Sights of sanity

conquest over humans infamy.

moving faster than the speed of light.

computers can’t process the spoken  word

lose track of sight.



race  to expose hidden epiphany.

vocabulary fails Athena from reaching success in the liturgy.

damn harmonisation – pomadera technique.

Time management  -father grant one hour for those deaf,dumb and blinded

By the oppression tumble from the mouth of the libertarians speech.

hypophysectomise critical on the downfall .

Search engine optimises  – tracks a perfect pitch call.

Saviour hear these mantras sent up  in earnest.

Soul laced,


its breathless.

it’s for the greatest good  Nottinghamshire’spoorest.

Bath bubbles wait for a body that has matter .

69 spoonfuls of bio oil smooth out the stretch marks-

dissolves the fat cats.

Watch them  scatter.

Enemy pilots covert zombie nuns in a pig stye

Overthinking- condensates these cloud tufted ideas.

The flow loses integrity – it stands for the lie.

Shaking bones to release the overspill.

Athena  won’t be a subject to her  own life gains and losses.

Stay true to her style.

No  sounds  of a  Swedish  rehashed assembly

lined out to bear all our crosses.

Stunted by the overthink- look away from her spinal  index

a mind blinks in epiletic seizures.

Unsanitary insults tossed around,

a tussled rustle

Nomad hiding in the bushes

He doesn’t whether  he’s angry or horny

Either way should fuck some common  sense into her.

procrastination halts.

Spaces so tight it has to play its ordained key.

Sounds of queer folk living off  Givenchy.

Rumours, ill gotten behaviour

pussy cat kneeding into yesterdays lingerie.

Not so much economical as busy with the normal day to day.

No digits on the clock,

time shows up in a 5 year old making intelligible sentences.

Forced to awaken from her slumber.

Time lapsed under the sound of a deity clapping out thunder.

what’s up with the pretences?

Athena peers into the eyes of a child not so new born.

whispers ‘listen with both ears’

Goddess takes her own advice and is graced with the miricle of life;

she succumbs to tears.

Finally managed to get up on the retrograde.

Trumped on an ally.

Her apoligies can still be heard in the fade.

Outed for having an opinion.

A belief!

Offended the entire faith of chritianity.

exhiled by her father figure.

She stands her ground where other men bow their heads.

Money makes a human weak in the teeth.

One fine day the bull will take off his horns when in pause mode.

The eagle will descend and emotions will spill out of  its  beak

hybridisation is the result of such an offload.

Glitter , maroon -carpets may seize the day and fly.

Although the author of these words questions the reason why.

Calling out to a nation of intellectual breeders.

They never want to hire former institutionalised  life seekers.

Whose truly deserving of at least the 90 th chance?

Some people don’t even live to experience their own wedding day dance.

Stuttering over each word. Tempted to  cuss.

Athena refuses to get stuck in reverse.

Ready to fertilise blood with the dark night of the soul.

Athena never passes up a challenge

uh oh

time to stop her before she’s crying over spilt milk

Betrayal   overheard by a righteous all seeing mole living in a borrowed hole.



22 thoughts on “Athena

  1. Holy! Smokes Daisy! Damn! Do I miss reading your work. 🙂

    I’m back! yay!!!

    These are one of my favorites lines among others:

    69 spoonfuls of bio oil smooth out the stretch marks-
    dissolves the fat cats.
    Watch them scatter.
    Enemy pilots covert zombie nuns in a pig stye

    Definitely, a stream of consciousness poetic genius I’d say.
    I’m curious where this words and imagery come from in your mind?

    Love this so much my friend poem by you. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey I was thinking about you in a non perverty way. Doh! That could come across as wee bit creepy. You popped into my head when I wrote this is what I meant 😂. I make it up as I go really. It’s a mixture of conversations I’ve had, things I’ve heard; sometimes I make up a word or think a word is a word and then research the meaning after writing the piece, and find a similar word which weirdly fits in with the piece . I gave myself a mini biology lesson with the pituitary gland removal ha ha.
      I don’t know.
      Bubbles came from my husband running me a bath. Sometimes I’ll be typing and there will be a song on or a conversation going on and I pick bits out from what I hear. I have people who inspire, characters that I’m developing for scripts I write and the constant research I do. I think it comes out as nonsense and my husband gives me the courage to post this stuff. It’s feels liberating after I write like this. Genius? No, hardly. Ha ha! I don’t think I could handle all the issues that go with having a mind that functions higher than mine currently does. 1% maybe ? 10 % wow! I don’t be in an asylum. Hang on, we I’ve in a universal institution 😉😁😁 Glad you are back. I’m going to head over to your blog (soon ) armed with a dictionary. I do love reading your work and going by my gut instincts first;and then going over it againto see how well I did. 😂😂 that sounds so lame. I never think my work is any good. I publish and share to reinforce that my place in this universe is just as valid as everyone else. Anyways. So happy to hear from you. 😍

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are so incredibly wonderful and the best person in the world. 🙂 I mean that from the heart.

        I did notice the interesting word choices you used. Which blew me away…I had to reach up, believe it or not the words. You definitely did something right spontaneity wise.

        You have the best husband in the world to encourage you to post your uniquely poems. Don’t ever stop writing. Your on a roll and you do a great job and writing such incredible imagery. Much respects to you. 🙂

        It’s good to be back. Hear from you soon. 🙂 Daisy, you make the world a better place. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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