So what do you know?

The globe is spinning and spinning. Will it ever Stop? Where are we stopping of today?






I thought this would be a really affirming post. A lot has been going on with my family and their own health and it has got me thinking and researching.

One big  worry of mine is that Cancer, mental illness , Eating disorders, addictions ( mental illness) and Dementia runs in the family.

Imagine from today never learning another thing.

Nada. squat. Ziltch. Zeeeeeeroh!

  1. Not how to wash your fabrics on delicate

  2. Or why you should feed your cat only dry food

  3. Understand more about global war, refugees

  4. Learn things your partner loves

With science being as advanced as it is:Imagine not bothering to find out how or if there is a  way to stop or help prevent the off set of illness?

That pink -wormy looking thing in our head is meant to be stimulated. I know! I give myself head massages when I wash my hair. My brain knows there is a bit of TLC going on and it basks in it like ( awful simile) a lion who has found  and claimed the perfect sunshine trap- belly full and fed. .


You know that saying ‘Smoking stunts your growth’ ?

Well, boredom and and lack of learning stunts our growth too.

The Balinese Hindu’s wholly acknowledge the value and gift that us humans have;

the capacity to learn.

Some of this is denied to us when we become ill for whatever reason.

There is this Goddess called Saraswati– who knows the secret of learning and knowledge and creativity. Every  6 months the Balinese Hindu’s pay homage to her .


They all get together to party and appreciate our unique ability to learn. Even if you are like me who has had to hit my head dozens of times before I learn.

We can do it.

We must do it.


Children and their teachers don their best outfits.They go in to learning temples or schools, surround them selves with books and  gifts of flowers and  special incense and pray for wisdom.

Ironically, these lovely people, are not usually encouraged to  read, learn  or study  on this day but that doesn’t matter because  this secret to happiness shows us there are NO boundaries to how we acquire knowledge. You don’t have to go on an enlightenment path of the soul.

Read a book – Danielle Steele , Ovid -whoever – but do it, there are loads of free on-line courses you can do or if you want check out what is going on in the community.


Learn something new.

My Nan is a huge inspiration for teaching me the power of learning. My Ma is a great teacher of making sure I always have a plan B.

Both require a commitment to learning.

SECRET TO HAPPINESS: Commitment ( there is that word again) . commit to a life always ready to learn and like a fish in a gold fish bowl – your mind will figure out a way to leap into a bigger and more expansive gold fish bowl.

It will.

You want an opportunity?

well you have one.

Its free. You are most welcome 🙂

Stumble across new interests,develop new skills, what was that you used to play the piano, flute or paint or some other innate talent you may not even know you posses?

Ask yourself: Can I think of the last time I really relished in the delight of a new discovery?







The globe is spinning and spinning and spinning . Where will we stop off today to find some secret global happiness?







I had a hell of a weekend. I don’t know how I got through Monday but I did.

YAY! I’m still alive.

Not enough hours in a day to do all the things I want. And I want to do A LOT. I’m sure I am not alone.

Who doesn’t feel  a bit unbalanced  these day?

  • We   have our children and family duties

  • Work obligations and commitments/ volunteering

  • Organising weddings and holidays

  • Planning and working on our goals

  • finding time to take out the time to blog and find a balance and catch up on blogs

  • Scream at incompetent professionals who can’t get a medication change right

  • Find time to eat

  • find time to read all those cool books we  buy

  • find time to exercise

  • food shopping

It goes on and on and on…..

I don’t know about you but it feels like I work  way more than I play.

I love to play. I feel like I am missing out on so much.

Doesn’t this image below make you want to down tools for the day and release that goofy inner child of yours?


Getting out is  more  of a privilege. The computer is our master. I’m starting my first out of  four day training on co-facilitating  support groups today.

I’m amped –  it’s going to be a long one today and Wednesday too -10-4pm. I  usually run home, exercise and then hit the blogging world. Oh but what about my family?

Any western personal growth guru worth his chakras, will dictate how important self care is.

Seeking harmony through balance has been ‘a la mode’ for longer than most of the top  western gurus ages combined.

Cultures across Asia believe that the five elements

are the energy filled building blocks of the universe.


In Korea – the obansaek (traditional five colours)There are five colors – known as ‘O-Bang (meaning ‘five direction’) Saek (meaning ‘color’) – which are considered especially significant

.These five colors are blue, red, white, black, and yellow. You will find these colors to be prominent in ‘Hanbok’ (Korean traditional attire), Korean paintings, musical instruments and festivals, architecture, flags and traditional symbols, and of course – Korean food!


BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS – yes this is Japanese but it is colourful .

These five colours and elements correspond to to our five basic tastes

  • bitter

  • salty

  • sweet

  • spicy

  • sour

images (5)


This seem to be  turning in to a food blog post -not my domain at all….


There is a point to all of this – bare with me , PLEASE!

So, what the Koreans cooks  do is balance all these components into one dish, which they believe creates harmony in both colour and taste. This helps them draw power and promotes happiness and health.

Of course not all of us,( me included ) wants to spend hours cutting carrots and other colourful vegetables as a meditative exercise.

I don’t think there would be any food left if I was left to the chopping and cooking,in all honesty.

How boring is peeling potatoes?  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  already snooozing thinking about it.

I’m not going to get stuck with the tear gas –

here you can have the onion 😀

The question  to ask yourself is:

Which elements in your life do you consider to be out of sync?

Do you spend most of your time on your career and neglect your family?

Do you do a sterling job on improving your physical health but neglect the spiritual health side of your life?

The message is simple: There is a lesson to be learned here.


Maybe we can learn a big lesson about this colourful cuisine..


By simply mixing it (food) up more equally can be a beautiful thing; not only pleasing on  the eye but enough to  feed the soul  and nurture more balanced  and harmonious experiences.

catch up with you all later 🙂  have an epic Tuesday



The ties that bind

The globe is always spinning and today we stop off in India.

SECRET TO HAPPINESS:  Appreciate the gift of family

TRADITION: Raksha Bandhan 

DATE : Full moon day in the Hindu month of Shraven ( mid July- August)


This might sound like a bit of a contradictory post  on how to find happiness but happiness is not  about throwing yourself onto a bed of roses,  as aesthetically pleasing an image that that conjures.

Family is a bit of a broad topic.

I should know! I have two large families on both sides. I have a half sister and step sister who I don’t have a strong relationship with. They both lives in South Africa  , I live in the U.K. and well so much time has gone by.

My Dad and his wife and ,my two nieces whom I don’t know, live there too. My Dad turned his back on me a long time ago.

 No pity.

From the age of 7 I knew that I did not take  any priority in his life. It was the same for my step sister.  When my Dad remarried to my step- mother -30 odd years ago  – they made some pact that the past is the past and for their own happiness; they would forget about everyone and everything to start  afresh ,build a new family and be happy.

I get this.

 There is is that old saying : ‘we can’t choose our family’.

 My Nan on my Dad’s side promptly reminded me of this yesterday.

I’ve always thought no matter how much my Dad’s side of the family, in all their numbers, hate my Mom’s side,(now than I am an adult they  have stopped pretending to like me and actively shun me too) in all of this: I  learned that the bond I have with my Nan could never be broken.

She looked after me from the age of 8-15 years . My Mom was ill and in hospital for many years. My Dad and Nan (mainly when she drank) and my step mother always put my mother down. It has taken a long time but me and my Mom have dealt with the past and  have a remarkable relationship now.

Yes, we all have strong personalties in  our families that clash. That is a given. Who else knows us so well than the people from past? the people we grew up with?

The thing is that not all of us were our real selves when in our past. Drugs and illness may have hid our personalities.

Neglect -physical and emotional can also make a person very confused.

I don’t blame my upbringing for my decisions in the past but I do think it influenced my actions to a degree.

Ultimately, we choose our own path. There are laws that decide 18, 21 or 25 years is the time span  long  enough to learn  and be  accountable for our actions. Morally, this may not be something I agree with completely.

I do feel that the adults in our lives (usually family)are our teachers. I’ve been taught good and bad things (in a variety of contexts) from the role models in my life or lack of them. Their absence can also make an impact on how we decipher our way into the world.

Where we decide is our place in the world.

In India, an annual celebration takes place to honour the relationship of brothers and sister- I quite like the English translation of ‘Raksha Bandhan’- ‘ the bond of protection’.

On this day, brothers and sisters come together and celebrate their blood connection and take the time to appreciate one another. The tradition is: that each brother is made  what is called a ‘rhaki’- a bracelet made out of cotton or silk which is tied on the right wrist of every brother- a symbol -of ‘affection’, love’ and ‘protection of love’.

Sisters a given beautiful gifts and  brothers  bless their sisters and promise  to protect their sisters fro the up coming year ahead.

This tradition starts from childhood.

Not everyone has a brother or sister,so other family come from all four globes of the world to unite and keep the tradition up and honour it.

‘Friends come and go’ -we say, but family is always connected to us by blood.


Here’s the the contradictory part of the post.

For most of my life I know that my Nan has always had my back. I know that she is the person who taught me to keep in contact with my own sister and family. I learnt by experience, if we fought, nothing would break the love and bond we have.

I had to make a tough decision yesterday.

A lesson I  possibly learnt from my own fathers absence.

I’m having struggles with my own illness. I am constantly having to fight to have time to be with my Nan

 Her family get jealous by  any time we spend together.  They don’t understand why or how my Mom and Nan  can still have a strong bond and relationship because my Mom is the the ex-wife.

They don’t understand.

In all truth, they may be called ignorant.

My Mom and I have been ill for many years and have been ostracised for this.

We are in a better place these days.

My Nan went on holiday to see my Dad and sister and my nieces in November for three months in 2015. In that time ,my Mom ,my partner and I have worked together in harmony to make sure our wedding day will be  unforgettable.

My Nan has a strong personality. This usually  reveals the trait of one who  needs to control. Control unfortunately,  brings out the worst in people.

 I know this from my own past experiences in trying to orchestrate everything and everybody in my life.

I was manipulative – I had to be to get what I wanted!

 My Nan is no different to others who seek to control – in her tactics- to get her way.

My Nan is a good woman- with flaws. The biggest is making me feel guilty for everything.

Yes, she looked after my daughter for 16 months while social services were in my life. I got rid of the toxic people in my life, I bucked up my ideas and fought and I proved that I am a good a enough  mother (to social services, family, judges – and the whole unwanted entourage that came with socials services)

I have done my time.

I don’t know how many times I can say I am thankful to my Nan, how many gifts I can buy her.

I do know that I won’tbe made to  feel indebted to her for the the rest of my life.

She looked after me too. She has looked after many of her families children over the years.

Always feeling used, under appreciated by every parent of which ever child she was caring for. Be it a few hours or a few years.

This doesn’t come across as a happy post but it is. I know it is a long post. Please try bear with me.

 My Nan has been back from South Africa  for less than two weeks and harmony has gone out the window. I don’t think she can get her head round the fact that we have managed to sort our our wedding with my ‘weak’ ‘fragile minded’ mothers help. It feels like, to me and my partner, that all we have received is little digs. Small, but enough to make an impact.

I  had to make the decision to leave her with her family.

I deserve happiness.

We all do.

I’m not willing to to be drawn into parlour games:

Comparisons of how well off and how much better my Dad’s side of the family are.


how she has to go on another holiday to get over the time she had in South Africa.

A lot of negatives were said.

No positives.

 I love her. No buts.

I do also  have to put my happiness and my daughters and my partner and my Mom’s happiness before hers.

She has a a lot of support from her family. Well, she does until she has had a fight with them. Sound familiar?

 Thing is I’m fed up of it.


 Last night I was so upset and drained, I couldn’t do anything I enjoy doing like  being with my family, reading, blogging, reading blogs

I want a peaceful life as possible.

I will not allow the past to repeat itself with certain ways in how certain family members made an impression on  me. I will gladly take responsibility for anything good and bad that happens while I parent my child and any children we have.

There will be no playing one off the the other.


Good question.

Please bear with me, I have a message and a task – one I need to challenge myself to do too.

 Can you think of something special you used to do with someone in your family?

My Nan and I devour books and love literature and writing. She inspired me to write and pushed me to develop any hidden talent. This post wouldn’t be here- crystallised, if it weren’t for her rooting for me over the years.

Is there some kind of meaningful ritual you could create to celebrate and strengthen your unique bond?

I would love to make it a regular occasion to got to the theatre with my Nan or  join a book /writing club together with her.


True, for the next 12 weeks I need peace and harmony.

Like I said before, friends may come and go, our family are always connected to us.

Time to put my big boots on.

MESSAGE: Never forget the safe haven your family members created – no matter how flimsy and dysfunctional. They were doing what they could with  the best resources they had to navigate their own path .

Some of my happiest memories are those with my Nan.

Never forget that family  can be the source of some of life’s most happiest moments. Relationships do break down but I have a strong bond with my Nan and in time I hope we can re connect.

I was going to attempt to make amends after the wedding.

No, today. I will make amends. She will take my daughter to ballet and tap as she does most weeks and we will all meet up afterwards  and go and sort out the wedding cake as planned,

 I need peace and harmony for the next 12 weeks. It doesn’t mean I love her any less.  Last nights decision was made because I only know what is best for that moment. I have not closed the door on any of my family for good.

Today I make amends. Life is too short.  Always try and keep a a small space reserved in your heart for wiser times in your life and you will find peace and happiness.

Told, you it would be a happy post in the end 🙂


The power of our spoken words

The globe is spinning and spinning and today we stop off in China. Again. These people know how to be happy.


TRADITION: CHI KOU RI (‘day of dispute’)




The amount of times I think to myself, I would rather be honest   than feel like a fraud. I’ve learned over the years that sometimes it’s not my place to tell the truth as I see it. It’s not my place to be blunt and honour my character and personality. . Words can hurt people.  Speaking my mind has consequences and they are not always positive. I am beginning to realise that some people are more sensitive and blunt words from me (not knowing the whole story) is like an arrow to the heart. I’m realising that just because I think I know a part of the truth of something or someone’s situation  -maybe it is not my place to say it.

I’ve always struggled with:

Do I be honest? OR Do I  kind?

Of course I want to be both. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking this. Sometimes weighing up the options is hard. It’s tough getting the right balance.

I’ve said things to people – matter of factly and I look at the response on their faces and I’ve seen tears form in their eyes. BIG OOPS!  That was not how I meant it to go.


In China there is a saying:

The Chinese understand that when water is spilt it cannot be re-collected. I did a post on the Chinese Lunar year –Givers: the ones who taught us. The festival can last up to a month. One of the days celebrated is called ‘Day of Dispute’.  It’s a day where the Chinese consciously honour that ‘ critical  pause’ that happens just between out impulses and how we express those impulses.

Throughout the days that the celebrations take place, Spring festival is buzzing with parties and abundance and indulging. Plenty of  food and drink consumed.

Day 3: The third day of the Chinese New year commonly known as “Chi Kou Ri” (the day of red mouth) is the day to stay at home. Older members of the family who are superstitious believe that a red mouth would result in arguments and quarrel. They also call this day “Chi Gou Ri” meaning (the day of red dog). Traditionally, anyone who runs into the red dog will encounter bad things

On this day people go home early. They may go and pray at a local temple, they go inwards to regain balance and inner harmony.


There is so much to learn from this. Next time the bubbles of rage float upwards, ready to create and release from out of your mouth,a  huge cartoon- like  bubble of ‘what’s on my mind’ speech.


Try inhaling and counting to three or even better look to the sky or around you to get a sense of the worlds true immensity. If you do decide to act on your thoughts and speak- speak slowly and try to consider  the impact of your words as you speak. Be conscious in that moment- Remember how vast the world is and how small this discussion is compared to  the world.

If you can pause  and weigh up the worth of your words before speaking,usually you will be able to come up with wiser and a more gentle speech of words.

One other tip- always get a good night sleep — there is evidence that we make a better judgements  when our pre frontal cortex  is happy and chilled. 😉


prefrontal cortex (PFC) is located in the very front of the brain, just behind the forehead. In charge of abstract thinking and thought analysis, it is also responsible for regulating behavior. This includes mediating conflicting thoughts, making choices between right and wrong, and predicting the probable outcomes of actions or events. This brain area also governs social control, such as suppressing emotional or sexual urges. Since the prefrontal cortex is the brain center responsible for taking in data through the body’s senses and deciding on actions, it is most strongly implicated in human qualities like consciousness, general intelligence, and


MESSAGE: Know the true power of your words.



Let it go and have faith


The world globe doesn’t stop spinning today because our global happiness secret is something practised around the world, any time, any place.

SECRET TO HAPPINESS: Reign in the need to control everything and have faith

TRADITION: Prayer / mantras/ meditation

DATE: Everyday

CELEBRATED :Around the world.

I don’t know about you but I have always had control issues- my weight being a huge bugbear. I even want control over things like knowing what my Birthday presents are.  I mean I used to  hate surprises. I think it has something to do with knowing how to react. I don’t want to get into loads of  pyscho babble. Surprisingly 😉 (wink wink nudge nudge)   I do like surprises more than I used to. Lots of therapy did the trick 😀

The truth is;

Can we control the weather?

Well, if we  actually did something to help our environment maybe we can to some degree save it, but we can’t control if it is going to snow, rain, etc..

Can we control the economy?

No, because we already have a bunch of corrupt bastards who have a better hand in ‘controlling’ it – to be fair no one can control it but they can influence it.

Can we control Death?  No.

George Michael hit it on the nail when he sang

‘you gotta have a little faith a faith a faith aaah.’- that is how it goes in my head anyhow.

Faith  hooks an index finger under our chin and turns our face to it and says;

“It is what it is”

images (1)

Faith is always linked with Religion.  Whatever religion you can think of there is always some ritual of offerings, prayers, sacrifices and putting our trust in an unseen entity ,that we  believe has the power ,that we perceive we  lack to change things.  I have a saying about this – you may not like it but when has that stopped me  from being blunt before?

 By all means practice your faith and let me practice mine or lack of it.  I always get peoples backs up when I say,

” Why give some invincible God all the credit for my own hard work?  Credit where it is due. “

I’m  kind of kidding. We all need to place our faith in something when  there is the possibility of losing all hope.  The same goes for what we can and can’t control.

 My family have this in-house joke that my Grandad is up in heaven or wherever and ‘making bets and business deals with God’ .

That’s why we surrender.  There is no address we can Google, no appointment we can make to visit our God of choice and talk business. We don’t know if our ‘prayers’ will be answered -so we have to take comfort in hoping that our Gods are merciful.  There is always the middle man – priest, witch doctor etc..

Personally, I prefer to go to the direct source.

This is where faith can ‘move mountains’ – as the saying goes. The  direct source  of faith is inside us all, no matter what religion we identify with.   When you get on the plane for your vacation – you place your faith in the pilot to get you to xyz destination. You don’t ask him which God he answers to. If we need surgery we place our trust in doctors of all faiths because  in my opinion all those faiths lead to one source.


 For what it’s worth,I believe in something more tangible – I believe in energy. That energy doesn’t discriminate. My faith is  in knowing there is scientific proof  that there is kinetic energy. I believe when I release any energy I am holding hostage inside me in the form of thoughts ,emotions etc… it helps me direct my energies  outwards into the cosmos.

So, when things are not going so great, think about what it is that you can truly control and cannot control. This post is not about religion. It’s about taking ownership of what you truly have power over  that can make a difference and letting go of the things that you can’t control.


You can’t control it if your partner cheats on you but you can control how you respond and how  you let it play out.  You decide the outcome –  you may decide to never place your trust in another person again. You can also summon up hope and have faith that things will get better over time.  Your heart will mend.

MESSAGE: Unburden yourself. Who ever  you place your trust in – be it  a God, an Angel, the four elements, energy, allow them him/her/it  to lift the weight off your shoulders of  what is beyond your control.  Only then can you truly move forward and be free.




Givers: the ones that taught us.

The globe finally stops spinning  and  tonight we are going to find a bit of global happiness in Vietnam.

SECRET TO HAPPINESS: Acknowledge your influences

TRADITION: Visiting teachers ( I would have balked at this concept a few years ago)

DATE: The third day of Tet/ Lunar ( New years for the Vietnamese that is celebrated January and February- a whole month of celebrating the new year!)


Do you ever look around you and think

‘Well, gosh! How the hell did I get to this point in my life? ‘ – I do and try  imagine an image of a 34 year old woman with a finger stuck up her nose going ‘huh?’ at the same time.

I am sort of okay with where I am now but I am a mental sprinter. I want to do all the good stuff -rush past the learning and be at the top. To be more accurate I do enjoy learning . I love doing different training workshops and courses with mental health charities because I learn new skills and I can help others who are struggling.  I mean I want to start my Masters in Creative writing in October.  I know learning is a process but sometimes my mind gets carried away.

I was like that at school. The first teacher to ever make a positive influence over my attitude to learning was Mrs Hendricks. She was the first Indian teacher or any teacher that was not white to teach in my high school -way back ,2 years after  the apartheid era ended. He style of teaching and her passion made a huge impression on me. I suddenly loved Biology!  She was also the first teacher to read one of my first pieces of free style writing. My best friend at school told me to show it to Mrs Hendricks. She was crying saying how powerful my writing was. I looked at my friend in shock. How can what I write get a reaction like that?  Oddly, I never felt pushed to be creative in English lessons.

Can you remember your school days?

There must be someone that made an impression on you?  No, not that cute guy with all blonde curls and blue eyes and a cheeky smile. Maybe that teacher took an interest in you, made you feel special?  Maybe that teacher taught you some thing that went beyond a text book .

If you want to do some serious celebrating – new year style. Vietnam is the place to be.It usually occurs over three days and is kind of like a Thanksgiving and Christmas and New years all rolled into one.

Day one – it’s all about the family

Day two – time to roll in the friends


Day three is unique and I think it is pretty awesome. On this day the Vietnamese people go and visit their teachers.  They get presents and are highly respected members of the Vietnamese community. Old and new teachers are praised and acknowledged.

mmmh, I’m thinking a new career and life change on the cards….  I bet the teachers don’t on on strike in Vietnam.


Project time- WAX ON WAX OFF ( a collective groan from the back of the virtual class room. I used to be a huge part of that collective groan too. Come on humour me a bit…. Yes?


It’s simple

Acknowledge one person who you identify as a teacher in your life.  It can a be non school related person  of course.


Put pen to paper or fingers ready to type about some of the things that come into your mind when you think about that person. Did they say anything important to you? Mrs Hendricks over in Biology told me to ‘never stop writing.

What was going on in your life then? I was on a bad path – getting into drugs and hating my body.

What would you say to them now? I wish I had asked Mrs Hendricks about bmi and about what kind of havoc messing with pills and laxatives and erratic eating habits and starvation diets would have on me in my future  ( the me today)

Is there any kind of insight into the path you are on now? Funnily enough, I’m going through the training process to open up a peer- led Eating disorder recovery and support group where I live.

MESSAGE: It’s good to be a giver in life. You never know what you are going to ‘take’ from the experience away with you.


The Grim Reaper dance of happiness


SECRET TO HAPPINESS: Embrace your mortality

TRADITION: Dia de Muertos  ( day of the dead)

DATE: 1st and 2nd of November


Death- the greatest paradox of all. We know it will happen to us all but we don’t know what will happen after.  What a topic for Monday morning! Maybe it is apt, you may feel like death today. Jokes aside. A lot of us a petrified of the unknown. Fear stops us from moving forward and letting go.

Maybe some of you have not given much thought about your own mortality but I am sure that you have thought about losing people you love. I have and it terrifies me. I don’t know how I will be able to live when my own mother or father dies. Thoughts like these – can cause anxiety and depression which leaves no space for us to enjoy life.

Us humans are a resourceful bunch and have invented beliefs and faiths about what awaits us when we leave our mortal body.

Today the spinning globe makes a pit stop at mexico.   Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos.

The origin of this festival started way back – pre Hispanic times. The tradition carried on to the present day is that death and life are parallel. When a person dies they are not lost but can come back and visit their earth home as ghosts.

These ghosts are welcomed by Mexico’s earth dwellers. Tempted by offerings of candles, food, flowers and the opportunity to celebrate with their family and friends.

After the feast – there is a mass trip to the cemetery to clean up relatives graves and re -decorate them. The event is a happy one. It is not morbid and sad.

There is usually a parade of inflated life size costumes of skeletons with smiling faces ready to party. They get into the groove with a little help from  Mexico’s very own professional ensemble of musical artistes known as the MARIACHI BAND.  There are fun fair rides for children and adults alike. Shops sell cakes in the shapes of  skulls,coffins and skeleton . What a wonderful way to help children grow up not fearing the idea  of  death.

MESSAGE: No, we don’t all believe in the after life but what an awesome way to give your deceased loved ones the greatest send off. It is a way of remembering your loved ones and in turn you will not being forgotten.  APPRECIATE THE DAYS YOU HAVE LEFT IN THIS LIFE! Death must not be feared. It should be seen as the ultimate act of true FREEDOM.

(Image sourced from Google images)