the You! fallacy

Just jotting my thoughts. I’ve been prompted to make a complaint.

little four eyes when you were half your current size -why did you doubt yourself so?

Looking back to a densely plotted past – hazy.

What would you have done knowing all people doubt themselves even if it means you becoming the foe?

‘Have no regrets’ – the tagline of the present.

no regrets, no regrets, no regrets.

When you are looking at granny in a catatonic state, unable to walk or talk. Fragments of images of people now gone, tell me you won’t wonder how life would have played out by taking assertive bets.

Complaints department – sizeable queue. What can we do to answer people’s feuds?

Create a passage for people to commit to taking responsibility for themselves, sign that in ink and wrangle with their own moods.

Blame everyone.



and you!

well…… the list unfolds until it reaches the flaws of flooring.

Finger pointing in every direction. Buckle up, prepare to look within and see how far you can go when you begin to see only you can change your state of deploring.

Control comes not from puppeteering others. Cut loose – let the strings fall.Let people walk,

hell! let them figure it out-  leave them to crawl.

Worry about how you are going to make it. What you need to do to advance in the dance – motions to elevate and bypass the savage instinct to maul.

How many complaints is your God of choice dealing with?

in Her brassic attempt to fulfill everyone’s wish

Did it ever occur to you to get off your indignant knees to check out the employment vacancies for extras needed to help your  God succeed in appetizing your particular dish?

Stop giving control to others to fix your problems. You have a brain, how much has been wasted?

Think of the energy and time used in a  futile attempt to get people to see your view,

the moment before the curtains go down you have become the finale unstitched,  obtusely basted.

What do you do to make this world a better place?

What do you do to help us people stay in the race with human grace?

Life is never going to get easy – you’re never going to be 100%  fulfilled. There will always be a doughnut sized whole to fill.

Do you even know what it is you need to fix yourself?   In monetary terms, you will have to pay for your own self- advocacy bill.

Money, time and energy well spent making you a person who can figure out how to make sense.

Dig deep and take a deep breath-  Don’t be afraid to be a master of your own success.

To run away from your potential achievement will be your greatest offense.




22 thoughts on “the You! fallacy”

  1. “What do you do to make this world a better place?
    What do you do to help us people stay in the race with human grace?”

    Remember the movie “Oh God,” with George Burns and John Denver? I’m not a religious guy. In fact I’d say I lean agnostic/atheist, but there’s one scene that I love that expresses my interpretation of what God is like.

    (I paraphrase) In the scene, John Denver’s character asks God, “If you’re really God, why don’t you do something about all the suffering in the world?”

    God’s response is, “I did do something about it. I gave you each other. Now, why don’t you do something about all the suffering in the world?”

    That’s my religion.

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    1. You are speaking my language. I mention God in here but that doesn’t mean I believe in God. My daughter thinks God is a female and I am 100% okay with that. You so get it Bradley, we need look after ourselves and look out for each other. Sounds so simple. We humans make it so complex. 😉

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    2. A good friend of mine is a minister. She was asked to perform a ceremony that explicitly states that Goddess rules the world. She refused on the basis that she doesn’t believe God has genitalia. 🙂

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  2. As long as the search is not the final
    The quest is a never ending question
    And as far as I’m concerned
    There will always be the quiet storm
    It’s that insatiable appetite
    That keeps me alive
    Great piece Daisy
    As always Sheldon

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