Look up

Signs of life cautiously peek around the jagged  wall. Gently  calling out that it is okay to be vulnerable and strong.

Look up, oh naked child of zombies heaven. Trust in the pureness of dressing yourself like the day you took your first breath – inhaled oxygen and exhaled carbon dioxide.

Life and death are intimately connected.

Fear .

So fearful of life.

Fear not to stand up and let your breasts fall beyond the pencil rule of if you need to wear a corset or bra.   😀

Remember ,death is unknown – it is a forgotten memory – another state of consciousness.

Believe in standing – blemished , untouched, unpolished , un- cropped.

Believe  that your natural skin color is right. Whatever color it is . It is yours and it covers you so well. Protects you from elements like sticks and stones and winds and snow.

Hair – leave the three hairs on your toe. Men do. It’s winter – allow yourself to be comforted by your own body and warmth .

You are a miracle. Don’t look away – you give a lot away .

Don’t regret what you give.

Don’t regret what you feel .

It is by being naked and bare that you are able to connect with everyone you meet- – every crack in the wall is a sign that you have fought to reach out and make yourself complete.

You embraced the air- you fought to feel – you fought to care.

This prison is in your mind. Don’t fear to blossom, sweet soul. Don’t cover your mouth. Smile and laugh – you captivate the world with your unique laugh and you give other people a chance to respond and feel bold.

Rings can’t bind you,   in truth , the earth is probably flat.

Your arm symbolizes a crane – you are the hope that can only be the change.

embrace every fear.

Say yes to everything you feel will move your forward- will cut the strings of setting you loose from the puppeteers, brainwashed in stagnant gestation.

Walk silly, bounce -be flat footed . We all walk in our own peculiar way.

Don’t hide – don’t hold your breath – you deserve every single breath.

Your heart is your greatest ally – your mind is brilliant – allow it to think – allow your thoughts to come out in speech bubbles .

Be a comic, a novel, a flash piece of fiction, a stream of consciousness – don’t hide that captivating mind.

Your tears have kept me alive- nourish yourself – replenish your needs too.

Drink and rehydrate.

Eat and don’t allow barbed thoughts to intrude on your time to  re-energize.

Time won’t stop. You know it only moves on with or without you. So look up and look at me. See your reflection and see your soul is pure -forget about what has been.

Own every line, every dent, every scar on your body- that is your own personal narrative and don’t be ashamed – it is what makes up your flesh – you are not a character you are a fully fleshed out person.

You wounds are your path , your trail, your journey. Create much more if you want – but be gentle.

If only you would look up so I could see the color of your eyes. If only you would smile – would it reach up to meet your eyes?






* Today’s stream of consciousness was inspired by LINDA G’s word prompt ‘YES’ and a random  image that I googled of  someone’s work I admire. Thank you, CAKE for always inspiring me and pointing me to Art that I connect with.

Francesca Woodman 1958-1981


I believe,to create something different we have to do something different.

Have a have fab weekend.

You have a voice and a mind and a heart – use it. Don’t let others intimidate you. Be free.


XOXO  ❤ ❤



27 thoughts on “Look up”

    1. It is different, you’re right, and it’s good to change brings up sometimes in your writing. I absorbed every word of it and it touched my heart 💖 When I reblog everyone will love it and it’ll show up the inadequacy of my writing lol 😝 But I don’t mind X 😁

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Don’t you dare go using your Psychology degree on me to big me up Missie 😉 xxx You write with such integrity and is inimitable. You ,my lush lush lush friend are far away from being inadequate xxxxxxxxxx


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