A dying shame.

WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY. -A Daisy in the willows perspective.


20 thoughts on “A dying shame.”

  1. Excellent summary daisy. We all should be there for one another and listen to that person who is going through something in his or/her life. I know in my time and still til this day…I too, feel at times suicidal. I lost 2 important people in my life and it still hurts. I know my girlfriend is there with me to help me through it and makes me realize that there is still hope.

    Daisy, thank you for writing this. You are a good and sweet person.

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    1. It’s good to know u have support. We shouldn’t have to feel like a failure for getting run down and ill in our head. Talking is the key.its hard but it works . Hugs.

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    1. Ooh, how lovely. I’d never come back. I’d make my Gaz become a fisherman and we would live in a small home with cats and simple sea vibes xx sorry I haven’t gotten round to reading blogs. AGAIN. I’m drowning in my final year of my masters. But it’s all good. I’m in and out x

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    2. I’m sure I would find the inner painter in me 🤣. My skills can only be called messy abstract and stick figures, but given the chance to get there. I’d be transformed ha ha

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    3. Ha Ha! I think your writing is filled with passion and an honesty to it that I found endearing and authentic xx that takes some doing x

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