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Good Grief

Grief it churns out carbon dioxide

Thoughts lead by military force


Grief it strikes you across your cheek

If you dare ignore the ones hurt by your defeat



Grief it conjures a body to sway against life’s tide

Grief is tics revealed by neurosis


Call it the quacks to lead us to another direct line

You will be just fine


Shift a bit in the corner

Let it leave our hearts

For a retrieval

A chance to shine

Turn to this moment.

March forwards to a beat instilling a sense of playful footwork to the dance of living by being.

*writing poem  challenge: describe grief in physical terms

Random generation of Procrastination

  1. Collect your  RANDOM WORD HERE 


Makes this tale mangy from substance abuse.

It rips at the soul-

 Makes censorship an ideal way to protect society

from the ugly truth.

Weak humans

Covering up their tracks.


Idle loneliness

makes for an abode

 Senses  summoned in to serve

 body possession


a genre of  the common trap.


Jedi modification




Depeche  mode

Crazy contravenes with inner child’s freshly painted creche.




Isn’t as mighty

 Paired up with a jogger,

 a fit bit,

and a

radiant glow.


Three strikes.

When did time get so slow?

this temple-

Armour of organs in free harmonic flow.


Sincerely thinks.


It is wise to know.

Faithfully your

beat  sets up another trap for

The inner mouse.



it will come out.

lose control.





 Big Ben caught in the designated zepherous zone.

 Failed  to save uncapped pressure

 Builds up into a deafening detonation.


The inner logic was damage limitation.


The government ordered trench coats

  In full sight.



pollution seeps out from a  piercing moan.


Bridal mess   Sleuths about

 in slippers.

 Track tips far too early.




Hands cover sight.

Mind convinced its temporary.



It’s all right.

Habits washed in  deficient  light

 credit token-

a  gesture.


More compassionate.




The decision fully saddled.

Vows  riddled

Wholly broken.

The course is  hardened terrain

Rumours rustle  barren branches

 summer shamed of its remaining leaves.






Point fingers in one direction.


Signpost makes a statement!

all-inclusive meals


The border of Insanity.



 the cartwheels-the body released from  tension

 Moment  of clarity

woe, for  the gifted

gasping on

thorn scented roses

Stoney  carves out

The centurion tone.

Inflicts an incident.


A beat.

A blockage.

A seizure.


 Arithmetic arrests Maroon’s motion.

Apprehended by fear.

Not one morsel intervenes.


Iris catches sight

 A distasteful  Discovery.




burnt the ceremonial toast.




A legitimate  excuse

 eyes wide open


Timely tears.



vervain time

free writing mind mapping style.

“I weighed things up in my mind…” vervain

I look on at it.

Moved by my sentiment of


Its  just a broken teacup.

 merely spilt  milk.

A tea towl, cleaning spray will fix this inconvenience

I look on at it. Not quite sure when the  fear of  inability became my  creation .

Became the start of  Depressive retardation setting in

This head ache  could go away

I’ve painted over it in my mind

over and over


Then it would never have existed.

Nobody would know it was a hornets nest

This is not a painting.

This is reality.

I can’t make others pretend not to see

It never  exsisted.

The power of denial

it makes us think life is stagnant

an imitation

we can cover up with a  single brush stroke.

Destination Contemplation

Sometimes I feel like why do I bother.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve used up all my bear care

The cities I lived in .

The people I’ve engaged with.

started to stick two fingers up.

But only to the dickheads.

I dance to these beats cos I rise to the funk masters compilation.

I run for the hills , soul in arms, cos I’m scared of bereaving one beat closer to my final end.

Wasted kindness on friendships. One person knows what goes in my head.

Anxiety takes grip, and I turn on my only friend.

I don’t wanna feel like an unwanted graze.

Take me to a place I love.

Where people don’t talk in haze .

I don’t ever wanna feel like maple honey stuck to a face.

Take me to a place where I can finally come out from the virginal lace.

It’s hard to see the evil in people.

Harder to believe especially those covered treacle.

Atleast, I have a built in shit detector-

this city knows notof me.

My mask falls when the prison doors close.

I don’t ever wanna feel ignored by tramps with tongues for shoes.

Just get me out of this space where my compassion reduces me to tears,


Singing the wrong type of blues.

Under suicide bridge, another man lands face down on the ground.

Blood glitters all in an outline and I’ve got scared.

I’ve got to be prepared.

I won’t throw this body away for another

no show.

*song inspired by Red hot Chilli Peppers ‘ under the bridge’

the Cull

giphy (5)

Composure show your best face

Daisy don’t make it hazy – leave out the ‘just in case’ can of mace.

Three announced pregnancies delivered in one week

One Stork wraps a cord around emotions -trachea.

 Manipulation in search for a vein

hooked up intravenously

suffering from a bout of the sickness days gone by,


Day spent prodding a familiar corpse

Lavender eye shadow caked on.

An ex-hookers heinous crime of remorse.

Blend in shades of elegance, class cuts above diamonds

-less valuable than the African  Congo.

Kleenex tissues – repentance from deeds of liberation.

 There is closure in this hymn

that is how sacrilegious people turn as quick as the wind doth blow.

New chapter.

ink spilt

No more drama.

Welcome to the real world -energy in motion kinetic.

Some call it Karma.

Squeaky clean – naked child of the nugget -Midas the king.

Bronchial Bengal licking furballs off her skin.

Arthritic tail.

spots and stripes.

Don’t leave me, Madam.

wailers of bandits ready for the first of half a dozen fights.

Interrupt the flow 2 kg of feather dynamite


How does this writer get away with posting anything credible?

Animals on the uprise.

No more, humans.

Determined by free will.

Save our earth from true predators.

A life is a life,

a loss is a loss.

no one gives a toss

don’t matter who involved in the kill.

Overspill of copper coil excreting from a vulvic cave

Great expectations.

Pompei disaster – a necessary tragedy to inspire the seventh wave.

counting on all hands and fingers

I fear I’m not the only one.

canned laughter emerges in the background.

Playground vacant.

Trashed children abscond to the house occupied by Delirium’s son.

Emotion packs a punch in three

washing machine forgets it’s own no spillage codified key.

Rage -crimson flag.

Blood spill.

‘All hail the Spanish bull!’

Gunshots fired -the loss of the human cull.

Grief lapses in streams of nonsequential dreams.

it’s obvious what unravels when we are pulled at the seams.

Mind score.

Damp music sheets obscure the cup of the holy grail.

Green lights flash.

Don’t hesitate -before long you won’t be able to walk

it’s a condition in frail.

life and Death lie,  spooning- side by side,

build the bridge

equality in each parlour

you seek to ride.

Scared crows

murder the last heart blackened by holding on.

The injustice of the furies coup

bow your heads in shame,

You are not the only ones who suffer.

Time to sing a different song.



Gah! Judged by my handwriting. #ridiculous

It is actually the Ridiculous  ahem.. handwriting  tag.

Don’t know whether to be offended or…..

 What are you trying to say , Armani Imani ?  😀

I totally accept all things silly and not so SERIOUS- in my life. Laughter is for free.

I’m having my fill to go.

This is what happened. I get nominated by Imani @twentyonegramblog.

5 things you should know about Imani

  1. She may be the poshest bin lady I have ever met!  😉

  2. She  sends me songs of her singing and makes me feel like gravity has nothing on me.

  3. She  is an actual human blogger. I have contact with. 

  4. She is beautiful and she hardly doesnt knows it.

  5. Her  heart could be bottled up with the label ‘generous and loving’

  6. She has attitude, personality, brains, wit, a normal life, a beautiful family.

  7. We are blogger bestie soul mates.



2. Write your blog url

3. Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog
4. What are you writing with?
5. Draw your favorite emoticon
6. Write a silly message
7. Write who you want to tag…..HERE IT IS

cakeordeathsite What would you choose?     – Such a brilliant mind and when I want to explore someones mind – take it as a compliment. Have a feeling you don’t accept awards but whatever right??

 LOTTIE  @ BLOG BEHIND MY CHILD ABUSE PTSD MEMOIR< WRITTEN BY A BRAVE SURVIVOR-to help other sexually, physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually & ritually abused survivors xx      – Hard to read but does not mean this should not be read. Life is what it is. DON’T IGNORE DIFFICULT PROBLEMS IN OUR SOCIETY.

BROOKE @theutopiauniverse Hello, And welcome to my blog,my aim is to offer help,advice and teach ,great things into your life everyday !    Another wonderful soul who I support fully and she does the same for me. Muchos love

SIMPLY MARQUESSA Life is just a story. And I’ve got a pen.     Thank fuck you do. Drop it like it is hot, indeed!

Sweta Ojha A Personified Narrative : Defying Reality. Sketching Imageries.  – Souls sometimes connect and in this case I am honoured xxx  No hablo Espanol,  Hablo con mi corazón ❤

EDDAZRelationships, Love, Lifestyle, Poetry   When I think of E. I think of natures version of Ecstasy. That is how I feel when I read anything on her Blog.

LYNNE’S RECIPE TRAILS Delicious Foods and Tasty Indulgences  I know Lynne is an award free Blog but this is a Tag so it kind of different. Lynne is my 7th star because sometimes content is not the only thing to connect Bloggers. Communication, ,support and friendship is a good enough reason to stay connected.

NO BODY HAS TO DO THIS -OBVIOUSLY..   Just needed to do something ridiculous .



Thank you for making me smile.

“You would think that getting  married  to a fine man in three weeks time , a beautiful funny ,smart 4 year old daughter, a loving family and a lady with a lot going for her, could never be labelled or be entitled to feeling Depressed or stressed or Anxious-  This is not how Mental Health issues work. I try and over come my own illness symptoms by using healthy coping mechanisms. If you are going to give advice -don’t tell a person to shake themselves off. If you want to help -be productive and be smart and help with advising on healthy ways to cope” DAISY

I’ve tried pretty much all my coping skills to get me out of this slump. I won’t give up. I exercised my way out of a panic attack yesterday. Yes, I am meds but it takes time to kick in. I am not great with being patient.

I look at my daughter for strength, I try distraction techniques- these work for a time but the weight of these feelings come back and so every day  I put on my armour. Chant my mantra’s and enter the arena -ready for  another battle.

Each day- I don’t give in , I know that I am on my way to winning. I’m disciplining my mind. I am not giving up on  Hope.



My first quote for the three day quote challenge nominated by

The darkest fairytale-Rhymes that still exist from the reality of dark fairytales never told…. – I love her quote on her about page. I’m using it as my second.

“Poems can’t judge you for healing wrong but a therapist could.”

The darkest fairytale

My final quote:

“If you always look downwards you will always see a pavement of despair. If you lift your head up and always look around you and to the sky you will always have many directions to lead a life of every imaginable feeling that is indeed the skies limit “ DAISY

Today I am accepting all the Amaze-balls awards I have received of late.

I am doing everything in my power to shift this tug in my heart and this stake of sorrow that hits the spot and lands on point like the most graceful, macabre  Ballerina in all of Mine  kingdom.

Nominees  ( chosen for how they command emotion and the written word- I love their style of writing)



MiracleWings-Brave the darkness

THANK YOU FOR THE CHALLENGE.  The person who  inspired me to write my own quotes is  Jaqueline at a cooking pot and twistedtales Thoughts and Tales Etc..A Lifestyle Blog with a Zing» 


THANK YOU B.G. from GETTING THROUGH ANXIETY -A step by step process using practice   for :


Ouch, bee sting! What book did you find disappointing?

I was highly disappointed in ‘The Beautiful and Damned’
A Classic Novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I hated every single character and it made me re think my obsession with wanting to live  the ‘Roaring twenties’ era . 


It’s finally warm outside! What book made you want to read more than ever before?

So, I don’t really do reading outside. I get too distracted by the nature. I really enjoyed George Orwells ‘1984’ and I was hooked on the Y.A. novels ‘ The originals’ 


Shh! I’m getting a tan! What book did you find relaxing?

I don’t tend to read ‘relaxing books’  erm.. I suppose the last book I read that didn’t require too much thought was’ The Paris Wife’
Novel by Paula McLain. I found  and loved the depth to the characters and the reference to all the revolutionary readers and artistes that scrambled to Paris after World War one to make some sense of this new  world-post war. A surprisingly great read. 


Beach party! What book did you just find fun to read?

Again another classic. ‘ To kill a mockingbird’ by Harper  Lee- the language  used is just like taking a trip to another time. There are heavy themes addressed in the book but I love that the book is taken mostly from a child’s point of view. I loved that I was able to smile even in a book that addresses such heavy themes such a racism.


 Cannonball!! What book did you find surprising?

‘ I Am Pilgrim’
Novel by Terry Hayes – This book was written for my inner detective. So cleverly put together. So many twists and turns. I could NEVER have predicted the ending. A terrifying book because it could so easily happen in the world we live in. 


Mowing the lawn. What book did you find tedious?

I think that Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar’ does not live up to the hype. She is a fabulous poet and writer but the ‘Bell Jar’ left me  cold. I know it is probably one book I should relate most too – dealing with themes such as Mental illness but the hype around the book didn’t leave me with all I expected. Yes, I guess people surmise she was writing about her own Mental health issues and I find that to be the only interesting part of the book. It may be autobiographical.   It is not an awful book -just not epic -in my humble opinion.


So many beautiful flowers! What’s the most recent book you’re happy you picked to buy?

So far ,the one I am reading. ‘The Storm sister’ by Lucinda Riley. So far it has me hooked not to the point I can’t put it down but their is mystery, romance and  a look into the mind of a protagonist with a character  so unlike myself. 

download (2)



The Beauty of Words- Mastering social media, writing, and editing

SIMPLY ETTA D. -Inspiration for the Heart, Soul and Mind

toofullltowrite- I’ve started so I will finish

Anna-Life As A Bipolar Artist A place for venting, explaining, and maybe learning something

Laura- Hundred and Counting Every day is a writing day


THANK YOU TO Morgan- SIMPLY ETTA D. -Inspiration for the Heart, Mind and Soul




This is one of the reasons I love Etta’s Blog.

“I’ve learned from my mistakes, but I have no regrets. I use to regret my past wishing that I could go back and change it. But realised that it’s our past that has brought us to the point we are now in our lives; and changing anything in the past, changes everything in our present. With all it’s up and downs I wouldn’t wish give up anything that I have now. My faith gives me strength, my family keeps me grounded, my appetite for adventure keeps me going, and my heart makes me the woman that I am!”

ETTA D. (pen name)


  1. Daisy Willows unfortunately is not my real name. I wish it were.  It is my pseudonym .  

  2. I am not sure whether to tell you my real name or not. 

  3. I am complicated. 

  4. I wing it and tend to make it. 

  5. I wear my heart on my sleeve

  6. I have always been a rule breaker.

  7. I’m in love.


EDDAZRelationships, Love, Lifestyle

teleportingweena ~wandering through life in my time machine…you never know where it will stop next

The Daddy Blitz- Blogging about Family, Religion and Politics


LINDA G. HILLLife in progress


Finally a re- nomination froI SING THE BODY ELECTRIC-Refusing to let my past define my future- An abuse survivor specialising in female balls and badassery!

B.E.’s Blog captured in Music. She is a rule breaker. I think I have found my cosmic twin. We must never get together and discuss.. we may just start a revolution. Ha! Ha!



  1. I have a BA (hons) in the Arts and humanities – majored in ‘Advanced creative writing’ and ‘Myth in the Greek and Roman Worlds’

  2. I have lived in three continents – Africa- Europe and Americas

  3. I volunteer with Mental health charities.

  4. I have a foundation degree in Acting performance

  5. My cousin made me audition for the X  factor because she didn’t want to do it alone. I can’t sing at all.

  6. I think I am an introvert but I come to life in groups.

  7. People say I am witty and funny. 

  8. I love to dance

  9. my wedding is in three weeks time

  10. Music stirs my soul

  11. my real name is Natasha Sonia Bodley

I’m going to answer questions I would love others to ask me.  If you want to answer B.E.’s- The Body is Electric Blog questions instead click HERE 

  1. If You Could Live In A Book, TV Show Or Movie, What Would It Be?

I would love to live in the ‘Originals’ series . The Michealson family  are the epitome of cool of all the supernatural creatures. 

2. Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

Still married to the same dude, one or two more kids, a play wright and working in the community creatively with people with mental Health issues and getting paid to do it. 

3. If You Could Live Forever, How Would You Spend Eternity?

I would research every illness  to find a cure and I would also find the answer and fight for climate change. I would also get to watch my daughter and other kids and my grand children live. I would also visit all the libraries around the world and travel and eat good food.

4.In What Ways Do You Hold Yourself Back?

I am way too hard on myself. I think people think the worst of me.

5.What Was Your Dream Job Growing Up?

I wanted to to a criminal Psychologist and a Criminal lawyer.

6.If You Could Change One Law, What Would It Be?

I don’t do drugs any more but I still  would legalise all drugs. Crime would fall , the black market would not be as powerful and un controllable as it is and people would get the correct treatment. Less wars too and less lives lost.

7.What’s Your Greatest Achievement And How Has It Shaped You?

Everyday I push myself, is my Greatest achievement. Every day I make it to the end of the day and have done something I consider important and a goal achieved is my Greatest achievement. Each challenge I put in my way, shapes my character and gives me the courage to push myself in other ways. It  gives me inner confidence.

8.If You Could Master One Skill You Don’t Have Right Now, What Would It Be?

I wish I hadn’t stopped learning how to play the piano. I love the piano and I love the violin too. I would love to be an Orchestra conductor . I feel music and it looks like a pretty cool position to be. 

9. How Would Your Best Friends Describe You?

Honest, empathetic,strong willed, loving, witty and a pain in the ass. 

10.What Is “Home” To You?

Home is where I can see and smell the ocean. 

11. What Motivates You To Succeed?

Knowledge is power. 


CyberneticBlonde- Be kind to yourself 🌻

Life As A Bipolar Artist A place for venting, explaining, and maybe learning something. (Sorry Anna -double award nominations)


Fiction is Food- G. Jeffries

Insights From A Bipolar Bear



BABS! @Autumn Ambles Pursuing my Wandering Ways With Words….Thoughts and Reflections!

Pride in Madness

LYNNE’S RECIPE TRAILS Delicious Foods and Tasty Indulgences









I am going to try and do the June Photo a day challenge as much as I can with  the lovely B.G. of  Getting Through Anxiety-A step by step process -using practice   

She has given me an idea for a challenge I am working on possibly for July. So here is my


to thank B.G. for getting my own creativity firing.

It’s a present from my niece-to -be to her Uncle. It sums up  a topic which has been weighing on my mind for some time.

To expand our little family. I am quite terrified and compelled to do this as soon as possible. I will be 35 this year and well, my G doesn’t want to wait a couple of years.

I just put it down to him being horny. Ha!  😉

My B has grown up so quickly. Crept up like a Ninja.

I am aware it is memorial Day in the U.S of A. and I think this is the perfect time to express my feelings on Life  and what it means and entails.

B.G. I hope to be able to do as much of Junes challenge as I am able to.


Impress and undress #Socs


Impress me?

Want to know how? 

Impress me with your wit. 

I think how and the  way a man’s  mind works is what makes a person truly fit.

Do I have any illicit  fantasies?

Most of have been  taught and are somewhat  warped. 

Dare, I bare my skeleton of deeds,

I thought were indeed my true wanted realities?

Most  past fantasies have been impressed upon me by other men. 

Oh yeah , they had a way of challenging this  drunk ‘so up for it’ party girl hen.

Did you know slow pressure applied to the neck is great for kicks? 

Imagine my asphyxiation when I found out that these were life endangering  tricks.

Daisy,watch hard core porno with the women always being degraded.

Because of course I “want” to deep throat it ,choke and feel a sense of been invaded.

Lets take a trip to the Marque  de sades sex parlour.

Ooh  Daisy, Why don’t we try this alien like probing vibrator .

Only if you want to watch me turn into a frigid , monstrous snarler. 

Hey, lets  play some fucked up role play game, 

Where only one person knows the rules and  forgets and refuses to stop

even when I have howled in pain “our”   safe name.

Anal ?


I have a vagina.

If I wanted a constipation reliever

Believe me,

I doubt I would be asking for your one eyed  idle sloth to turn me into a anal believer.

So, Daisy  nothing to tell the press about your wildest fantasies?

My biggest one ?

is that I only need one to make me implode.

 It has to feel like I  have orgasm-ed for the first time.

Like that time when I  was 12 and I  felt the need explore.

My hand became the turner that knew ever trick to ask me to implore and go

” Please, Fucking more!”

Love making.



Skinny dipping by moonlight.

All  could potentially turn me on;

with the  right,

light touch of one  great Might. 

three in a bed ? 

I’m way too selfish to share a   man with plastic let alone another outcast  bed head.

Dominate me if you must.

but make sure you listen when I tell you to  shut the hell  up. 

When it’s my time to dominate,

you better be ready or let’s skip all the legalities and shred the pre  nup.

So what turns me on? 

A man who respects me. 

A man I trust to fully be.

So many adventures to be had,if I   feel  like we are on the same  kind of level.

Drunk sex makes non -sense. I have got to leave the spirits well alone- that turns me  into an eager to please false she devil.


Together forever.

Let’s join hands and go on an awesome journey.

Keep things lively with the least  amount of risking it becoming all Emo  mourny? 

Treat me like a woman and,

I will treat you like a man.

It’s only fair in our great sex,



adventure plan!




If you want to know  the truth ,

come to the source and once and for all  hush up this  bullshit, cosmopolitan  media  press.

THANK YOU TO LINDA FOR HER #SOCS – Always a great way to get me writing 🙂


“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “Press.” Find a word that starts with press-, ends with -press, or use “press” as a word all by itself. Have fun!”



To be as you like


To be or not to be.

I could have stopped right there

Today I choose to be.

This family in all fairness will grow and grow.

Hockey team?

Feeling like I do

 Score as many times as you like.



Surrogate needed?




Suffer we must

those who refuse to eat and instead are force-fed  chickens on a battery farm.


Cow or Bull?



Why do men get to enter and exit when they want?

Why do women only have the key to the chamber with the will to want to open or not…

Which is better?

I suppose both is just as fair.



‘Blue balls  isn’t  a medical condition

Alas,  if one must act this way,

A medical solution,

I have.


Used since the most ancient times.

 an Antarctican blast  of water


Ask any lunatic worth his marbles.

That one rolled right under the door.

Enough space for it  to peek.

Not so fair when we cheat.





Westerners sodomise.

How to end with a two-letter word?

 Shall I be a rebel and give not one but two fingers up to the rules?



splinters –

a wooden leg tries to stick his in one hand.

Running away – I don’t want to see red.


rather  break open the heavens

reveal yellow yolk hues


Crimson Fans snort in disgust

If I must

put a rose on the end and forevermore you  will  have my friendship,

on every level of schools, we enter.

You two?




or rather,

enter in to.



Who doesn’t love a good quote? Why  become part of #FollowGreatFootsteps Quote community? Bringing inspiring quotes into our conscious minds gives us the chance to try and adopt that quality …

Source: #FollowGreatFootsteps