What do you know?

What do you know about life? roaming in the streets with a bag of foam E coloured, banana sweets, a flat cap to accompany your flat ale. My mind can't take the stairs to your psychopathic fuelled attic. Try know about life. I ask myself why. Got plenty worries to wait on. there's nothing but… Continue reading What do you know?


Toxic raven nation

Puppet in distress done  jigging to the maestro player -thinking all can be forgotten with one caress. Puppet in distress  dancing  to the bark of wood  to entertain 50 shades of Halifax's easily ho hummed guest. Puppet in distress strings attached by words  signed sincerely yours god bless puppet in distress if you truly care… Continue reading Toxic raven nation


The lure of fascination 

Write to recover Don't underestimate the power of a few choice words from another. Still the mind-frozen ice bar decline Mountain conquest-The victory is in the scenic  songfest Emotions sprayed in clouds of mist. A place so far from  the abuse of the daily grit. Fight to recover — remember hope strives in another day… Continue reading The lure of fascination 


end of Nervosa beginning

She conceives words as they follow. Military soldiers conform to order. Dissident few stutter in a withheld, race identity, chalk circle. Her brain won't allow her to move on. Lamenting for  a trusted source. until then, Life halts. Collapses onto hot tarmac. Too tired to alter. Melt her heart. Resuscitate the breathe that gives her… Continue reading end of Nervosa beginning



Sights of sanity conquest over humans infamy. moving faster than the speed of light. computers can't process the spoken  word lose track of sight. Soaring, tumbling race  to expose hidden epiphany. vocabulary fails Athena from reaching success in the liturgy. damn harmonisation - pomadera technique. Time management  -father grant one hour for those deaf,dumb and blinded… Continue reading Athena