Generation of Meh! mes


Generation of memes and  meh.

No to negative – yes to positive,

change the bulbs and glow iridescently, no fear in being one light -solo- informative.

Skulking around caves in the fashion of  Scylla -drinking whirlwind pools of Charybdis

Not her usual pret a porter a  la mode – turn away from the crowd  guffawing Helter skelter  splitting glees.

Did she vote for  UNBorn children?

What about those who are already suffering on this earth?

Religious fanatic family members – An atheist for president with a crab claw and a wry, outlook streaked with mirth.

Cut the cord from the past – hold it  up -prop yourself up –

cheer yourself on – scream your  message into a bottled glass.

Insist on declaring your right to say: I am not who you say.

List- notes, prompts , references. You need not -unless these very people are the ones sending funds into your  bank account, every payday.

Draw a line across the sand – Peripheral eye view – hawk soaring above a sand dune.

Marathon race – testing survival of the fittest – hottest month in the arid desert – sub-Saharan- month? not that of June.

Mighty ants group as a collective. Never for one moment allowing one obstacle to waiver them from their duty.

Poppies raining down – bloody thumb- well read . Two-minute silence – she still texts -how dare you not honor the dead.  

Two minutes is not a political thread -laughing my ass off comments chav teeth,who forgot to take his healing muti and shine a light of intelligence into that skulled in  head.

Vulnerable -always strong – try and break her down with sticks and stones – rain and the wind.

Horrific people – full of hatred and dark sunken, mercury filled irises -enough to drive a sheep to self-flagellate and undo himself  – unpicking his very own skin.

Cry for our beloved world. Hear the chimes of a new era.

Revolt . We don’t need heads on a pike – listen to Icke and let’s do this in stages ,don’t panic in terror and make another century filled with a book titled the great error.

Existence is futile if we don’t sing and make our voice heard.

Delicate and polite -always touches a heart of an old veteran hobbling in the dark.

Two minutes and then forgotten until another year reaches the pinnacle of its calendar date – aim that dart – hit the mark.

Remember 09/11

Years pass, yet terror still reigns.

Remember year  09/11

Nostradamus escaped on horseback – he never escaped his visions quick enough – did he reach the star north of Devon?

Unearthed relics of Bob Marley preserved in a jam made from  onions and clams.

Ethiopian coffee smells better when one has a fridge full  of out of date, uneaten food – leave it for the disheveled courtesan.

 Too small minded, to make a leap of faith into the ocean.

Better to feel safe and stay in your  council estate fish bowl – causing waves of drunken commotion

Bid me this moment where I am tempted to salute the majority with a middle finger.

Childlike taunts – sit and swivel – yeah screw you  dark Lord of ale so bitter.

This is exactly what the system wants. Nothing –  the same – no change –  it’s too tiring to find the TV remote.

Anarchist holds up two fingers in the name of peace -scowling -punk  dragged on skid row.

 God save all Queens!

attempted coup on her blood – don’t spew  constricting  germanic denunciations  into one’s  penetrable  throat.

One must not gloat.

Yes to positive – Negative to know.

No, that’s not right we know negative should always be followed with a No.


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