And in my darkest hours, when the air extingushes all light. Hopelessness hangs heavy, spongy and dense. Above me it hovers, a cloud with a fierce clout. I scramble searching to strike my last match. Unable to see what is right in front on me.I hear the mirthful tinkle of a giggling child. A purr... Continue Reading →


Beauty Outshines

A true moment of nostalgia and Art is when Artist looks back to the exquisite  and painful moment of lust and it's seven year biography  - Children of lust, The beauty outshines every dark moment .

Easter roe

Hey ho - It's Easter My mad has turned into glad Easter hunt with Bee leading the front Check out the daily song Start a debate if you think its wrong. The lyrics touch my heart and make me smile -two of my favourite effects of Life. Wanna cry, wanna laugh Wanna give all I... Continue Reading →

Still breathing…….

If you believe in justice,  a fair government,  equality and you have ever enjoyed my posts on here. PLEASE -read this Hope. you all had a great Christmas. This may explain (in part) why I haven't had the time to read as many blogs as I usually do. THE TRUTH BEHIND HERE SMILE - read... Continue Reading →

Old soul

OTHER WORDLY . Unfathomable to relate how a portrait of an unaffected cherub mirrors a forgotten dimension to the paradigm LONER. PENSIVE - angelic eyes unfreeze momentarily — expressions animate the oil painted canvass. Voice barely audible -mouths out to me who is this new persona? bBlood of my labour sworn to tell the gospal... Continue Reading →


I am going to try and do the June Photo a day challenge as much as I can with  the lovely B.G. of  Getting Through Anxiety-A step by step process -using practice    She has given me an idea for a challenge I am working on possibly for July. So here is my SOMETHING WHITE,... Continue Reading →

Take notice. Respond movement.

I didn't think I would have something to say/type except to accept another award.  Epic award and I am happy to receive it.  Thanks ROB -  proper Shout out to  follow for the award. I'm grateful . I start reading your posts and Boom. Inspiration. SHOUT OUT ! thanks CHARLIE ZERO- poetic genius.  I have something... Continue Reading →

R is for? Hop to it.

You are going out - it 's time to hit the clubs or go to that restaurant everyone has been talking about. You get to the place and your bestie throws out a comment "Oh your coat is just Darling!"  You smile with satisfaction "Oh thank you - it's faux fur too"  you wriggle out... Continue Reading →


I  have been slacking..... So.................. Had another make up trial for my up coming wedding and been having a date night with my man. We have been partying hard ,in our bed. Club duvet baby. The best place to be on a Saturday night Watched 2 brilliant documentaries One on children sent to be 'models'... Continue Reading →

Patience! when do I want it? Now!

"Life doesn't have any hands, but it can sure give you a slap sometimes."- unknown        #FollowGreatFootsteps WHY HAVE I CHOSEN  THIS QUOTE? I literally woke up two hours later than I should have. Yes, it' s the weekend but I have a blogging ritual that puts me in a crappy mood if... Continue Reading →

Eating at the table- as you do. My four year old starts talking about the end of the 'skeleton dance' . She has just got back from school. Concerned? just a tad.  The Spanish inquisitor comes out in me and I realise she is telling me that Spring is coming. ME: Oh yes, I can't... Continue Reading →

wow! what an amazing day I have had.  I was lucky to get a place on Calderdales first 'mental health and parenting conference organised by an incredible charity called 'Healthy minds' . People who know my story in previous posts may just be able to grasp the surrealness I felt being a part of a conference made up of socialworkers, Independent reviewing offices, psychologists, family support workers the women... Continue Reading →

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