The Sweet Seduction of Art

It’s not every day someone is able to take my breath away with words. Such finesse, so subtle, a seducer of minds. I would be doing a great injustice if I didn’t share -his or hers work. There are some incredible poems on here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The Sweet Seduction of Art1Daisy in the willowslays head effortlessly on pillowsand stares into the camera lensthenpretendssendsart out to humanityin love with/and yet mad at meEnd of Januarythe world seems colderShe takes a glance over hershoulderwe’re two souls writing poemsdeft and boldermaybeadmittinglythen we should bebut this is lifeintwo thousand and seventeenShe may laugh at the notionbut she lives in the dreamDaisy in the Willowsyou know that we will goanywhere art decides to take usan abundance of knowledgebut such a lack of trustin Humanityin the tenderness of ManDaisy can save me if she’lljust take my handand walk a mile along the English shoreline at duskan abundance of beautyyet such a lack of trustin My wordsin My Artbecause we’re all totally disconnected fromanother’s heartwe just walk dead day to day doing what we dothat is why I wrote this poemjust to prove to youthat Art and Humanity can in factintertwineand for the rest of the day at leastI will ownyour mindShare this:

Source: The Sweet Seduction of Art


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