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So far gone

These are my words. They are all I have.

Inner Mic O’pen Dictator


Have you ever been away from the open mic/talking public scene? Perhaps you’ve isolated yourself for too long … perhaps you’ve lost confidence?

Perhaps you mention your partial denture to people to ‘break the ice’.

Perhaps you doubt
Perhaps your inner dictator needs to get a few words off its chest, then you start reading a borderline poem about the time you broke up with your husband (in front of your husband & everyone in the audience…EEP!



I believe we all have an inner dictator waiting inside of us to be heard.

3min maximum slots are advised. ūüėÄ

Perhaps you have your say & think it will get easier another day.

Poem to follow…






Lavender sheep audio

WIP Like Cartharrt! Work in progress. I blame the lack of lavender smelling sheep for this.

Hashtag all “crazy” Words matter

I’ve been thinking about the words we ( I) use, (perhaps flippantly) at times. Without really thinking about the meaning of what we say to describe a person.

An example?


My 8 year old daughter uses this word to describe anything / any person who seemingly comes across as alien or eccentric to what she doesn’t understands about people’s behaviour & words.

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And in the end -spoken word

Sometimes you need a lot of distractions to keep your thoughts silent. :D. I do.

#writetorecover #creattostaysane

Brrrisk it –

This is audio recorded experimental monologue in two parts that depict the impact Brexit /welfare reform has on one woman with severe mental health issues trying to keep things together and on hold to talk to someone about ¬†(I don’t know) her benefits being stopped. Or her having to go ¬†& be questioned on intimate & embarrassing issues to prove she is ill in front of someone¬†probably not qualified¬†in complex¬†mental health issues. It’s my story. ¬†ūüėÄ I am making the assumption .lol. This was an experiment (essentially scene one) ¬† as sometimes I can’t type or write so I record and act out an improvised piece. I have always been able to create characters in my mind and act them out. My¬†daughter does the same thing. THERE IS AS GENE FOR MY PECULIARITIES? Gulp.

(the recording is not great quality-its the concept I am more interested in and how I  can use it to create a piece of work that means something to me and has some relevance to the community I live. Theatre and social issues equal a match made heaven.

IN yer face drama ( this isn’t) Brechtian? (elements later on if this ever is finished) Kitchen sink drama? It’s not glam, is it… I would love to an SFX of her peeing or on the toilet having a number ¬†2 when someone becomes available down the job centre or something. It needs a ton of work.

To digress ( briefly)

Going into my own world was my first addiction. I would disappear and create dramas and stories to escape from my real life. I started doing it when I was 5 years old and stopped when I was 15.

For this character ( loosely based on me and other people¬†I’ve seen go through a breakdown in mental /social health) I used repetition in the characters dialogue. Iand I think that the character doing everyday chores- cleaning, making her bed contrasts with the chaos that is unravelling from the hinges in her mind. There would need to be more backstory. It needs a lot of work but I think the government should hold their heads in shame. I will always fight for justice and whatever I write.

Different actress. It’s an interesting technique¬†to use when you have writer’s block. ¬†Like my “poetry” ( borderline) is organic¬†and raw so is my approach to creating¬†characters.

I didn’t study for a postgraduate degree for any other reason but to make sense of what was happening in my life. And¬†writing became my life. I had forgotten how much¬†I have written over the years.

So it’s rubbish ¬†QUALITY WISE( not the idea) it needs loads of work.¬†I love the Vivaldi in the background ( in a theatre it should drive people nuts) but its better suited for an audio¬†play or radio script because of¬†it feels oppressive, we don’t know what the character¬†( not me anymore) is going to do next. WI.

God job I write for myself¬†and not to please other people.Though¬†I enjoy being an instigator of some one’s happiness.

I could start¬†my final year in October. I’m enjoying learning about writing about music¬†and engaging with people in a different way. It’s not the world of academia. And I m loving my little fashion career. I get work with my mom. And I’m happy. I’m happy that I can still write. I know I was a better writer at one point. My grandad was a self-made millionaire- ¬†twice and poverty¬†stricken ¬†twice

I don’t write pretty cos the world not preettty.¬†It’s fascinating and terrifying and all-consuming, fleeting, dull,

I’m done writing…

I feel ok.


wabi -sabi disambiguation (audio version)

This is my latest ,warped experiment with using GarageBand and sound effects/ free samples and my words and voice. WAHEY!

‘Word ?’


Ha ha!

Musing of the day:

If the birds are still flying. Your world is not over … yet.  Keep  on living and be yourself.

Flowers of Evil?

The willows have found Flowers of evil ūüėÄ

What better way to merge a post with my love of poetry & music with an experimental fondue such as this. If you love this track ¬†(taken from Ciani’s Lixivation album), ¬†then like me you will want to hear her EP drop this ¬†July 2019.

I’ve never heard of Suzanne ¬†Ciani until today, ¬†& I’ve not read much about Charles Baudelaire ( the controversial French poet) who produced the famous work ‘Elevation’. A ¬†work divided into 6 parts. It is deemed a contributing work to the symbolism & modernist movement in the early 1900s. ¬†Charles was a huge¬†part of-of the symbolist movement which believed in depicting¬†art metaphorically, using wordplay and allowing¬†more fluidity¬†in writing poetry.

POETRY doesn’t have to rhyme.

This opened up a new platform for free verse poets.

They wished to portray an object not as it appears but how it affects the senses. The basic technique of show, not tell  also translated many of Edgar Allan Poes works into French.

Across the pond to ¬†the America’s ¬†we have

Suzanne Ciani ( musician, composer, sound engineer, record label executive who predominantly creates Avante Garde electronic music . f you are into Boards of Canada or Aphex you might be into her music.

Suzanne Ciani uses a (previously unheard) sample from one of Baudelaire’s 4 part of his ¬†Elevation works, ‘Fleurs de Mal’, in her new track ( release date June 2019) This is the exact kind of stuff I love. had more time I’d do more messing about

She has recently  been compared to  the legendary Serge Gainsbourg ( another musician inspired by Charles Baudeliueres works)

Click on the link to hear a sample of ¬† unreleased Suzanne Ciani’s Fleur de Mal¬†HERE

It starts with the intro of Baudelaire’s ‘ELEVATION’ ¬† Check out the English translation at the end of this post)

√Čl√©vation by Charles Baudelaire from Don Yorty on Vimeo.

So what do flowers represent in symbolism?

Since ancient Greek times, they have represented peace and happiness in the afterlife &  of course, they are also often seen as a symbol of life &  hope .

So what do the flowers of evils mean to Charles Baudelaire’s? He wasn’t speaking of women from my google search. Apparently he would refer to females as a dead animal carcass (as an example). Make of that what you will…

The closest meaning could be that even in beauty there is evil or ugliness or even sorrow and pain.

Either way, I love music, experimental works of art, flowers, symbolism, spoken word, the French language & taboo subjects like Erotism and decadence. Haha!


Above the ponds, above the valleys,
Mountains, woods, clouds, and seas,
Beyond the sun, beyond the heavens,
Beyond the confines of starry spheres,
My spirit, you roam with agility,
And, like a good swimmer bracing the waves,
You soar happily into profound immensity
With exquisite male delight.
Fly, far away from these noxious surroundings;
And cleanse yourself in the pure air above,
And drink, the clear fire that fills lucid spaces,
As you would a pure and divine liqueur.
Behind the nuisances, and the vast chagrins
Amassing with their weight our bewildering existence,
Happy is he who can with a vigorous wing
Propel towards the luminous and serene realms;
He whose thoughts, like larks,
Free, in the morning take flight,
‚ÄĒ Hover over life, and understand with ease
The language of flowers and silent things!


G.O.A.T. track of the day

Today’s collaboration¬†is narrated by British actress, Maxine Peake (Shameless) and ¬†(former guitarist for Morrissey¬†& co-songwriter for the band ‘the Smiths’ ) Johnny Marr.

The video & lyrics were inspired by former BIG ISSUE, Jo Gallagher’s (magazine vendor/seller )own experiences¬†of being homeless in Edinburgh¬†from 2105 until he went on to find full-time employment.

I discovered this brilliant spoken word, experimental soundscape, kitchen sink noir mash-up when I was editing  Act two for a stage play script I wrote about covering themes of Homelessness, relationships, legal highs & the state of the nation today in the U.K.

It appeals to me as it is raw & humorous. I am a firm believer in using my sense of humour in life to get me through dark moments.

It gives a bigger perspective of the idea that homeless people are just addicted or lazy people who don’t want to work.

If anyone has read the book by (pen name) George¬†Orwell or Eric¬†Blair ¬†‘Downtown in Paris and London’ – a biographical ¬†account of Orwell’s own decision to turn away from his privileged lifestyle & live rough as a “tramp”,¬†in a passionate attempt to be taken seriously as a writer in his lifetime. He was a radical.

We can see how our views in over a century about “tramps” are seriously¬†misunderstood in a social, cultural & Historical Context

Like Orwell’s¬†book ‘ The priest’ uses a common writing technique by adopting the register¬†of the characters narrated about in the video.

Here is a bit of context

A few months ago I was on my way to see my doctor & I was standing at the traffic lights waiting to cross the road. A (homeless)  couple had made a sign stating

WE ARE HOMELESS -We will wash your car for money or food. We want to work.

When I was homeless (couch) I used my last bit of money and bought a one-way ticket to go and live with my (now deceased) Aunt in Barcelona for 3 months.

Homelessness doesn’t have to mean you are on the streets. Homelessness is also about couch surfing, temporary accommodation, hostels.

It is not easy getting off the streets. Trust me. I have done the research. Red tape issues are huge obstacles ( to name but one).




Spoken. Word!

Write  to recover and then perform to recover. ;D

I’m moving forward again.

‘Fight the good fight’ as Charles Bukowski said.

Go big or go home.

The video isn’t great quality but I’m. sharing it more to reaffirm to myself that I have just as much to bring and give as the next person.

Something I jotted down last night. I’ver ¬†lived in big cities and ¬† many ¬†small towns in different countries ¬†(maybe some people can relate) and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m done trying to show others (especially people who live in small towns) ¬†I too have my own ideas and share similar interests etc‚Ķ

It doesn’t mean I’m better or anyone else is better than me ¬†It means I am ¬†who I am and the world is bigger than where I currently live.

I’ve been looking for a genre for the kind of poetry I do. I couldn’t find anything that I fit into. So I introduce ‘in yer face ‘poetry. ¬† Inspired by ‘in yer face’ theatre. ¬†That’s me and that is how I write and I’ve found a niche and I finally feel okay. with not being everyone’s favourite read ¬†or person. ¬†ha ha!

IN YER FACE POETRY Р first coined by me, Daisy Willows  aka Natasha Bodley Рtaking 100% full credit for it.  ha ha!


My definition of in yer face poetry 

‘ poetry that is blatant, honest, provocative ,emotional and not pretty or fancy or written to hide reality.




‘ Don’t be disappointed if you get rejected especially if you have made an effort to fit in. Farms are driven by human chains to contain. It’s highly unlikely that an animal bred to serve will accept you , especially if you are an animal who was born in the jungle or the savannah. Adapt , be resourceful and keep your spirit wild and free.

March to the beat that allows you to walk side by side with others, to lead others, be led ¬†or walk alone. Acceptance is but one way you feel secure and shouldn’t be a reason to stay in one place.

Remember those who wander and drift out of their comfort zone will always find kindred souls who get the idea that acceptance can be found in those who know security comes from within. Choose to roam and meet other spirits who remind you why you live life

. Don’t stick around waiting for people to get you or accept you. Keep moving and you will never be far from those who accept your different attitude, culture and traditions.

Embrace the misfits . They are the most intriguing and loyal spirits who will make an effort to teach you their ways and be as eager to understand your ways.’


 Daisy willows

The one word summary  to the above is this.

ROSA park

  Thanks to those who have been so supportive.

I’m still a newbie at doing open mic but what a great crowd and I’m so honoured to have had a chance to share a space with so many incredibly talented singers, comedians, poets/artists ¬†who welcomed ¬†this blooming weed into their little home and embraced me like a friend who had been away travelling.

Apologies for the poor quality video. Will try and upload a better one but tbh all you see is the back of me ha ha!  Not very exciting.


Sabali wabi sabi

Does it need to be said ?

Because the Media makes you think your make up is inappropriate

If you are horrified to ask Google for mental health support.

You know I‚Äôm hear to tell it‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ää(once )‚Äôfor a cause not for an applause‚Äô

To avoid the pariah of your mind.

Who you are is important for your wellbeing

Beautiful you are because of your malaise.

Its about what you think

A unique template for peace of mind.

Alone-thoughts are you,

And yours together.

Others’ opinions must dance alone with their shadows.

Fathoming the world is relative to your state

Your kind.

Diagrams and graphic diagnostics aren‚Äôt ‚Äúnormal‚ÄĚ

Natural ?!


Merely for inferences and academic utterances.

Your Beauty is personified by playful events racing around your head.

Love it like you love…

…another human


Those who have numbers and words yet can’t calculate when there’s enough unsaid.

Needs are experiences.

Feelings are needs…

Interpret the world through the vessel of your spirited Self .

When skies hang drably

Do you dazzle because you can see a scattered horizon of hope‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääas a possibility¬†?

When the Others tether connections

Tumble into an abyss ‚ÄĒ

Can you see their limits ?

Step back.

Allow them to be.

Is your world subject to scrutiny because of how you interpret human nature?

Do you deviate from society’s accusations of what is the trending status quo?

What if the box you live in is… outside?

What if you build a bridge?

Bearing a cross

Over to acceptable taboos ?

Breath prescribed by an arched smile.

Diagnose yourself Beautiful- because of your laments .

Before time becomes an absolute Obsession

Forecasting the outcome to the finale to the play of ‚ÄėThis is your Life‚Äô.

Take moments to repose.

Free yourself from the expectation

To be your career,

To win over the Marvel comic genderless hero.

Deprecate your expectations to finance your inner Happiness resources.

This entity is inside your realm of Consciousness‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Äärestless

Trodden and stamped into a standing pose.

Moments of reflection pace

Forwards then backwards


Are you what you want to be?

Can you begin a journey if you don’t understand where you are at?

Certainly living up to some other lifer’s calculation should…

Pause your being into a statuesque introspection.

To dismiss your guttural instincts will unravel you at the seams‚ÄĒ out-thread you out of your very own mind.

Success comes from mapping out your own directions.

Hopeful-to wake up to another day of understanding ‚ÄėThis is your Life‚Äô.

Your ability to comprehend, foreshadows your failed attempts to claw out of the darkest pit.

Sounds of the ocean lap to your melody.

Nothing that you feel about Today

Can conceive the trembling murmurs cut off from the guillotine of your Sanity.

In all of your figurements…are you determined to act out your suicide because you fear your inability to state your arousel ?

Who you are

Is that wrong?

Thoughts pre empt if everything is filled in with Leftism

Resist apologising

Dismiss you have the good view!

Change your world


Refuse every thing

That threatens your Passions ‚ÄĒ

That provokes beta beatings whistling out of tune.

Precious notions find a sense of disambiguation before the matter resolves itself.

Do you tell others to respond to what you fail to question?

Where is the perversity in watching the death of your inner Flinch‚Ää‚ÄĒ‚Ääto conclude this delusion¬†?

What if you won’t be the canvas that contains an abstract spectrum fading you out of very own Self¬†?

Look on at those who shrink into their frames bled of every shade of hues

Is this what you want?

(Image sourced from SHADOWPLAY DESIGN )