WordPress member passed away.

Apologies for  being a bearer of bad news (again), I received a message today from a relative about a WordPress member in our community.

I’m devastated as I am sure his family are.

Paul Mc Aleavy aka Palfitness passed away yesterday.

Paul went through a lot of crap and he found a sense of acceptance in the blogging community.

He was always generous with his time reading and sharing blogs.

Paul, you will be missed.

Please pay your respects to his family.




“Fitness” is the root to success in any career!!


Paul came up with this award. Remember life is short and be awesome! 





31 thoughts on “WordPress member passed away.”

    1. I spoke with him a bit about his issues and a family member. I think it may be his sister just dropped it in a comment on a random post. He over dosed. It’s so tragic! She has emailed me about the details. I don’t know what to say 😣

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    2. No!!!…. So tragic , truly sad. I wouldn´t have expected him to pass away yet, not at all (I had no idea!)…. Yes: He also mentioned to me the issues you made reference to…. To be honest, I feel speechless. Very frustrating!. Thank you for being so kind and careful with this! ❤

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