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#NYAMR Freshard & Stanley Brinks

If you like a to embrace world music  & understand the importance of celebrating different cultures then  I’d definitely recommend Stanley Brink & Freshard.

If you like Tequila sunrises then  this is the kind of gig I’d recommend going to go.

Natural Born story tellers & Travellers & Chanteuses.

Stanley Brinks ( André Herman Düne)  was born in Paris. His lyrics & overall laidback vibe  conjures up feelings about the need for a balanced society who recognise the limits of capitalism & voices a necessary voice for the pros of living with a more socialist outlook ,in terms of  the sub culture & influence it has  on the musical  community

  • Socially
  • Politically
  • Pure entertainment

Music & culture is only good as the people.


Stanley Brinks has  lived and travelled to Berlin,Malta & USA

He has recorded over 100 albums under various different moniker names.

He has  collaborated with the New York   anti folk under ground scene.

This is the second time I’ve seen him collaborate with  the cheeky, pure vocals of Burgundy,France Clemence Freshard, Her effect is to capture the rooms attention (with a ukulele , bass guitar ) ,a day dreamer who knows what a good dose of reality feels like.

These are  necessary voices in the music scene


They highlight the importance of embracing all cultures, keeping an open mind & keeping a level head  if we are to understand the balance linked with  the economy climate  shifts & the impact  it has on  cultures infographics


A Live gigs with down to earth people ,impromptu nights, going with the flow turned into a  great night an anti establishment ,non violent protest to enjoy music without boundaries.

They allow moments to indulge in nostalgia  whilst inviting an audience to question the world we live in.

Check out their new album on Bandcamp



When sheep following fails-try goatBahs –

I couldn’t sleep so found these tracks to amuse me while I danced till I  dropped.


Nothing else to find here. Use your ears to read the mood.  Bipolar edition. ERM…..  For myself.



#NYAMR Floating Points

Floating Points has come under my radar recently with

  1. Coorabell- visual & ear galactic delight. It took me three listens to fall in love with the track. I kept coming back to it  Why?  4:21 mins is the moment I fell in love-100%. Sam Bishop (birth name) drops in hard techno yet still maintain the spirit of not becoming lost to the machine of electronic music. Electronic Ambience with a holy mother of God punch.


Turns out Floating points is a Neuroscientist turned D.J.  -(He studied the Neuroscience of pain)  He’s managed to gain respect with the likes of Four tet, Kode 9, and Theo Parrish in the current electronic/EDM movement.

He has a classically trained background he describes as ‘classical, baroque, romantic renaissance’.

He discovered through improvising  & experimenting on the piano  with what he later identified as jazz compositions.  That was how he learned to break the rules.

He cites he was influenced by the  Brazilain sounds of bossa nova of artists such as Gal Costa.

He was challenged to explore electronic music (which didn’t have the instruments such as the clarinet or violin) because the music still moved him.

He describes it as making sense of ‘organised noise’. He started finding music possibilities that he felt in every day, organic  sounds such as being on a train

The second track I listened to of Manchesters, Sam Bishop ( Floating points) was

Les Alpx -The video explodes colours of plasma have a calming effect to contrast to the tempo of the track

I love the energy. It’s bordering hardcore techno yet retains a melody I can relate to

Something I can only refer to as  -the  ‘soul clap’.  I’m not a huge fan of hardcore techno

If a track brings on a feeling resembling the soul clap then that is what usually wins me over.

What I like about his music is that he has insight into how he produces music  – there is a methodical approach creating music with science and using visual media create an immersive experience of sound and using visual imagery to create a space where we can see music. Music that engages multiple sensory stimuli.

I feel like Science x creativity with a touch of esotericism is a perfect equation for experimental music – He named his debut album-  Elaenia. (after having a dream about) a tropical bird.


Genre- Afro Futurism

‘Dub -verb, to make space – COLDCUT A-Z

Remember this track?

When I first heard and watched this video I knew I had come across something cosmic. Something bigger & more striking to any other the song or video I can recall watching at that time. I loved the colours  & the surreal animation.

This was my first introduction to  Afro-Futurism music- the black man’s perspective of science in the future.

Listen up! Lose one sense to finely tune another sense. Time to rely on imagination & see what visuals come up. It’s strange how certain sounds can bring up emotions to identify. I find it harder to identify emotions without a visual. Another post for another time.

This was on my first introduction to Ras G & the Afrikan space program.

I was intrigued by Africa’s space program. Do they have one?

Yes, they do.

More than I thought

South Africa & Nigeria are the few countries who have an actual Afronaut.  Yes,  there are afronauts.

Edward Makuka Nkoloso Initiated a space program involving a lady and two cats travelling to the moon

Sadly, he did not raise the £7 million to achieve his dream.

I have a dream – Martin Luther King.

Not even  Martin’s homies believed that they would ever have a civil right to be a black human being.

Dreams are only goals with no structure.

Knowledge and education and an open mind led to a group of thoughts to come together, united by challenging their beliefs about who they were & what they wanted. THINK TANK often turns into a WAR TANK

We don’t look agree with slavery, do we?

Slaves accepted that they couldn’t achieve what was not even a dream.

Add in a spark of hope and Edwards space program involving sending

two cats to Mars shows me- a man using the tools he has. Logistics are subject to change.

I definitely recommend checking out his Back on the planet album too. (2009)

Though to be honest, I didn’t warm to the entire album initially. I had to get in the zone ( haha!)

I had an invitation to textural soundscapes that put me out of my comfort zone.  Change?  Never!

Open your ears 

open your mind philosophy 

Let’s take a trip somewhere

 You are not in control.

This thought-

Instructions: Just, let go

Led me to listen again & again.

I  admire Ras G’s execution of pushing the boundaries of the sound of all his cultural roots.

The Cosmic vocal samples maintain the essence of Soul & Hip-hop. He creates extraterrestrial sounds revelling in traditional Dub & reggae.

I feel this album is a triumph in not defining itself anything than an exploration of the space between what we hear & what I believe

It is a musical philosophy.  The core idea demonstrates the scattering soundscape of the global communities of Africa.

Ras G adapts the essence of ‘ never forgetting to understand our roots & to grow, breathe new life into old traditions.

Invent new traditions.  Be playful.

I think to the know the future you need to know where you come from.
To have self-identity  -exploration evolves from the seed of History.

Science creates miracles & monsters created by man. People over the history of our lifetime have done atrocious acts in the name of Aquisition of power & wealth. The cost is humanity.

The cost is a barren crop.

Nurture Life
Mother nature

This album is or dedication to the Afro-futurism genre.

“The womb is The Stargate of Humanity,” he says. “Stargate Music is a record that I livicated to the Womb-man … to the Vagina, The Stargate from which beings emanate life on this planet. I gathered these sound pieces and presented them as a reflection of the life cycle of beings on this planet.”

Ras G is an abstract thinker. I’m closer to understanding what he is doing with music- genres & sub-genres. I’m surprised & impressed.  I suggest listening to this album & getting a new perspective.

What’s the worst that can happen?
You don’t like it?
You find out something new about life?
Or yourself?

Los Angeles based music producer Ras G ( Gregory shorter Junior) & the African space program passed away on 06/08/2109. The is a cause of death is not fully know

He travelled in his mind & I had an invite. Stream of consciousness is my preferred style of travelling.

What is afro-futurism in music culture?

Afrofuturism: reimagining science and the future from a black perspective. … In the way that film noir functions as a genre, or jazz as a musical style, Afrofuturism are a philosophy that can be simultaneously obvious and vague in its identity, bounded and porous in its edges.

The Guardian

Once I started researching into Ras G & Afro-Futurism I’m immersed in researching it outside of music too.

An intriguing article to read is CULTURE: Afrofuturism reimagining science & the future from a black perspective

A few well-known Afrofuturism artists are

I love this statement below because life is colourful -Black & White shades, not hues.

Music can make you engage & think.

Afro-futurism is evidently more than a style or genre of music it is an ideology. It has been noted that Afro-futurism dismissed and challenged the idea that all things futuristic are white or even black.

The album is abstract & challenging without being overly nostalgic.
There are often many moments when the soundscape or rhythm propels my emotions to flit between the past & the future. The journey is Marvel -esque.

Black Panther!

GOAT drop bahs not bombs

Tonight’s #notyouraverage music review  was produced by Parisian based music label, Nouvelle Ambiance (known for celebrating cultural & musical collaborations)  

It merges Kenyan, Arabic &  Egyptian culture & traditional musical percussion instruments, drums and vocals to create a 15-minute soundscape that is just dope.  

The track ‘Mabomba dance’ took my soul on a  cosmic journey, so hypnotic that my feet & body were charmed into a dalliance on an otherworldy dancefloor.  The only thing missing was me wearing a goat fur Kondo headpiece.   (Maybe not) 😀

STRANGE  TRIVIA: the Kondo is part of the traditional Kenyan attire to don when dancing to the Nyatiti (plucked Kenyan lyre).

The entire EP ‘ Wolf Muller meets the Nile project’ is G.O.A.T. -it is music that is in a league of its own.

It was recorded in the Egyptian city of Aswan, by Jan Schulte (Wolf Müller & Bufiman) & Kenyan and Egyptian musicians Kasiva Mutua, Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno and Adel Mekha.


Wolf Müller meets the Nile Project by Wolf Müller meets the Nile Project


Corky Traxman Strong

A man not afraid to express his emotions (as difficult as it may be at times) & talk about music, politics, beliefs, values & his future aspirations (see part two)

Quoted on Discogs as being a man with a deep knowledge of music 

To understand corky’s music style we have to delve into history. 

A crazy phone interview (covering so many topics) with, Corky strong Traxman, shows how his two biggest influences –US Garages, Larry Lavin and Chicago’s Frankie knuckles shaped his own musical style as one of the co-founders of the footwork genre community. 

Larry Levin quick started a whole new genre to electronic music -blending Latin -Spanish Harlem, hip hop & underground disco music in New York that would inspire Frankie knuckles to salvage disco in Chicago with the techniques he learned off  Lavin in New York.

He dared to play & remix songs other D.J.’s were afraid to play.

This was the early 80’s when Chicago radio declared :

‘Disco music is a disease -It is a disco dystrophy’ 


Some of this prejudice against disco was due to the transgender scene that Lavin flouted. Radio wasn’t ready to put gay black music on the airwaves.

So the warehouse with Frankie Knuckles at the helm, became for many of the Chicago dance community another place to socialise with like-minded souls. It was referred to as a house. Or church.

Disco has its revenge -Frankie’s knuckles

Frankie & the Chicago underground music scene tried to preserve disco & created a new sound ‘chicago acid house’

To understand corky’s music style we have to delve into history. 

Soul, dance & technology created a new hybrid.

When you try to kill something, it goes underground & comes back harder the early 80’s 

Corky had the opportunity to embrace both music scenes

It was a very diverse scene my uncle had a girlfriend whose brother was openly gay in the early ’80s and they used to go to the warehouse on the martian circuit. We had Spanish Harlem.

Did you ever get caught up in drug scene -ecstasy vibe?

I’ve never done ecstasy.

As a kid, I didn’t experience or witness hard drugs. It was 1981. There were big parties but I was too young, y’ know. Then when I hit 13 years old I became the curious DJ I met up with

C. L.C.

Slick Rick  the masters ( the American music producer )  

Steve P. D.and through dance mania (records) in 1984, and that’s when we  got a taste for the party scene

(check refs

Corky was signed up to the dance mania label  ( founded by Jesse James in 1985) 

In 1987 the door opened and I met up with slick rick the master. And a body down the projects called DJ. Funk 1 * (check ref ) we hung out at the Jam House (and) Gerald did something we’d never seen before. He used a cassette machine to make our own beats. One track was Sleazy Dee’s ‘Loss of control’. and another  THEN  one of the U.K. music house hits was ‘No way back traxman 

Corky was a co-founder of TEK LIFE (Top 50 Rolling Stones magazine in EDM music for 2017 ( album insert)  – reviving the footwork era -( CSTraxman has a varied & insane knowledge about music and genres. So what inspired to become a part of The footwork genre with  (the deceased) D.J. Rashed? 

TO understand music sometimes you have to know the history, then you can appreciate it more. ;0 and give it a try.

What have you been able to do with music and your vocation /career  

Think of another word?

I’ve now got my own label – Music chicago -we – Rob ( muffled) -our distributor in Germany open it so that we had the freedom to make our own choices. 

Corky lists his other influences as the Hotmix five 

Delving into politics ( music & politics are inseparable for those who have something to say or something they believe in) – reword 


So what do you make of Trump?

Trump doesn’t concern us -African people, you know… What he is doing to us -he is not doing anything to us that hasn’t been done before.

What about Obama? 

Fuck Obama! (laughs).He did something for the American people & the minorities. He didn’t do anything for the Black people…. Obama gave no tangibles 

(asked to elaborate)

The black people wanted 365 days of Free labour back?

How do you think that is going to happen? 

I dunno a grassroots campaign (gives example) Hold your own nuts , you know.. Don’t do harm to children & babies & that’s it. 

What Kind of people do you think are drawn to your music?

I dunno, Normal people-you don’t have to be white or black or transgender. 

Corky’s biggest base is in Japan and when I asked him what genres of music were popular there he said:

It’s not just footwork & Juke . They are massively into reggae & beats like that.

(Influences of lavin) 

MH conversation about a suicidal kid in Phoenix? REVIEW






Tie in Current style of music /wrap it up etc.


Genre Northern Soul Music



(-an introduction to Northern Soul )



Northern soul the revenge of the small town 

The perfect blueprint for the rave culture started in the 1970s (20 years before) with Northern soul spread across e working-class towns the North of Yorkshire. Think of the book by Adele Stripe ‘Black Teeth & a Brilliant smile”.

Bleak times to live in. People grafted hard. Some needed hard escapism.


High off speed, amphetamine, and even dextrose tablets ( sugar)

The disc jockey for the first time had to work hard to keep crowds attention.

The birth of the Music record trainspotters.

Vinyl became sort after by collectors.

 DISC jockey’s  scoured the lands to find

 rare one-off, unknown records to turn into overnight hits.

They became seen as specialists and a connoisseur culture grew.

Northern soul put dance music on the same level as classical & blues music.

The rarest record in the world ( originally thought to only have  1 copy in existence) is Frank Wilson’s ‘ Do you love me?’

When it hit British soil it became an instant hit.

In 1998 it was sold to a Scottish collecter for £ 15000.

Copies were reissued by music labels and could sell for £ 40 onwards.

This led to D.J.’s covering up records labels. Some D.J.’s even went so far as to cover up the label of the original record label a song was released under to protect it from being tampered with.

This obviously led to a load of bootlegs rip-offs offs being made.

Northern soul found its way to North & South Carolina where it became known as Beach music.

Myrtle beach anyone?

Animated GIF-downsized_large


This subculture started out because a community of people wanted to jam to ‘black music’ in a deeply prejudiced state & time in the Americas.

Back to the U.K. in the 90’s when Fat Boy slim sampled an instrumental of ‘sliced tomatoes ‘ by the Just brothers on his massive hit ‘ Rockefeller skank. Northern soul turned into Nu-Energy

Northern soul was about a culture that networked & became a community.

It’s powerful image thinking of kids dressed in Fred Polos shirts, and comfortable shoes repping it on the dance floor to sped up beats to match their state of mind.

Working class “Machines” on the outside with a soul no matter how cold.

It became increasingly difficult to find untampered with copies of Northern soul criteria hit songs.

Traditionalists wanted to stick with the pure energy of Northern soul but were running out of vinyl hits. It took a renegade, Ian Levine (Wigan resident D.J.) who took a trip out to the U.S.A. and came back to Blighty with a rare unheard (commercial) Motown label track ‘Ghost in the house’ to divide the Northern soul community.

Music needs to move people, move on, create sub-genres, inspire other generations.

GOAT Coldcut

Coldcut -English electric trio (making electronic music for 30 years.)

This was the first U.K. act to release a sample-based record.

It’s so fine!

Its a mash-up of  James Brown, Public enemy ‘you’re gonna get yours’,

There are so many awesome samples. I can’t name them all.


  • The good the bad & the ugly

  • Grandmaster Flash -the message.

  • I wanna be like you  -monkey song( classic sample)It all dope & fits with the sunny weather in the U.K.


I had to go check out  & their website states that the entire track contains 35 song samples.  Bwahaha!



They went on to do another track called ‘Beats and Pieces’ that samples Vivaldi (if you are into call centre music – just kidding)

Good Gnoosic with Gnod


Who else has heard of this search engine database for music you have yet to discover?  the MUSIC MAP it generates is the GOAT.

GNOD (The Global Network Of Discovery).It is an ongoing project developed by Marek Gibney, based in Germany.

f you are looking to find new music and artists to listen to or learn about this database is where you need to be.

Gnoosic is able to produce a personalised Music map of artists or music you may like based on your search results

Here’s how easy it is to use  GNOOSIC

Type in up to three bands/names

I typed in two that the database knows & one that it didn’t know. I wonder if we can use it to introduce other users to new music artists and genres?

Based on my 3 choices it aks if its predictions are correct. You have the option of choosing you don’t know.


The other part of Gnod is MUSIC MAP.


It’s great for finding new artists similar to who you type in the database. What I love about this system is that it is a community project.

If the artist you want doesn’t come up you can ask to add it to the database. You can also verify other users artists uploaded.

There is a link to submit artists who aren’t on the map too. And if you are of the pedantic type you can fix typos too 😉

Gnoosic and the Music-Map are the music parts of Gnod. Together, they are visited by over 200000 music fans per month and provide them with millions of music recommendations.

I chose to look up Orsten orsten.html

I’m impressed by the results closest /similar in style to Orsten Moderator, Nym, Boogie Belgique, Moderator are artists I already follow. I’m tempted to check out Madwreck.

It also brought up a bunch of bands/artists (not so similar) but who I enjoy too. A few examples are

  1. L’orange

  2. Cut Chemist

  3. Degiheugi

  4. Hugo Kant

If you pick an artist/band on the map it automatically regroups names to the most similar. It’s dynamic.

It would be great to be able to put in biographies too but I find a quick place to find new music to listen to, write to, write about or to submit yourself as an artist -its a great project.

The big test is to find a new artist & song that I love that will feature on this blog. I’m sure it will!

Simple to use.

Great for finding new music and artists & bands. its also great for understanding what music genres or (sub-genres) appeal to you & for helping people who want to write about music use this as a resource to research genres, news…

It’s fucking useful. Trust me.


GOAT Jon Wayne

American rapper, poet and record producer from Los Angeles JonWayne -not your usual hip hop suspect.

‘My words are my only thing‘ reminds me of the saying I use a lot ‘write to recover’.

His emotional connection to his words and his passion are relatable & inspiring.

The Intro immerses you into a dream state with mesmerizing percussion instrumentals

Looking at this non-stereotypical wordsmith:

A long-haired, casual, big man definitely stirred up my judgments.

How good is he going to be?

Jon Wayne has an effortless dope flow and on point rhyming.

This track ( taken from his ‘Rap album 2, 2017) is a personal narrative documenting his rise in the hip hop industry.

He decided at an early age that if he “made it” he would revel in the hip hop music fame lifestyle.

as he raps

life’s too short for modesty.

This album is an album that “saved” Jon Wayne’s life as he was a full-blown alcoholic before he wrote this album. It is a product and a process of how he recovered from drinking.

the instrumentals layered under Jon Wayne’s beats and bars immerse you into his world of how he made it & he backs up his more bold lyrics with introspective lyrics that reveals how his experiences & character are informed.

The song is structured as a chronological timeline of his experiences. It is like a spoken word diary.

His lyrics have a bite to them that doesn’t come across as ostentatious (it may help that he looks like a big cuddly brother or friend)

2006 Dilla died and i was living off his gift

His candour & his ability to relate his experiences in a way that establishes what he wants to do in hip hop shows an endearing vulnerability. He is not afraid to state he promised himself that he would “body shit” ( and embrace his career ) if he became successful.

There is a depth to his lyrics and style of raping that reveals someone who is not going to take his career or life for granted and will embrace all of it. He will even revel in his alter ego because of how far away he veered from being in a position to be so philosophical, and existentialist about expressing himself.

I wrote my poems so I could stay in my zoneThinking: Why go to church if I feel God in my home?Maybe, I write because I’m feeling odd in my bonesAnd when I exorcise this demon I’m not thinking of those

His soothing, smooth easy style of emceeing unravels a personal and autobiographical narrative. He raps so eloquently about ideas beyond his rise to the music industry that he is 100% G.O.A.T.

Big up to credible talent showing the best of the talent on the west coast of contemporary hip hop artists

#NYA GOAT Baco Rhythm &Steel band

I seem to be drawn to the chilled out vibes in music this week. The cha cha cha chang  (?) of this song is soulful, laced with moments of winding funk beats which lend it a cool, fleshed out tune. Sometimes, I enjoy listening to a bit of instrumental hiphop/triphop/ soul /funk. Instrumental music is cool to chill out to.

The saxophone gives the A-side a G-funk delight.

Is that even a music term?

I guess it is now.  😀

This is the first song I’ve heard of the BACO RHYTHM & STEEL BAND.

So it’s great they’ve got a B-side to sample.


On the B side, they have done a rework of Mobb Deep’s hit with the same name. In fact, the B-side has gone straight into my playlist. I adore sounds that immerse cultures and flaunt a multitude of sounds. This has a real Bhangra, anime, Bolly wood espionage feel. It’s playful and seriously cool. Bangerz delight.

For those of you who want to hear Mobb Deep’s ordinal song ‘Burn’ – yeah, they’ve done the song justice. It’s sweet!

Finally, to round up this post, if I may… I wish to impart and depart (lol)with a few words

.I always want to be successful in whatever I’m doing just like everyone else. I want to get it right. I want to see my “5-year GOAL/PLAN” results from the day I have an idea to do something different with my blog or with my Life.

It is cool to not have everything figured from the initial conception. Be cool with that and enjoy the process.

Every day is not going to be a day where we feel we have hit our creative goals.

Great or small.

Sometimes it’s cool to break down a big dream in to smaller chunks. Count all your achievements -great and small

Hit play!

Have a great day!