the ungrateful one

Higher  broadcasts live video of a man flying in outer  space.

Caption : What are you THANKFUL  for today?


I  go against all those who fold in with

it’s a day to count our blessings.

Slavering ,table drummers –we will rock you with our forks and our knives.

Salacious portions of the second road runner-up to the national bird, cooks amongst natures already  abundant  offerings of food.

No meat!

 Poor hostess.

The feeders  may all come at you in unhinged straight jackets, disturbed little bees in honeycombed hives.

 We don’t get the message – our mother earth  shakes her head in dismay.

Excuse me for the cynical distaste.

Maybe -it’s the Black Friday orders of the soon to be  penniless mourners that leave me to wonder,

if I’m the only one who believes in the promotion that counting one’s blessings should cover more than one  day.

Awareness of what we have and have not.

Awareness of what we know and should know,

should not be chalked up -spelled out in the toddler soup of the day.

Tomorrow -one  damp rag across the blackboard , one teardrop of rain – one scribble away,

can change all we are a boon for.

 One day is not enough to keep up the movement -that unifies us – when we come together to complete mandalas sun – each  our own  beatific ray.

Orphans of humanity  we plead for more.

Callous rant – as rough as  the skin on my feet – routinely  massage cream into them every evening ;

 be consistent with our moral compass .

That is how we can land on our feet- no cat with nine lives or suspicious  minded dreaming.



every day of the year.

Call out your own judgments when it flashes past -cognition held up -brain powder – slow  control release,

 regulate the filtering in  and out of brainwash  sluice  glugged down in unrecognized fear.

Fear of what?


Nothing will change if we don’t make it so.

Sow what we reap -reap what we sow.

I sense a preacher inserted that quote in serendipitously ,only so I could attempt to allow this rant to flow.

So be it.

Of course, I am grateful for all that life has given me – dazzling in wealth of the simple things,

all there- for me to quietly contemplate upon bestow.

The furies, the mad rush, the gluttony,  the ego of humanity – homeless men and children invited in for one meal – one day .

Please don’t touch  the brand new fluffed up hand towel.

Would a homeless person even have the culture to know to wash one’s hands before praying for this feast -making sure to appear humble in the glare of your Lords softened scowl?

Bacteria – one culture – it’s enough to let him wash his hands in the kitchen scullery sink.

What is he to know ?   water is water – surely this should cleanse our conscience   attempt to pummel fists at our conflicting thought process arena- enough well placed blows and we will return to our white sheep – one dip – one vision – contemplative blessed day, lucky are those who can think.

envision a person who swoons effortlessly – a  home is no show museum in an attempt to wow family and friends to incite:

 Don’t you wish you could pull all of  this off on this most  thankful besmirching day?

Newly formed speech bubble  of Radical  congregation thought -branches of hate and envy.

Group Faction fractions,

was never my strongest subject at the school of life in preparation.

Soul hack – stumped and blinded .

I left young – fled.

I knew it was a ploy to mollify me.

I’m no Einstein  at arithmetic but may I be so  bold to ask surely there is more in the power of one?

We have the ability to stand down in peace, for one day, in our millions – united in blessific glee.

Or, do we all have continue consuming archaically stoned ?

Prompted into Martyrdom ,

to accept the first prize of a well acted boon?

In the promise of 50% discounted TV.s and-and Suv cars with 0.1 miles on the clock, ready as an incentive to  live as we  already should ,

with a marked line, curving upwards indicating we have enough and are already happy?



28 thoughts on “the ungrateful one”

    1. I actually thought bloggers reading this would fall out with me over this. I do get that theses festive periods are a great way to get family and friends together – I just think we can tweak our culture a bit. I don’t like the consumerist part of it all xx


    2. And yet we loved you for it!!!!
      It is the consumerism of it all. You got it so right! It makes the focus something that is the opposite of who I am. And picking one day to express gratitude is just..well. Bs

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I have a Hewlett Packard and a Toshiba. I like the Toshiba best. It’s 10 yrs old and still performs well. The HP is newer and I like it but feel the Toshiba is better quality. Good luck.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am looking at getting an HP . I have a Toshiba now. They are great quality. I’ve heard Lenovo’s are really good- my husband had one or still has one and has had it for centuries 😉 – it still works – ha ha ! It’s a principle thing. I hate Christmas for the same reasons. One I am not religious and I have to help my daughter learn about baby Jesus etc… -because it is Christmas we are encouraged to spend, spend, spend……

      I have had Xmas’s where I have gone overboard and enjoyed myself and been spoilt rotten. I just see the bigger picture now

      I celebrate Xmas for the novelty for my daughter. I go along with the Santa clause story because I see the magic and innocence of youth and I want that for her. I don’t spoil her with loads of presents – I want her to value life and others things and respect money for its function in society.

      Money can be like a drug – it covers pain for a while or however long the money lasts. I want her to see something different in Life.

      By all means, if she wants to become religious and seek wealth and be rich when she is older I want it to be because she is making a decision that is informed by looking at all the factors- ha ha! I might not get it right but that is all I wish for my child – true inner happiness. Hope all is well ,Eugenia

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    2. IMO, you are on the right track – from the beginning of your comment to the end of your comment. Yes, all is well and have a safe and healthy holiday season.

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  2. Love this! BTW, I cooked vegetarian chili and that’s why no one ever wants to eat at my home 😀 I never went shopping on “Black Friday” (I once saw two women pulling each others’ hair and screaming over one toy) but now my gmail is overrun with “Black Friday buy online” stuff. I cannot believe I succumbed. Confession is good for the soul: I bought a box of 12 guitar/ukulele picks with Van Gogh’s famous paintings in miniature. I don’t even use a pick, I strum, but hey, had to have it today! Anyway, keep on writing, Daisy, you’re so spot on!

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    1. Ha ha! I will come over to yours anytime! We are human. It is tempting. I am on the hunt for a new laptop but I can be really stubborn when I want. It can be a good and a bad thing.

      You are going to create beautiful energy with your ukulele- so don’t feel too bad xxx 🙂

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    1. There are a few things I could do with replacing today and I have the money to do so (for a change)but out of principle and integrity my agenda is #grabyourwallet 🙂


  3. You’re so intelligent…when I read this I get seriously impressed. This is brilliant huni. I love it when you talk about societal topics like this and are authentic and challenge the status quo. Massive respect XXX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ❤ ❤ <3v you are amazing at vlogging ,blogging. I will be a ray when the clouds come to scatter those vibes -try and stand in your way- friend for life – on the same level. xxx souls kindred. meeting of mind, hear, emotions and sense of humour xxx


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