Don’t give up – don’t give in.

Eyes watching to discover you bloated- vomiting in  your own sin.

Brain chess- pawn after pawn  took unjustly,

black equality doesn’t matter – cognition will conquer what it desires  lustily.

ivory conquests – impure from the acidic bile.

Caffeine alert – simulate all senses –   the target is the common – that is the  biggest bargain ransom.

Flogging a dead horse to a blind , mute lost soul –  cognitive dissonance – child sings ‘Out comes the sunshine’  in the disguise of a bloomed blossom.

Wasted life. Wasted wife. Wasted mother . Wasted father. Wasted land.

Travesty lurking – spoof like – we know it is there – feet kicking -hiding behind the sofa – giggling, like a child thinking it’s invicible.

Unchain my heart.   Hostel bed sores – shine a light on our plight – save us from his saw hand, marked fallible.

Man made – pharmaceutical drug lords – inject a lethal dose of synthetic Gamma wave – stationary by product.

Profiteering – collateral damage – no name – no existence – mere condensation,   trickling down a viaduct.

Fight for your life- for your consciousness .

Throw down the tools of self-destruction – only ashes to see here-phoenix bird eloped with the dodo bird in Act two.

Aristophanes’s – greek tragicomedy – bawdiness.

 One character stumbled along a plot that emerged in the opening scene of the frenzied laughter -off stage – tame that harlot shrew.

Glasses askew – brightness dulled by 1960 tranquilised   blue smurf salesmen.

What do we know of consequences?

When we seemingly have found an answer to a long held problem  of delirium tremor flashbacks from war apocalypse rehabilitation stint-

Take 911!

Hurry or we will need another corporate shaman.

Worry not – reverse psychology.

worry a lot – trust in the depth of raising questions in philosophy.

I write with no answers,

intelligible at times.

Wondering how to get back to a well-educated mind – who knew how to rationalize.

splitting images – there goes a notorious caricature of her former self –  ignoring traffic lights and all her accumulated speeding fines.

Slow release.

Hat trick

Card trick

Fear of bats

Watch the finest disappearing act,

coalesce .


17 thoughts on “Coalesce”

  1. I get really excited when I read works like this. Really amazing. I love your writing style. This will be the best work I read today. I write with a idiosyncratic writing style that makes sense to me, but may not for the bird on the windowsill crowd. Nice to find a kindred spirit.

    Jasper Kerkau

    Liked by 2 people

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