Her Vision of Light

The red army draws a collective breath , whistles it out  in a  howling gust of wind snarling.  She stands tall – her long  tresses raised to the heavens – A subtle message from Hells dwellers:  it was back to attack.

Every month,  they stalk her just as night follows day , full-mooned . Hairy palms and yellow slit eyes – she would rather die of an internal hemorrhage than be demeaned – they see the  blood trickling down her legs. Draw in closer –  metallic scented pack.

Pro-choice in an era where science can make the dead come to life – yet still she must bleed whether she carries life inside her or expels the botanist’s  seed.

Condemn her to a life in pro.  Micheal Jordan had space jam. A notorious – well-received flow. She blushes every time her breasts swells – nature twists in a  smile. Nipples points  straight at the mouths of the hungry -ready for their feed.

To be Anonymous in a WikiLeaks world. Memes, social media information convulsing out  statements of change:

 Did you know?

 Think about how brainwashed – your mind is!

She knows. she still rolls in her own shit.

Unfit for a carry one movie with Benny hill, and the league of justice.

Dead pool eyes.

She knows this world is too abrasive- her skin smooth, her passion unhinged – one straight jacket away from having the whole collection of brand unfit.

‘It’s a happening, baby ‘-throw back to Allan Kaprow.

Everybody is crazy. Everyone has issues.

Everyone stand and link arms at the toll bridge,

show solidarity for your fallen foes.

The ones who fell 20 feet from the building or overdosed on legal high drugs brought from some hoodie called  Jack Wills.

How to be seen and have  her privacy in a cyber bully surveillance world? Charity matters. Throw down your sticks – allow overgrowth to infect  the anti-stigma hedges trimmed neatly in a row .

She screams out in Shrill  – ears sharp enough to raise the dead.

How is it possible no one sees or hears of her ills.

Despicable matters in the eyes of the living dead.   An out or an in.

A place that stirs broth from her blood flow – waits until her insulin levels drop to an all time grave,

so shallow.

Sugar coated words nauseate her.   Her duty to be human and keep her heart on the ticker – inside she knows the hurricane won’t stop swaying the palm trees – until she is torn from her roots-   from below.

Mr Big has an acute perspective of not seeing she is drowning with every weapon she draws.

It doesn’t take a hostage negotiation expert to know that eventually, even the savviest terrorist can be worn down , to drop its   ammunition.


Place of the cordial juiced up  pedophiles.

Intensive herbal essence  conditioning treatment is their only hope of showing her how to be  free.

A Jesus embellished slice of  toast to honor her first Butter valley communion.

She thinks she is free .

She knows it’s part of her syndrome.

 To admit her state of inferiority to herself  would mean she ‘s dubious about her declaimed existence.

Her mind is her prison. She has the padlock and the pin number. She sits up to 24 hours a day – punching in the password, unlocking the clunk of metal chains – on a loop .

An exercise in futile persistence.

The ending is found in her very beginnings – born out of blood, stained – crying – pulled out with forceps – white coats defined her form from the moment they beat her into breathy  life.

Smiling jokester, broad shoulders -fighting all corners of the globe- her last breath will be when she lets go,

stops giving .

In her state of   cocoon  – expose her true misery to the world – look at her in  her strife!

Don’t worry, folks – blood will flow – you will get your show.

Just know that she put up one hell of a fight

In order to finally see her vision of light.



20 thoughts on “Her Vision of Light”

  1. Hi lovely, Fab blog which I already follow! Can’t believe that I have been blogging 9 months already! Also, super excited as I am officially in the running for the UK BLOG AWARDS 2017! If you could click the link and choose FoodandDrink&Lifestyle on the drop down menu:
    Thank you kindly in advance your vote is much appreciated
    Melanie xx

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  2. It’s the repetition that makes you feel safe
    That darkness within that you know better than change
    I know this person
    I’ve been this person
    And sometimes I am this person
    Love this piece Daisy
    The Sheldon Perspective

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