( 10 minute free flow stream of consciousness revised)

Those spoken words infect the brain

Until eventually it will rot and fester .

Dare deny utterences of thoughts will promptly drive thee insane.

Be it in mind maps or in clusters.

Gathering speed from maimed parts

Propelling bodily functions into a state of catatonia.

nerves of steel summon razor barbed wired fences to catch onto the last of its rags.

Wear with affray

This chaos can be stilled by lighting a hermits way.


shades of noir surrender to a momentous peace when dark displaced emotions


from the layers of Times embroidered frail


Breasts from nubile tales.

Breath exhale out a body exhausted by echoes vow to love another narcissist new dawn

Temporary amnesia fairs better in sent up prayers than living out eternally ulcerated by days broiled in a 500 degree fareinehet cesspit of pain.

Statistics leave most maimed.

This could be a love poem yet it lacks to carafe words highlighted in sentiments.

Emotional intelligence is its graph to prove its in deficit

If this secret of a mortal man escaped

A part

These lips could loosen .

The wind would drown out that familiar chant

Beholden sacred

Will it have been all in vain?

A part from this an offering could install hope in the waste land masses.

To keep sight of the light house

proposing a love affair upon reaching shores

Traversing the tides of the oceans girth.

A silhouette reveals la luna in a phantasmagoric naked form.


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