I have a playsuit outfit I bought back in in 2009. I have loads of clothes I can experiment with but  alot of the times I fall back on wearing this playsuit. Why? Because if it feels tight around the middle I punish myself by letting it affect my entire mood and day. Then there are days when the playsuit is loose around the middle. My mood is up. Everything I do is with full energy.

 I have a pair of old skinny jeans I have had for years. When they feel loose, I feel attractive. I feel confident. When they feel tight. I’m can’t focus on other tasks 100%. My thoughts being pre-occupied with negative feelings of my own body image.

I used to wear loads of make- up. My main mission with make up these days is either to look as natural as possible. So no foundations but plenty of primers and corrector creams to get rid of dark  under eye shadows and green creams to blur out any redness. When I play up my eyes, I feel sexy and I like how my eye colour stands out. Sometimes I go for a bright splash of Orange or pink lipstick and I feel unique and present myself as a confident person

When I don’t wear makeup I feel at peace and chilled.  I’m not too bothered if people see me without make up on but  if I am going out for the day my ego always says ‘well if you don’t put some colour on, you will be invisible to people’. Invincible is not a feeling I want to feel –ever. It is always flattering when to be noticed.

I have a beautiful engagement ring that was passed down to me from my great grandmother- it is 1940 style – very in your face. It makes me feel important and I feel better about my status. I wear bangles and necklaces. I try not to over accessorize I feel that looks tacky or I somehow can’t pull off that look.

How can our mood affect what we wear? This is what I have found by researching.

People with a low a mood usually lack in being able to produce enough of the chemical SEROTONIN

A chemical in the brain that affects peoples moods. People who have are depressed tend to have  poor body image and tend to wear baggy clothes, jeans – or to grab whatever doesn’t require too much thought.

Colour Psychologists believe that what you wear particularly, what colour you wear can have a massive impact on how you feel. Colour and even texture can alter the chemical and mood in your brain.

” strong link between clothing and mood state suggests we should put on clothes that we associate with happiness, even when feeling low”


An interesting question is, Why are baggy clothes linked with depressed emotional state and dresses and jewellery linked with a happy or positive emotional state

Research on the affect clothes have on mood gives insight into how we can improve our moods and improve positive body awareness.“clothes impact strongly on how we feel and may also influence how we think Pine said. “It suggests we should give more thought to what we wear and even dress for happiness, irrespective of how we are feeling. If we knew more about which clothes could lift a person’s mood perhaps there’d be less need for anti-depressant medication.” Pine- a bold statement.

The study mentions that ‘happy’ clothes include well-cut, figure-enhancing items made from bright and beautiful fabrics,” Heathman said.  When we don’t like what we wear, we focus on it throughout the day. It takes away the focus from the daily tasks that are important—work, relationships, family. A woman should walk out of the door and not have to think about what she’s wearing for the rest of the day. You’d be amazed at how much mental energy is exhausted pondering about how we look.”

I will agree with this. If I have put on a t-shirt or a dress and decided, I will wear it not matter how self-conscious or uncomfortable I feel. I can’t give my full attention to other aspects of my life. What I wear has a huge impact on my mood and vice versa.

‘Enclothed cognition” –which is to do with what we wear and our self-perception gives an insight into how we see ourselves through the medium of clothes.

This short clip explains in ‘layman’s terms’ the power that different types of clothing can have a massive impact on how we think and behave.

How can certain types of clothing relate to certain moods?

A great analogy is if you want to feel like wonder woman then you have to make an effort get your ‘super hero’ bling on –ditch the day to day comfy clothes and go out feeling empowered.

Jean Otte and Rosina L. Racioppi mentioned their book WOMEN Are Changing the Corporate Landscape: Rules for Cultivating Leadership Excellence.

“Clothing significantly influences how others perceive you and how they respond to you.”

So what you wear can appear to influence how successful you are seen and can become.

Car manufacturer Kia conducted an independent survey for the launch of their  Kia Soul car –The survey queried what makes a woman feel confident. The findings were


  1. A new haircut

  2. A sunny day

  3. Walking in heels

  4. Learning a new skill

  5. Booking a holiday

  6. Shaved legs

  7. Lipstick

  8. Glowing tan

  9. Little black dress

So from this study over half of the confident boosting things relating to body image.

Imagine you wake up, it’s windy, raining, your car is in the shop for repairs. Instead of grabbing, a raincoat and wellingtons there are other elements that can influence your choice of clothing.

You may ask yourself

What I am I planning to do today?

Who am  I going to meet today?

A huge question you may ask yourself is

What mood am I in?

People who work in the colour psychology sector believe that different colours of clothing have an influence on our different feeling. They believe that colors can affect and mirror your mood,,15461.

Do different colours affect your mood? Perhaps, yes, to some extent. There is a lot of controversy around colours affecting mood. One reason is because certain colours in different cultures man/symbolize different things

For a more in depth take on what colours and how wearing, certain colours may influence our thoughts, behaviours and actions


I try and  not wear an outfit entirely made up of the shade of black because I know this is a colour people wear to appear ‘slimmer’. I am the kind of person who will wear bright clothes to challenge my thinking and if I see a picture of me in colourful clothing; in my head I think that what I see is not an illusion and a trick of using a colour to make me appear slimmer. This has an impact on how I see my body and it can make or break my day.


The best time to choose what to wear is in the morning- our serotonin levels renewed, the brain can flex its muscles, after a good nights sleep. It is ready to work. I tend to weigh myself early in the mornings as soon as I wake up. I know the scales will likely be lighter than if I weigh myself later in the day and this guides me as to what I will wear and how I see my body.

The big question is:

What affects how we feel? – Our clothing or our feelings?

“Often people transfer negative emotions onto their clothing,” Dr Tombs says. “If they go on a date and it doesn’t go well, they want to direct the negative feelings towards an object rather than themselves.” A piece of clothing is the ideal scapegoat.

I have a gorgeous purple 1960 dress that my ex bought me for my 30th. It is a beautiful dress and I have tried to wear it many times but I don’t feel right in it. I feel I look fat and unattractive. Certain feelings I associate with that relationship come to the forefront of my mind. This plays havoc with myself perception of what I think I look like in that dress.

When I  finally split up with ex I threw away his clothes because it was my way of cutting our connection. I’ve also done this with clothes I associated with being at certain weight

‘The reason emotions become strongly associated with clothes in this way is connected with memory’, Dr Tombs says.

“Clothes almost work like photographs: they bring back memories of a moment in your life. Some people have clothes from their teens and many people keep their wedding dresses, even though they will never wear them again. These clothes have such significance to them they couldn’t throw them away.”

“If you were absolutely rational they are just pieces of fabric, but people feel they love certain clothes because they make them feel a particular way.”


Image consultants actively encourage clients to wear clothes that make them feel good all the time.

The saying “When you look good, you feel good” seems to be their motto.

Sometimes I wake up feel like crap. I usually pick something that is colourful and I take time to put on my make-up and usually wear a bright colour lipstick. I do find that most of the time I have done this my mindset changes from a negative to a positive

That’s it so what do you think?


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