fish roe,all make up a composite of an all day, Sunday breakfast, fashioned in  the latest dregs.

Drags racing round  in fine cars – cruising for their latest blonde sign,

eye winks abound .

nudge- nudge –

Fudge dove,over there!  He looks mighty fine.

Caped crusader at your service.

Ring a bell and make intercourse with  a strewth’s strumpet – mind – she is a bit nervous.

October – hallows  eve is back around full circle -creeping up behind you.

Adults know that children shouldn’t  be anywhere near the main parade, down South  street, around  all things  pertaining to blue.

Saxophonic porn – jazz wax pouring out in a meek tone, quite forlorn.


Afraid  of all that is to come.

Nightmares stain sheets with betrayed body sweat – heavily undone.

Palpitations jump in groups of flees.

Lice take a buzz cut to the party stopping by the willow trees.

Busybodies- bee’s knees – one always has to wheeze.

Inhale the scent of lavender – Drunk on words of free flow .

On the rocks – slippy and trippy .

Land in a heap, laughing, making angels in the snow.

Poke us – hoax us.

Social media dopes cuss.

Make the weekend count towards at least one credit on the bedroom headboard.

Cardboard cut outs.


elegant geezers and high school drop outs .

Mass orgy – dreadlocks, colors , basslines.

‘put your back into it’ – don’t make them  use the cutting cord.

Make the most of your imagination.

Life is not nearly as warped  as it sounds for this raging genderless Caucasian.


Always inspired to write by Linda G’s stream of consciousness.


Check it out have a go.


I’m Buzzing! it’s the weekend. Rock and roll – child free night – movies and cuddles with my better half.





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