shout out to new Flowers :)

“today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday and all is well” -DALE CARNEGIE -(writer  1888-1955)

Today I’m going to combine an awesome quote I have recently heard and I want to  give shout out  to all the new flowers I have met  since last week Thursday.  Thanks for  hanging out in my neck of the woods 🙂

I’ve chosen  the above  quote because there is no better time than NOW to focus on and do what you want to do.  Today I wanted to take time to pause and reflect. I want to share my gratitude in the only way I know how – to write .

This is the second group shout out I  have done.


There is now a shout out section on my blog. I will add the individual shout outs I have done when I have more time ( 24 hours in a day and all that)  So I will put whatever post I had in mind to write today, in the back of my head,  to say

Hello Flowers 🙂



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 I will spend later on today catching up with my friends old and new. If I still have a bit of energy left in me I will try and blog too .

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Why do it?
Who doesn’t love a good quote?

Bringing inspiring quotes into our conscious minds gives us the chance to try and adopt that quality we love in an inspirational person”

Love Daisy  ❤ ❤ ❤ 








Get Creative

Monday has  automatically become awesome when  the word creativity is put before or after the M -word.

I’m really excited to go down to my local radio station- PHOENIX RADIO and learn a bit about recording pieces of audio. I touched on this in one of my modules at college – I had to write, produce and cast a radio play. I did an adaptation of one of the scenes from the movie ‘Natural Born Killers’.

The most fun I had was putting the SFX – sound effects in.

I also got to act in another colleagues radio play. It is a place I felt quite comfortable acting.

CREATIVE MINDS – a charity I’ve yet to do anything with yet will be hosting this workshop. It will also give volunteers like myself the opportunity to get to know more about the CREATIVE MINDS PROJECT.

I know that I  thrive in creative environments so I have been looking forward to today.

I have a couple of ideas I want to thrash out and hopefully by the end of today I will have something as opposed to nothing. 


Yeah, it can be scary getting yourself out there and of course I want to be a credit to whatever I get involved in.

So to all of you who are trying new things today. Be it a

  • Job

  • Course

  • Diet change

  • new driving route

  • sport/gym

  • Moving home

  • Date

  • new holiday destination

  • new school

The list is endless.

It’s okay to feel nervous and scared. I may not come across as a nervous and scared person but I too am just a human being, I feel the nerves too. I have my own way of dealing with nerves.

I’m going to learn or expand on  my learning, give my time and possibly talk about future plans.

I’m trying not to expect too much. I think that is the key..

Being scared and anxious is normal. Meeting or working with new people can be daunting. It’s not a bad feeling to have.

In my experience when I have these feelings, especially when I am doing something different,I see these feelings as a positive . It reminds me that I care about what I am going to do and it tells me I am passionate about whatever it is I am going to do.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to be successful and to want to  have the ability to learn new skills and be credited for them.

All these skills and things we do make a great base for what we set up for ourselves in the future. We may not know what is going to happen in the future.

That is cool too.

What is important is that you never stop developing your skills and you never stop working on yourself.

You never know what it may lead to and who it might help.

Sometimes just your presence can be seen as support for whatever it is you sign up for or do.

Give yourself credit for the space you rightfully take up in your world.

A lot of the times what you do has a huge impact on helping others who are doing something new too.


The best way I can  explain this is

I’m going to this workshop today. I may or may not think I will be useless. I don’t know much about this project.

How long it has been running.

If it is a new idea or project that someone has put together to see if something creative and productive can come out of it.

Using myself as an example.

If I don’t put myself out there and engage I may never know what could happen.

I may be the only person who turns up.

I’m NOT saying this is the case in this situation but I want you to see how important you and your presence  is in the world you live in.

Don’t be afraid of creativity.


There is no way you can get creativity wrong. What is creative to one person may not be to another.

That is the beauty of it.

Have an epic day.

Try be creative in whatever you do. I am going to have a bath after gym. I may sing in the bath.

I’m being creative.

It’s that simple

Seize the day and be counted!

S= Scary monster


I’m that monster tonight.

Hate arguing with people. Hate delays and just not getting what I want done..

I really need to engage my brain before I speak at times. I just get so damn fucked off when it’s always ………..

I don’ even want to write.

The scary monster is a  flower and  is me.

I know for a fact I can’t get any enjoyment out of reading blogs or blogging in an irate  pissed off mood.

It”s Friday.  Wahey!  slight sarcasm. I hate this side to me.

Face down in the palm of my hands , giving my head  a shake…




All the monster wants to do is cuss and curse and vilify.

Writing will serve no further purpose but to  feast the beast – all it screams is

“FEED ME SEYMOUR  DAISY , FEED ME” –  -( epic 80’s film.btw)

I think I would  manage my emotions better if I had a better sound track to go with it.

NO wait an entire musical cast!

 Going to lose myself in a book and may watch that Nina Simone doc on Netflix.

I’m pissed off, tired and

I’m sorry but the last thing I want to do is rant on and on and on . I want to say Goodnight Vienna and come back with  flower power in most likely more than an hour.

So for now -Good night – have an epic evening -see you on the other side of this mood of mine.


Please donate generously to help in the appeal to eradicate this creature – stop giving him a chance to  feature.

Pro scary monster extinction donations are being taken now.

Marching forward

Okay, so I have had a day to chill and do what I want. The problem with shutting down and taking myself away from the world is the motivation to get back in it.

Am I  alone here?

 I lost interest  in doing the The a-z challenge – Brutal honesty as always folks.  It’s not because I don’t love my animal friends. It’s just something I need to work out in my mind  of how I am going to tackle it.


I’ve not given up entirely.

I woke up later than usual and I’m thinking to myself.

I have lost my vision.

I have lost the ability to write/type. 

All creativity is gone.

I’m scrolling through my emails.

SHOUT OUT TO ALL NEW FOLLOWERS THANK YOU!  I’m not usually so fucking morbid.

Yeah, so, I am scrolling through my emails thinking

do the  a-z challenge it is something to write about

Then another thought,

No, don’t be so flaky, Daisy. The challenge is in  addition to what you write not a reason to write

I am waiting for my coffee to cool down and am still in

the ‘aaaaarhgh I have to wake up’ zone.


I see a comment on my Daisy in  the willows welcome page. This obviously intrigues me.

VERY HAPPY TO ACCCEPT MY NEW AWARD   from itsgoodtobecrzysometimes

No not the Liebster award


The versatile blogger award

but a kick ass

Spirit animal kick ass award –

(I am truly grateful for ALL  awards and shout outs . )

I feel like I have been shocked back into this world, out of a indifferent coma, by a defibrillator. It does feel like I have taken a bullet to the head.



The sun is

blazing , burning bright.

It feels like the world is giving me small signs to stay the course.

Keep on my path and not lose hope.

Okay, I took one day off. I did a kick ass gym session today. Doubled the energy and upped the momentum.

Grey skies have turned blue.

I have been blessed with help from my family to let me have some away time  from all humans. I’ve got people in my corner supporting me.

I have all of you supporting me.

I may have been out of action for a day but I still have people who read my blog.

New  flowers appear  every day, interested in my  blog!


These are all blessings. I must finish this a-z challenge. I must continue to get my shit down. No matter how lame I think  the content is. So here it is.

Today #FollowGreatFootsteps is embedded in this, my  FLEUR SCENTED POSTS  .

So here is my quote:

“Life is a series of experiences, each one of which makes us bigger, even though sometimes it is hard to realize this. For the world was built to develop character, and we must learn that the setbacks and grieves which we endure help us in our marching onward.” -HENRY FORD

I’m back  –‘one perfect queen’ is the title  for my  a-z challenge – small cheat but  I’m using my creativity. 😀

Thank you everyone for all your supportive words.

Me, the weed has turned away from the darkness and lifted my head up  towards the sun . I am the phoenix bird of the flowers. I re bloom.


*Recharge *Revitalise* Restore*

” In dealing with those who are undergoing great suffering, if you feel “burnout ” setting in, if you feel demoralized and exhausted, it is best, for the sake of everyone, to withdraw and restore yourself. The point is to have a long-term perspective.”~ Dalai Lama

No Memes in this post.

I’M EXHAUSTED. just want to go back to sleep. I’m angry. I know people around the world  who have severe mental health issues and are exploited by the ones closest to them.

Yesterday was challenging. I am duty bound to protect and safe guard those in my own personal life.. I had to  get tough and put some rock bottom pressure on. I had to force peoples hands.

I did this from a place of care and concern over those I love.

Exploitation. The word -always makes me think of young Slovakian girls being trafficked for their body.

A lot of the time exploitation can happen and does happen closer to home.

Family exploit family don’t they?

It happens all the time – watch Jerry springer or Jeremy Kyle.

Money and addictions and poor mental can make a poisonous cocktail.

I wonder to myself how many times could, or  indeed should I give chances to people who constantly let me and  or  others down; or have never ever been an ally from day one.

This is especially true in relationships – one example being relationship dynamics in  families.

We want to forgive and move on and one day we might see a a spark of change. We may  even say:

“I can see this person is struggling lets give this person another shot”

The fact is this person or people  may turn out to have missed a true vocation in Acting.


That happens a lot in family and in relationships in general.

Has anyone tried to give a person the benefit of the doubt over and over again? Only  to find out that you have been living under a lens. Living under a lens of a person trying to find out your weakness to exploit them for their own gain?

Have you seen this done to some one you love? care about?

Some times you have to make tough decisions. You have to force the poison out and that means going to the source –

no bullshitting and pussyfooting about.

It is about  telling it like it is and what is going to happen.

I’m sure I am not alone. We all have people we love. We see the people in our life battle and sometimes recover and get better at dealing with life.

You see something come along that you know could take the very person you love who is doing better out and your don’t want to lose them,

so what do you do?

I know what I would do

I fight in their corner. I become merciless. Once bridges have been burned -especially if the bridge was not based on a solid foundation to begin with – I fight and protect the ones who I feel need me. The people I want in my life.

It might not be my battle or yours but I feel it becomes mine when I  see someone falling and you I know  how to solve the immediate  and long term problem.

Usually the most vulnerable people in our society are the ones who don’t want to make waves or feel duty bound to stick up for the very people who get used for another their advantage.

This happens a lot. If it had to start happening close to home or close to the home of someone I love. I get into sniper mode and I can be ruthless.

Vulnerable people need to be protected, treated humanely, respected, listened to  and encouraged to talk.

Yes, there is an influx of people who need help. If it was an easy job  to tackle and well paid, everyone would want to work or volunteer in the mental health sector.

I see many professionals like a doctor reduced to machines when dealing with peoples problems. They see it all the time and  become conditioned to protect their own  feelings and  usually come across as cold and anal.

Mental health charities try to humanise a persons experience and validate these people again.

So yes, I am exhausted. I didn’t get a chance to shut down. I may not have got everything I wanted to do done  yesterday. I’m going to carry on but I need to listen to my own trigger signs.

My body and mind say go back to sleep and gain more energy.

Today is going to be a long one……..

Should I just close my eyes fro am minute or two? I want to make sure everything and everyone gets my full attention. Balance is hard to find when you become a vigilante for people.

Life is simple if you just keep to yourself but I can’t watch someone  who has done everything in their power to live and be the best they can be, be exploited and watch their health dip even more.

There is also the hard tough love and judgement calls we have to make when we try and try and try again to help someone, who may not want to see the problem -they lie to themselves and to others.

It’s a fucking sorry state to be in –

horrific enough to watch someone have to go through that and know that no matter what is said and done -nothing will change until a person wants change.

So yesterday was all about  dealing with various issues and giving my time and listening.

Where in all of this do I STAND?

 I need to get some sleep so  I can get shit done properly. I can’t function on anything the way I feel now. so first I have to take care of my mental health and only then can I give my full attention to others and that spills over in to my blogging life.

I want to take in what I hear ,see and read.

So, I  will catch up with you all later.

Tuesday what awaits me?

Have an epic day and look after you first.  You can’t hlep anyone if your health is suffering.




I  have been slacking…..



Had another make up trial for my up coming wedding and been having a date night with my man.

We have been partying hard ,in our bed.

Club duvet baby.

The best place to be on a Saturday night


Watched 2 brilliant documentaries

One on children sent to be ‘models’ in Japan. I will expand on this at some point – it’s on Netflixs.


GIRL MODEL -I am shocked and horrified. Humans have once again  achieved the biggest wankers on the planet’ award. .


I am a flower and you are all lovely flowers too so you don’t count


Such a waste…

and finally

watched a kick ass movie with a shit hot cast  –RED DRAGON

check out the TRAILER . One of the best movies I have seen this year, sorry Leonardo di caprio.


What a scene!

Nearing midnight in the U.K. and the party doesn’t stop at club duvet…..

So this  confused nocturnal party animal/weed has got my party drugs ready ( meds to keep me out of a cell, I jest…. but not about the meds. :D)




Caught up with a bunch of you already  and will give your words and blogs the attention they deserve tomorrow.




Today,I’m kind of moving away from my conventional idea of what my animal theme and what  an animal is supposed to be. I have been pretty much any animal you can get.

Party animal

Sick animal

Angry animal

Pregnant animal

Savage animal

Abused animal

Wild animal

you name it I have been it.

The time when I have most felt like an animal was when I couldn’t speak. Don’t get me wrong, I understood everything that was going on around me.


I knew the parlez and slang too.

I just lost my voice. I didn’t even have a new voice to replace my wo-ma-nimal voice.

I think my affinity with animals is deep because I have been thrown in cells (mainly of the  police kind) .

I’ve been shipped off to private hospitals to  be treated and be case studies with my crazy animal genes.

Those who know me -will get this.

Today. ME.

Who  am  I today?


An empowered, feminist who wears her heart on her sleeve.


Would I describe myself as an animal?

and if so why ?

The answer is yes. I am probably more in tune with more animals than people because animals are naturally sentient beings. So are humans but have you seen how in humane humans have become/

I’ve felt what it is like not to have free will -if you can get my meaning.

I’ve had my freedom taken away and now I have taken it back.


Today I’m buzzing.

I’m going ape shit crazily happy .


I didn’t think I would see this week through for various reasons.

Today, I went back to my roots.

The very  start of my journey in the vast, exciting and terrifying world of volunteering with mental health charities.

Hope charity@ Caldredale Recovery college  was where I got my first break and my first GIFT – check it  out HERE.  This was where I was shown how to  and began to believe in myself .

Finally, I began to believe that  I could go on to do things that I never even dreamed of doing.  My prize was hope and passion and drive. I met a  great bunch of people.

After doing some training and work with Hope , I had the opportunity to do a couple of  workshops centred around  stigma and mental health with the healthy minds open minds project . I have loved  being a small part of this project.

I enjoyed being a part of HEALTHY MINDS RADIO SHOW

I have found our how  committed I can be.

Recently, I have  been on several  challenging training sessions, geared at  getting me to think  “out side the box “and gain more perspective and insight into facilitating peer led support groups with healthy minds.

It’s not an easy role.

In fact it is one of the most difficult roles.

I’m currently  waiting to go through my personal development file to see which direction I will go with Healthy minds.  A well established and awesome charity.

Today ,I got to do more training with Hope charity, it was lovely to be around old friends. It was great to see how we had all grown and where we were up to.  It was like coming home from an adventure.


I am so lame and I don’t care.  I am going to share this with you because I have fucking earned it

TAH-DAH. I am officially on board with the NHS (National health service in the U.K.) volunteer books.

This is my  equivalent to a  VIP pass to a Celeb after party or  the promo badge all areas access to  a worldwide indie movie festival. This is what this feels to me.  A  small example of a measurement of commitment and effort..


  Some people may go so what?

I go what?!

Here is a bit of insight into what this means to me.

I came from South Africa  to the U.K.when I was 18 years old.  Worked and lived in France, Barcelona  and Miami for a bit and then established myself in the U.K. permanently when I was 21/22 years old.

I worked and had a rewarding job in the travel and tourism industry.

I hit all my targets.

I got sent on training events.

As I began to grow into my role, I was  sent to conferences in places like Bulgaria, to establish connections and represent the  brand  of Travel care, (  a part of the defunct  co-operative travel group- now owned by Thomas Cook)

…….and then I got ill.

images (1)



I’ve been fighting my illness for over a decade to get back to some level  of the success I experienced in my Travel career. It has been the longest drop down the rabbit hole and the climb up has been

dirty. ,



and pretty fucking  messy.


I’ve studied  my ass off- I didn’t think anything else could top  getting my BA degree,

  • apart from having my Bella B

  •  me weeks away from getting married

  • being mega successful in a career

  •  travelling – of course.

  • Oh, and having my child taken out of foster care and placed in my full time care again without the local authorities in my life.

It has taken me  just over a decade to get to the place where I feel like I belong. I feel worthy again

 I feel like  I am back in my natural habitat.



I’ve worked hard to get to this point. And I am damn proud of myself. Somebody has to be.

I could have done a post on another type of animal . But in all honesty I have  got to type down what is in my heart.

The queen of my mind is also the queen of my  heart. I know so. I live in my mind and body.

download (2)


So today. I’m having a huge party in my head. I’m sharing it ` with the entire blogo-sphere that I have something  tangible that symbolises what my worth means to me again.

I will not lose my worth again.

So that is it.

I’m amped for another exciting project that I have heard about and will definitely  be going to it next week. I don’t want to say too much. I don’t want to jinx anything. My creative side has  been stirred and shaken  and I have ideas.

I also get  the opportunity to bounce ideas off other like minded people.

So I am not not going to miss any possible  opportunities to live and be awesome and help others find a sense of worth and see their own awesomeness .

 I always thought I would be the animal who would never be able to live in the wild again. I would need to be kept in a reserve of some kind.


A Daisy may be a weed – but  it still breathes. It is an earthling. – you, me, animals,fish , spiders birds,plants and trees -all need oxygyn to survive.

While my heart still pumps blood and  oxygen  around my body and into my lungs. I aint going to give up.


I know I am bigging myself up.

Can I talk the talk? Type the type?

Well -obviously…


Can I walk the walk?

Watch this space.

I have another shot at life and I am living it.

The ultimate challenge on earth. Thanks to all those who read my posts xxx

you are all fucking amazing, supportive and read my shit and then like it.

Happy weekend..

Some one  mentioned   a meet and greet when you grow up at THE SIMPLE LIFE this weekend.

I will be bringing the party spirit.