Rag of bold

Stop having a go  at me, Miss ‘

Then use your intuitive and stop asking me if it’s okay to stop and have a piss.

I’m not your momma. I’m not your carer.

Any more of this inaction and I ready to to scare yer.

I’ve had enough of your lack of ambition.

Lack of adventure — you pierce my nerves with razor precision.

Take a risk, go gungho!

Dress to impress-

I’m telling you-to get on with the show.

I’m done having to prompt  you to use your mind

Its like ,dude-honestly – I’m about to implode from frustration — storied deep inside.

I can’t think for the both of us.

Seriously,mate – I’m strong minded-had to work out my way to suss-out



Talk to people.

A random  stranger!

Just don’t take candy off them unless you want to end up thinking you’re a KAKKA ranger.

I’m compromising with all the patience I can muster.

Yes, I’m hard headed, strong, independent-.

Blow the dust from your inner mind —  here, take my new sublime duster.

You have all the tools. I can’t speak for you.

Have a go.



Life is for living the most Avant-Garde show.

There is nothing wrong with being different,

But, seriously…

My hearts switching to scales that don’t under stand how to stay consistent.

Have some gumption.

Seize the day!

 What is the point in  demonstrating against  the unsaintly, Theresa May?

I crave excitement, adventure, moments and endeavours.

My blood goes cold when I see you stumble-a face frayed it tethers .

I can just about carry my own daughter.

Get on with life — or sign yourself up for the slaughter.

I may seem cruel and misdirected .

Take on responsibility for your perceived  sense of a pathway defected.

I love you, I do .

Yet, you infuriate me —  these four walls are suffocating me. You should understand one word from all this “blue”.

A colour to drive terror into the minds of  men

I’m living as a woman — a choked mind from  within.

I have my own issues. I stumble on this path.

Leave your issues behind you or tell every fucker about them.

What they think is not relevant to you moving forward.

Have confidence in your own self .

I’m screaming cos  you won’t make a move.

I know playing chess can take some rudimentary  decision.

Can’t you just side hop the rules and get into the groove?

I’m not asking you to be Kylie.

Flirt with her if it makes you feel Styley Wiley.

I’m doing the best I can.

Summon up that courage-I know is inside you-

Take charge and be that man!


*Inspired by #peoplejustdonothing 


21 thoughts on “Rag of bold

  1. Hoom hum (Ent speak); been a while and you could easily be shouting at me in this verse; which is truly in the Daisy speak I remember well. Used to have a cartoon dinosaur gravitar; in case you were wondering who this is! Decided to harmonise my image across social media if its to do with writing stuff and so forth; seemed wise…just need to keep reading this post to kick the bad mojo into touch. So true that sometimes, as Bushka says above, the talking to needs to happen at times. Mostly I do that to me when the inner quiet voice decides to drop in and give the default mind a Pooh Bear stare. Thing is here, are you versing talking to your own inner issues and writing to kick your own behind into action; which in my case is very much what I do quite often…or is it lodged at a person that frustrates you and, in some circumstances falls behind ones own progress and starts to hamper ones own way forwards; could be both I guess.

    I digress; excellent prose again Daisy and it has been way too long since I popped over 🙂 x

    Liked by 3 people

    • Gary! Hello! How could I forget you. How is the kindness challenge going? I’m tempted to say this is aimed at myself but tbt.. I have visual images that came to my mind when I wrote this. Communication is essential. I agree 100% sometimes it gets frustrating to try several different approaches to communicating. I think that what I write must have some reflection on me and my concepton of myself so, yes, I do sometimes write to five myself a good talking to and other times I write to keep me sane and out of jail. I’m joking 😂😁😉 . Thanks for stopping by. Like the new the
      Gravatar. It has a soul vibe to it 😊😊😊

      Liked by 2 people

      • Awww, such a lovely reply, as always. I must apologise though for not visiting more. The years start was a bit blah and I found my bogging path a bit muddled. Still behind, but now moving in the right direction again! I do get the impression sometimes your writing has an edge of talking to yourself. I do it too which is why it resonates. It sounded like things I say to me! It’s often helpful though, to make sense of things when the mind fills with all sorts of clutter and self depreciation. I wrote a book that’s sitting waiting to be published that is quite catarthic in that respect. Decided it’s close to the tune to let it go and find a publisher now though. Thankee the Gravitar. I use it across my social media author profiles. My personal one is still the dinosaurs on FB though 😊 Hope alls well with you x

        Liked by 2 people

      • Much improved recently, joined a really good blogging group that has loads of friendly people from here that engage and share posts all over. Really helps with blog confidence! Will add you next time I log in 😊 Although you may find me easy to find too Gary Jefferies and you know the profile pic as it’s the dinosaurs lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Always good to hook up with cool people from here and make the friendships grow 😊 At least if there are gaps here, losing touch is now much harder too 😁

        Liked by 1 person

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