Midas golden ratio

  • it’s not what you write: it’s that you write*

Choke the Hoki Coki too eager easing the pain as reality toys with perception

Over the hillsides

Belief conjures a utopic oasis fancy dressed in shades of lagoon. Far away too-enticing;

Tranquillity time-lapses this moment – still

revel in the presence of the company connecting with mail already pre-sent.

Admonish 3 headed Janus serializing the t.v.sitcom ‘ruminate’ on repeat.

Remembering Rerun episodes of the one when dark faecal matter

Duplicated mass memory tracing a figment outlined of faces

pre-empt this is your future!


Close up snapshot to the one when you’re all alone in Siberia -perhaps on a solitary ice glacier.

Instigate time to intervene a stationery halt.

Behold! crystallised a breathing life force of species who gives your cosmos matter.

Night terrors cease to corrupt daylight confusion

Dazzling perceptions illustrating the Golden ratio of life.

End endless thoughts of living as that lonely nut ready to wrap this stream of consciousness up.

Finish flushing this line down the toilet with taunting echoes of Mr Tut Tut.


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