Z – Zealous


My awful confession.

It’s the last post. I’m on Z. Today I have a confession to make and  I am so so ashamed!

My French Grandmother, who has the last stages of vascular Dementia lived in a different time to me.

Many years ago , my late Grandpa, bought a gift for my Grandma. I think she had the coat made for her  in Vienna.

It is no ordinary coat.

It has her initials engraved on the inside and I’m quite sure I’ve seen Kate Moss wear  something similar.

In my twenties, my Grandma decided to give me this coat as a birthday present. It didn’t fit her any longer.

I was an ignorant person at that time and wore it with pride. It kept out the cold and it was soft and beautiful.

I own a lynx fur coat.


Now before you go

“burn it ,Daisy , burn it. Sell it or whatever.. Just get rid, girlfriend cos if you don’t. See this?  you and me?  we are done. And I mean done .”

You must understand that this is something sentimental that my grandma gave me before she got ill.

I live with this secret. NOT ANY MORE! 

I don’t wear it.

I feel like a hypocrite.

My Mom won’t keep it.

She doesn’t want me to get rid of it while my grandma is still alive.

So this is my shameful secret.

Yesterday I looked at it and I put it on and I felt like Hannibal.


Images popped up of what happened to this animal so many decades ago.

I guess how I am going to end this post is like this.

It’s not easy or even affordable to just switch over your whole life style to not eating or wearing anything that hasn’t had an animal involved in the process in some way.

In all honesty.

I frittered my wedding money away a couple of years ago to try my hand working for a non animal tested and environmental friendly business that sold everything from make up to house hold products – to clothes.

It’s expensive.

I even stopped eating sweets because I knew that they had gelatin in them, and that derives from animal fat.

Anyone want motivation for going on a diet? You have one 🙂

We can’t get it right all the time. Not yet.


 We can all become that little bit more aware about where our consumables  come from, who suffers , power yourself up with knowledge as shocking and awful as it is.


I’m not asking you to go all  over zealous over it  but the first step to fighting this massive topic of animal abuse in all its forms -is to become conscious.

Being conscious leads to decision making  and any action you do that comes from a good place in your heart or mind is a good start.

Oh and one final thought before I wrap this up. I came down into the kitchen the other evening and my better half was grilling bacon.

I nearly threw up. The smell was rank. disgusting. He thought I was going all Johnny Drama on him but honestly it made me feel sick to the point I ran out of that kitchen.


THAT’S IT -A-Z  and only one day late

Thanks for the the support and new flowers I’ve made and met.

It has been a pleasure.


Y – Yawn- yawning to sleep


Cats sleep a lot don’t they?

I read somewhere they sleep for  like 17-18 hours a day.

What could possibly be going on  that they need that amount of sleep to function?

Oh if karma lets me have my way please can I come back as my Tatiana?

This is gong to be a short post. I am exhausted but I ain’t no quitter so today I’m linking my love of quotes/idioms/proverbs  with zee challenge.

“Let sleeping dogs lie”

Sounds like some one had a bit of forethought and common sense when this idiom sprung up.

I think it actually goes back to Biblical times..

That being said, the Book of Proverbs (26:17) says:

He that passes by, and meddles with strife belonging not to him, is like one that takes a dog by the ears

In other words, the saying let sleeping dogs lie has its roots in the Christian Bible.


So what does it mean?

I thought it meant to let things go- don’t hold on to any  negative shit.

Turns out I am half right and half wrong.

What it really means is don’t stick your oar in.

Don’t rattle the coffin when there is no need to.

In other words,

Don’t be a fucking trouble maker or all you will get from me and others is a spoon for Christmas.

Leave the pot alone.

I’m going to catch me an early night *yawning*

So want to  read some of my book . I have the bed all to myself tonight.

Well, for a bit. My better half is off to his mates house to celebrate a quiet birthday.

So I am going to take the chance to kick back .It’s been a busy day.

I think our earthling friends give brilliant advice. Us humans need to pay more attention.

so -thanks for the tip Tatiana.

I shall go out of my way to re enact this wise, first born child  of mines “chill philosophy “the best that I can.

  can’t let my earthling friends down. Not now when  I am needed most. 😀











kind of gone- on her way to the chill zone 


See you next week



When it comes to deciding to add to our family -most people  don’t want some earthlings with baggage.

The websites I always see about adopting a pet  look a bit depressing and not at all eye catching.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where advertising extends to human and animals lives. The flashier the better.

It is sad that we are so fickle but I can’t change this in one post .

I have found the most innovative website to adopt a pet – you have to check it out  THE SHELTER PET PROJECT  

“A person is the best thing to happen to a shelter pet. Be that person. Adopt.”


The site takes you through a funky  modern and fun exploration on anything you need to know about PET ADOPTION- there is no hint of pity. These animals are celebrities, stars. 

You are the privileged one to have a dog or cat with the X factor come live in your  home. 

It is such an easy site to navigate around and it’s exciting. 

 There is also an Adoption story section with a twist

Check this out   




Charlie Schmidt


Spokane, Washington


Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Services


Bento is my best friend. We both have very similar personalities and he’s always motivating me to make art; I’m always drawing and taking pictures of him. He also happens to have incredible musical talent – you might know him as Keyboard Cat! #StartAStoryAdopt



My dad always says I motivate him artistically, but in reality, he is my motivation.



Here is one for our dog lover friends




Katie Sturino


New York, NY


Dog Habitat Rescue


Toast is a total diva – she always does whatever she wants, including sleeping – and snoring at inopportune times (like when I’m on a conference call!). But, she’s an epic snuggler, and so much more. Every day, she does a million little things that make me laugh, and I can’t imagine life without her. #StartAStoryAdopt



My Mom secretly loves napping (and snoring) as much as I do. Speaking of napping, Zzz….

If this doesn’t convince you that shelter pets have the X  factor check out this 30 second clip . To get it. You have to watch it 🙂  just saying

  Here are links to different websites that can help you with different information you  may need when you adopt a new child into your family.

All celebrities deserve to be treat with the X FACTOR  star treatment 🙂






(FEATURED IMAGE PHOTO CREDIT Photo by James Evans/Illume Communications)

W – (having a) Whale of a time- not


The most mesmerizing mammals in the ocean.

How can they look so graceful with such weight and force on and in them?

Natures greatest genetic , make up,  beauty trick .

I don’t know if you have heard that Whales too are being driven to extinction..





Here is three reasons why.

(Finally catching up with this challenge)


 Whales including  Pregnant whales migrate  in the winter from the Atlantic ocean and have to pass some of the busiest port docks in the world -two being New York and Cheapsake Bay.  Females rather than males usually get hit and end up dead.

Is there a solution?

Obama Administration Praised for Slowing Down Ships, Protecting Endangered Whales from Deadly Strikes

Humane Society


Commercial fishing nets to trap crabs and all types of marine life are the second cause of death in Right Whales. When they become entangled they can drown or if they manage to escape they are usually wounded. They end up dying from starvation or infection from the nets hooked into their skin. This goes back to the first highest cause of whale death, chronic entanglement usually ends to ships colliding with whales again.

Read the story of CHURCHILL THE TRAGIC WHALE who  in spite of many attempts too disentangle him from fishing nets. He ended up dying a drawn out and painful death by infection.





“On Sept. 16, 2001, the team stopped receiving satellite signals. Somewhere off the New Jersey coast, Churchill slipped beneath the waves for the last time.”


The Humane society of the United States sued the American government to address the heavier fishing lines and marine marker buoys that kill so many of these lovely mammals.


Did you know that whales only start getting pregnant and giving birth in their teens?

Did you know that they only have one baby/ calf every 3-5 years?

How is climate change affecting the growth population of whales? warmer waters mean it is harder for whales to find food.

We all know that in order for life to thrive and grow, it needs to be nourished from the inside. A pregnant whale losing weight is not a great place for a baby to grow.


What is being done.

The humane society in the U.S.A. have sued the government to make sure  that Right Whales have more area and living space ( critical habitat) to survive.

Designated zones that protect whales from as little interaction from humans and pollution are the key to helping the whale population succeed and have as fair a chance as possible to survive.


Do you bit



V= Villains

I thought today would be a good time to get a bit closer to home with our animals that we choose to adopt into our family.

Here is a word


and another


What does this mean to you?

What does it bring to mind?

Something deliberate?

Sometimes  these words conjure up images and words of

  • Shooting

  • Stabbing

  • Setting an animal on fire

  • Stop-Animal-Cruelty-Dont-Be-Sorry-Do-Something.jpg


A lot of animal neglect may not be deliberate.

It can be as something as simple as forgetting to put out fresh clean water for a pet or a farm animal.

There is a strong link with animal abuse and violence. My ex partner was violent with his dog.


Is there a relationship between domestic abuse and animal abuse?

When I sought out my local woman centre about the  violent relationship I was in . I had to do score test to find out which band or stage  of severity my abuse I was in.

One of the questions was if my ex  partner ever hurt an animal. Animal abuse

This is one of the four predictors that may indicate that a partner will be violent to a child or a partner.

I remember a long time ago , I can’t remember where I was living but there was a man who was always abusing his dog. I don’t know what he did to it but the animal was clearly distressed. So much so I reported it.

So can animal abuse give some indication towards abuse to people?

Social workers /professionals are supposed to be  trained to look at an animal’s living conditions in a household  and gauge  how they are treated to indicate if there some kind of clear break down in a family. There can be many reasons for this.

  • Poor mental health

  • Unable to have Empathy

  • Substance misuse

  • Animal hoarding

Animal neglect does give a better picture of any  child /Domestic violent abuse that may occur in a household.

It seems like a no brainer and it is..



I remember when I was about 4/5 years old. I was playing with my ‘My little pony’ kingdom and the kitten we had at that time came to say hi. I don’t know what I was thinking but there was a ribbon on the floor- the memory is a bit blurred.

I tied the ribbon around my kitten’s neck and then tied it to the leg of the table my pony kingdom was on and I kept on tightening the ribbon until my kitten was hanging.

Something in my brain shattered. I realised if I didn’t do something my kitten would die because of me.  I scrambled to get my kitten free and I was in tears- horrified that I had nearly killed my kitten.

My kitten was  fine by the way.

What if my mother hadn’t been a mad cat/animal lover like me?

Wat if she hadn’t taught me to love and respect animals?

Just a thought I guess….

She doesn’t know about this event.


So is animal abuse normal in children?

This can  indicate that a child that  is a high risk youth. Children from violent homes of abuse and neglect can act out abuse on animals.

I don’t know what this says about me.

Was I acting out on some unconscious level what was going on in my home at that point?


I think for me what is important is my instinct kicked in and I knew this was wrong and I never wanted or tried to hurt an animal again.

Some experts would agree that  intervening early with a  child at risk of developing abusive traits  can be more therapeutic in stopping the cycle of violence.

Why should I get involved in reporting animal abuse if it is not my business? How can I possibly be making any difference at all?

It is about looking at the bigger issues. If you report to the police / animal protection society of any abuse that you see, then this will be recorded on the crime database and it can lead to investigations and prosecuting dangerous criminals, keeping them away from society-ie in  prison.

 People who act out on crimes such  as

  • Damaging property

  • Violence against humans

  • Drug and Disorderly offences

can all be linked to animal abuse

WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP ? I hear you ask



Report all animal abuse. Animal abuse can  indicate that there is something seriously wrong with an individual. It is not normal or acceptable.


The more we as a community alert police and the law to  animal abuse, it becomes  a clear message that this is an issue that needs to become more of a priority. It is a stand we take- that we will not accept to live in a  violent community. Law enforcers will need to become more serious about how they deal with this crime because we won’t ignore it anymore .

The result will be a safer community for our families.


T -Tatiana

TI’ve been looking forward to this letter.  T is awesome becasue I get to tell you  all about my first born, Bengal- Tatiana .Or Miss Tatiana as she is known in the family.

I’ve always had cats as family when I was growing up. I moved into a new home in 2009, started uni, again, straight out of another Eating Disorder clinic. I couldn’t take my Mocha with me to my new home.



Mocha was a black oriental Siamese my Uncle bought me for my 15th birthday in South Africa. She grew up with my Mom’s lilac point Siamese ,Lilac ( lee-lah) .. They came everywhere  with us -no matter where moved to -South Africa,France, Miami and the U.K.

It would have been cruel to separate the two mates so I spent a long time researching breeders because I had read up about Bengals and how affectionate and playful and smart they were .I was lonely and manic -not taking my medication.

I came across what I can now look back on as a not legitimate breeder  that were selling kittens and adults at a price cheaper than other breeders. It took ‘ two taxis and two trains to get to this town.

I told my Ma I was setting off to get Miss Tatiana. It was would have been close to midnight by the time I met her. My Ma knew I was hyper and she ended up coming with me to make sure I didn’t do anything else crazy.

I got to the breeder and it was clean but for whatever reason they must of being doing something illegal as they were very quick to drop the argument we started having when she tried to sell me an adult cat. I demanded to see the kittens and I saw one kitten ,so tiny, only 7 weeks. I picked her up.

She jumped out of my arms and bumped her nose, she was bleeding. I was crying. My ma and the breeder tried to calm me down. I knew straight away that Miss Tatiana was coming back home with me.


She spent the first few years with all my attention on her. I would take her everywhere with me. Any place that someone said I could. I would. She didn’t like any men I brought home. She would wait until she saw a big toe sticking out the bed spread and she would attack my potential/short lived  boyfriends.

I found it hysterical. I know. -a total crazy cat lady. Bengals play hard and they draw blood. She has massacred my arms over the years.

I feel so bad for what I put her through with my ex. She used to growl at him. She wouldn’t leave my side. One night he left her out ( he denies this), I tried to find her everywhere, I heard her mewing and found her on the other side of the wall ,lost and full of blood, by a wild patch of trees and these scratchy  plants and woody area . I don’t know what you call it but I was in such a state and so was she.

When I was addicted to laxatives she would keep me company in the bathroom while I purged myself –  me almost always in agony. I was taking 100 laxatives  a day up until 2009.

She loves to pretend my arm is a tree and she lazes on it like some jungle cat lazing on a branch and if I dare move -I get bit.

I have a high pain tolerance threshold so  we must be a perfect match 😀

When my Bella Bee was born Tatiana didn’t know what to make of her. She became very jealous. Then with all the drama with my ex and my increasingly poor mental health –that night happened and the ex accused me of shaking my 12 week old daughter on the 13th December 2011.  I didn’t for the record.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The 16 month battle to get my daughter back out of foster care meant Tatiana had me all to herself again.

When the ex finally walked away with his tail between his legs and social services could see I could look after my daughter on my own -full time. The care order was lifted- my 12 week old daughter who I was only allowed to visit for 10 hours a week was suddenly a 16 month old  toddler living back at home- full  time. I had a lot of catching up  to do and learn how to be a full time Mom .I guess I neglected Tatiana for a bit. I emotionally neglected her. I had to,


For a full year and a half Tatiana started weeing  near the sofa . It got so bad me and my hubby to be started arguing. It put a lot of strain on the relationship. We spent hundreds of pounds trying to solve the problem.

I started giving her more attention but it was hard to always want to be loving because she was peeing everywhere. She even pissed on the kitchen  counter a few times. She went from sleeping with us and being best buds with my partner, to hating him and running away from him and even me.

I couldn’t give her up. I couldn’t bare to.

G knew I would never give her up so he stuck by me and we worked on trying to sort out Tat’s behaviour.

She was spending her evenings and times we went out in the kitchen or outside. It was not an ideal situation but what more could we do?

I finally had to seriously think about her happiness and I thought  maybe she would be happier in another home. My G came up with an idea to close the living room door at night so she couldn’t go and wee there at night.

IT WORKED! She has never done her business upstairs and I think she liked this set up because she wasn’t harassed by me or usually my partner to wake her from her slumber in my daughters bed,and to be put in the special basket we had made for her in the kitchen.

Tatiana has finally forgiven me. We have a routine in the morning where I play with her while I make the bed and she spends more time with me.


Sometimes she even sleeps with me. She hates to be ignored so if we have been out or she has, she usually has lots to tell us and I stop what I am doing and give her my time.

I finally have both my babies back. She has a love -hate relationship with Bella Bee but I think she is coming round to the idea the even though she hates being read to by my Bella or be harassed for a RSVP to some tea party my Bella Bee has arranged ,she kind of likes the cuddles she gets from her.


She has once again become my friend in the bathroom – especially when I have a bath. She loves water. I’ve caught her wading in a pouring bath tub on many occasions.

I wish I had done more research on how to look after her kind before. I did what so many other people do. Fall in love with her beauty and I didn’t swot up on what her kind of breed needed to feel 100% loved and secured.

I’ve learnt my lesson. The main point is we are a family again and the story has a happy ending.