That’s life!

“I know what it is like to seemingly have everything and feel I have nothing. I know what it feels like to seemingly have nothing and know I have everything” 


It’s official I’m 35 years old .






I could be down and think about all the negatives about my youth being pruned  out of my very ‘ raison de etre ‘


I could count my blessings and come up with 35 reasons today is a day worth celebrating.

  1. I woke up to my 5-year-old daughter singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me.

  2. I have a husband that I know  loves me and treats me like a Goddess not only on my birthdays but every day of the year. 

  3. I have an amazing Mum -who loves me with all my heart and always wants me to be happy and succeed. 

  4. My Nan is another of my greatest supporters. She shows me that I don’t have to grow old and be a conventional Granny. I can party and have fun living. 

  5. My beautiful cat ,Tatiana- has started sleeping with us again. Finally forgiven me for having a human child (only took her 5 years to get used to the idea).

  6. I’ve met so many awesome people by starting my Blog in September 2015- it is a pleasure to know you and your stories.

  7. I’m more confident in myself.

  8. I am still learning- every day- life is always teaching me something.

  9. I  know the value of family and true friends- my Gran is still alive.

  10. I know that we all have our problems and that we all make mistakes. 

  11. I know that life is for living and moving forward.

  12. I know my faults but more importantly, I know my qualities and assets.

  13. I have music in my life and the ability to write -I am able to express myself.

  14. I know that I’m blessed to have a roof over my head. 

  15. I am ambitious but not greedy – materialistic things can always be replaced -people can’t.

  16. I know that no matter how many times I have wanted to give up -I couldn’t- I am a fighter. 

  17. I love with all my heart and I say what’s on my mind and I know I can be too blunt but I  do come from a good place.

  18. I have been able to repair and renew relationships or at least try to.

  19. I am able to walk, use my arms, talk, sing ( not well) ,dance and be..

  20. I am still alive! (after everything I have experienced in my life and use  it to inspire myself ,motivate myself and share my story of Hope).

  21.  I feel. I cry ,I laugh, I get mad, I get horny ,I get happy , I get sad.

  22. I’m a good person, my heart is in the right place- most of the times. 😉

  23. I make other people laugh.

  24. I have am proud of my roots and heritage and I know where I come from.

  25. I want others around me to succeed.

  26. Each year that passes I become more grateful for who I have in my life.

  27. I’m only 35 and learned a hell of a lot – bumped my head loads of times but I have learned and willing to still learn.

  28. I’m healthy -ish.

  29.  I stand my beliefs and I also get that not everyone has the same beliefs and values as me. As long as people don’t hurt me or others then I am happy to leave them to their way of thinking.

  30. Flowers make me happy -I have a beautiful bouquet next to me from my mom.

  31. I know I am in charge of my happiness

  32. I am not who I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even yesterday. I evolve and change.

  33. I have purpose and goals.

  34. I’m full of flaws just like you!

  35. I’m excited to see what I can achieve in the next 35 years. 



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