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It takes one


Well, more like a teeny show and tell.

First, a picture/quote, if I may?





‘Not only do they still colour ,I know your Mama said no playing with Fire;
but melted crayons- create wax.
Wax and vinyl  a bit of funk and soul- create music.
Music brings hearts together.
Hearts all bleed the same colour.
The last time I checked we all have one.
Learn to Live and Love and Forgive.
May your soul be filled with peace and be happy.’





I am obsessed with this new series.

The Get Down.



It has soul, funk, wax, vinyl, Afros,disco balls, Cadillacs¬†, good music, comedy, great editing, great acting, dialogue, sexiness and ¬†drugs ¬†( when it was still cool cos we didn’t know any better) and that kind of shizzle….

I’m in love with the Wordsmith- well my ¬†inner teenage self is.¬† There are so many traits of his I want to blend with a character I am working on, in my creative writing studies.

¬†In the second episode:Flash &the fantastic four (plus one) are Inspired by ¬†one of the ¬† hottest D.J. mixers, in Manhatten, has to propose before he will teach them more about ¬†learning to mix music, on two turntables, and get all scratchy ( it is set in the ¬†late 70’s era ) –

They have 24 hours to figure out what a purple crayon has to do with mixing music that even today, still, inspires  the global music culture .

Shout outs and expressing my gratitude  to follow in my next post/s.

Sunday, We are heading to Scarborough on the coast of England -somewhere.



This is my happy dance ‘cos let’s face it I am 100% QUACKERS!

I will make No apologies.





Lion speaks tonight.


 The Lion- King of the animals.

I would like to point out what happens to a lion when a human uses it as a toy. I will use this example of my child’s favourite and retired best friend Mr Lion as evidence and as some kind of metaphor to ponder on.

I would show you a before picture but he is extinct. I’m not joking. The company who I bought ‘Mr Lion’ from have stopped making the one lion my daughter adores. These ¬†graphics are ¬†disturbing. Please look away now if you hate to see an animal harmed.




We all read the news, watch it. I’m kind of assuming most of you have heard of Cecil the lion ? A protected Lion who got killed by that dentist –Walter Palmer?¬†

Try and read this without your  triggering your rage button


It is legal in most countries to kill a lion or any other animal as long as you have a permit and a licence.

 It is legal to lure  an animal/ lion like Cecil from his protected home to kill him/her. 

It is legal  to kill a lion or other animal who has a radio transmitter collar

One lion out of how many?

It is estimated that there are only 30 000 Lions left in the world. I thought there was like a million.

Every other week there is a new picture on social media and in the news  of some proud fucked up moron posing with his/her rifle and dead animal prize.

If you had to ask me what my most favourite super power would be right now, I would say voodoo.

So what’s and who is driving this trade of TROPHY KILLING?

The Safari club international.¬†¬† –

“is the leading voice in the fight to protect our freedom to hunt, both in the United States and internationally”

They are the organisation who protect the hunters vital role in hunting rights.  They cover up their murdering of millions of animal under the guise of conservation and education.


Full Definition of conservation

  1. 1:  a careful preservation and protection of something; especially :  planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction, or neglect

  2. 2:  the preservation of a physical quantity during transformations or reactions

S0, their mission statement is based on the idea that people paying to  kill animals will under write wild life conservation .

It doesn’t take a lot of using the grey matter in our heads to see that by encouraging people to hunt big animals, like the lion, does nothing but endanger these species.



Look at it this way:

how many points would you get killing a fish?

How many points and kudos  would you get  killing the king of all animals?

So today my name is Sully(by name and nature) .

My Pa got me into hunting at a young age.I felt a sense of camaraderie  .

He introduced me to the SCI and every time I killed I got more and more of a buzz.

The Safari club international is worth billions of dollars. People pay thousands to be a part of this camaraderie to hunt and kill

Sully, see’s an advert¬†¬†on the SCI ¬† magazine.

WORLD HUNTING AWARD – kill 250 animal species and you will get this award.

Sully, (me ) thinks – wicked! I’ve already killed over 150 species – 100 more and ¬†I will be glorified for it.¬†

I quit my job and dedicate my time to my hobby.

6 months later,

I receive¬†a special ring made of semi precious stones and diamonds. I am given a glitzy event in honour of my name, pictures are ¬†taken, hands ¬†shook. I’ve ¬†become a celebrity in the hunting world. ¬†People want to learn my hunting techniques.


I’m now as famous as Walter Palmer. So¬†what if he was struck off the SCI membership ¬†list for killing Cecil. He ¬†is now a member again because the person that got the rap for killing Cecil was his guide!

download (1)

Yup, you read that right. Well, it is Zimbabwe where it occurred. Not exactly a country known for their humanness towards even their own people.

I’m ¬†impressed. ¬†(Sully) – I want to know more about Walter Palmer’s agenda

“What is all this about?”

I hear that their is a new trophy award for killing what is known around the world as the ‘big five’ -all found in South Africa.

  • Lion

  • Southern white Rhino

  • Cape town buffalo

  • Elephant

  • Leopard

I start chatting with another SCI member and I hear about this conference being held in Las Vegas..

I end up going.

I go back home inspired and full of passion. I’ve been given tips on how t o ‘Plan and design’ my trophy room .


I loved the session of ‘my first African safari’ – I’m ¬†off to the trophy killing ,safari clothing store to buy my gear.

SULLY ,IS HUNTER (pounds his fist to his chest).

I’m going to kill a lion the exact way Walter killed Cecil. I’m going to get my bow and arrow, aim and shoot, leave him to suffer over night and then in the morning like a boss I am going to kill him.. ¬†-Oh and I’m going to cut off his head. I need to make sure that the logistics part ¬†of getting his head back home is in place….¬†

What was that  taxidermists number that Chris  cock- face  gave me?


People like the humane animal society have tried to to toughen up laws and permits. They have tried to get hunters to prove that the animals they want to import are already a healthy population of species.

The humane society demanded that people who use money to hunt do so for a reason that serves wild life and true conservation.  Although this never happened in Walter Palmers case.

 I do applaud airlines like Air France who refuse to import or export a poached animals.

Back to Sully.

Sully is now in Africa. kitted out,ready to “hunt” just for kicks. His cog wheel in his brain starts turning

“I don’t want to hunt some pussy female. I want to fight a male. It’s all about me and my equal. I am a man he is a man – Survival of the fittest. My genes and sperm and livelihood is more important than yours.”


 I, Sully kills the leader of the  pack. A new leader is needed pronto. Male cubs fight for the prize ,killing each other to be the number one new king. This does not bode well for the social dynamics of the lions. We have legal and illegal poachers killing   our lion and then the pack is forced to turn each other.



It’s kind of a ¬†no brainer.

Africa relies on the eco tourism and hunting trade to bring in revenue to the country. The debate is you can’t have both running along side. ¬†If all the big, exciting animals are hunted and killed there will be no ¬†incentive for people to travel to Africa. All they will need to do is watch a documentary to get the same effect.

So what is the solution?

We can let a few elite hunters pay off African countries under the guise of boosting their economy.  This seems like a quick fix .

It is.


The solution I am pro for is educate Africa about how eco tourism in the long term can boost the economy for these countries.  How will this kind of tourism look like.

Picture a big animal.

FZcI8if (1).jpg

A camera


and possibly a flash.

Shoot with your camera.

End of story!



The face of Disappointment

 Life Update:

First day down with Blogging Challenge A-Z  Рoh yeah, baby!

It was hard finding out about what animals go through but I followed through and stayed true to my beliefs and my style of telling it, how I see it. Only 25 more days to go.



I’m the cow that jumped over the sun and the moon because today I got my pack to train to become an online moderator with #SickNotWeak.¬†

I found out that the Eating disorder group I was hoping to have made some progress with is not happening until at least Autumn. Spring has now turned to Autumn -these things happen?


That’s just the way life rolls sometimes


I have a lot of ambition and there are too many people with Eating disorders who need help and support form each other, in the place I live. I’m a woman on a mission.




What I  mean to say is this:

¬†I can only ¬†be myself! I don’t and won’t ever want to be anybody but me.There is ¬†no better way to be.

Looks like I made a major faux pas a few weeks ago. It has to do with this blog of mine . I’ve got a meeting coming up. My views are wanted, so I can only go in with an open mind and hope to get some kind of clarification on my role ,if any ,I play on the path I am currently on .

I know how to speak up for myself and I also am not afraid to put my hands up and say I am wrong when/if I am.


I have so many other opportunities to look forward to. I can’t wait to share them with you.

I’ve got loads of research to do for zeeeeeeee challenge. I’m making lots of lovely connections with fellow bloggers.

I’ve had epic work outs

ZEEEEEEEEEEEEE vedding is merely weeks away. My mother is my angel and fairy Godmother. She is making sure my wedding day is going to be unforgettable. I have my Nan and my Uncles in Miami who want to help out in whatever way they can and I am blessed.

Life can change in an instant. I know. I live my life. It may seem shit and like you are making mistakes and feel like a bad person or whatever is going on in your life but usually life changes for a reason and it is up to you to decide how you are going to play that change.


My ¬†Nan has bought my Bella Bee her dress for the wedding. We get a date night on Saturday. ¬†ūüėÄ


So that’s it really……

Have an Epic weekend.


Pearl fishing

‘Pearls do not lie on the sea shore if you desire one you must dive for it’ – Chinese proverb

I have lost my courage lately, I found this proverb. My volunteering life with HEALTHY MINDS¬†picks up again next week. I will be doing a workshop on Monday, in front of a lot of volunteers who work with vulnerable families; to help raise their awareness of the stigma against mental health. I then start a two-out four-day training course starting on facilitating groups and workshops. ¬†I’m also pushing myself to re-edit an article for one of the newsletters ¬†I sometimes contribute towards. I’m also 12 weeks away from getting married!

It is okay to be scared and nervous. I won’t ( and you too mustn’t)let temporary fears get in the way of my ambitions and passion.

Take it day by day. I ¬†find my lack of courage and confidence comes when I live in the future of ‘ shoulda’s and ‘couldas.

I am sure many of you can relate to this proverb. Let us go out with a bold stride and a sense of determination today :0

(Quote sourced from  Pinterest )