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*politics for me, is a mind, body, and soul connection*

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In 2008 I watched this video of 12-year-old, Severn Cullis-Suzuki,  delivering a speech about the state of our planet and a plea to humanity at a global U.N. conference

I’ve watched this 5-minute clip more times than I can possibly count.

Here it is

The point to all this is that I shared this video on my FB personal profile and  received a fair comment

‘Wonderful, inspiring girl but what good has it done the world?’ 

This prompted me to do a bit of research on who and where this girl or lady is today.

Read more about this incredible woman

HERE  – you won’t be disappointed.



I can assure you, I feel more optimistic about our future. This empowering person continues to make positive changes to healing our world. She works her ass off. I hope my daughter and future generations follow her example.

Randomly, (that’s me) I  sent a message just to say keep up the good work and got a reply!

As if!

Here it is

P.S. I’m so happy, I’ve figured out the reason I am not getting all of your updates in my emails! Go me! Thank Gary @ food is fiction for helping me organize my blogging world.

Expect me popping up more in your blogs 😀


 JOIN EARTH CHARTER- Values and principles to foster a sustainable future  – You can keep your money to yourself if need be – just be a part of the environment you and your family and loved ones live in!


Unity- drops of honey

“As a bee sips nectar from many flowers and make a hive from honey,so that not one drop can claim, ‘I am from this flower or that’. All creatures, though one, do not realize they are one.” Upanishads (c1000 BC) #FollowGreatFootsteps


This week terrorism dominated the head lines in the news.  Still trying to further their warped and chaotic quest to divide people. This is a simple reminder that we all bleed, we all are born the same way, we eat ,sleep and all have to take a crap. We are more similar in spite of our differences. Remember this. It is Easter. Some may not celebrate it but it is a time for coming together.

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Have a great Easter. 🙂

…….and the award goes to………….

Okay folks it’s award time.

Thank you so much for nominating me for the ‘Versatile blogger award’ I can’t accept it as I have already accepted it on two occasions but I want to share a bit about my nominators for this award .


  • This lady  is new to blogging .

  • She has just got married – I’m getting married in June!

  •  I love coffee too.

  • We both  wrote in diaries from a young age.

  • I like my cocktails too — not a margartia but I am a bit of a snob when it comes to a Mojhito.

  • I too don’t watch T.V. – but when  I do I  too binge watch but only   series and movies.  The best and funniest fact I found out about  WHEN YOU LOOK FOR THE GOOD is epic:

3) When you’re stuck in traffic and you look into the car next to you to see a girl singing and car dancing like she’s at the club, it might be me.http://whenyoulookforthegood.com/2016/02/26/a-welcome-surprise/


Check out her about About page.  Personally , I love what she has to say about what she wants from life.

THANK YOU DANDELION BUTTONS for nominating me for ‘The versatile blogger award’ – I can’t accept because I have already accepted it twice – I’ve been following this blogger since I started bloggin way back 😉 in September 2015. We both started blogging at the same time.  The most interesting fact besides the one that she states she is “NUTS” and enjoys watching Korean soap operas 😀  is this little piece of information,

I am scared of most people and will use wildly inappropriate humor or anecdotes to scare folks away. Oddly this doesn’t work but only seems to endear them to me, much to my amusement and amazement.https://dandelionbuttons.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/the-versatile-blogger-award/

You have got to check out her blog – here is a sample of her title posts

She is also a great poet.

Okay on to an award I can accept ha ha! I feel special!  Paul is the author of WWWPALFITNESS.  Firstly, THANK YOU  Paul!

NO,  his post are not all about fitness. He is a personal coach with 25 years of experience.He is always getting awards – He is just a teeny tiny bit popular and great fun.  He has received  so many awards he decided to  make up this epic award:


I decided to copy and past exactly what he put down for the rules of accepting this award- I think it gives a cool insight into Paul’s writing style and character.


OK, I gave this one away a couple of months ago to a nice sized handful of people and it caught fire and spread through Word Press pretty quickly. The rules will be simple as I am making them up.

 For the award, post the picture of it in your post and thank your nominator while linking to them. Tell the blogging world 5 things about yourself and/or your blog. Select 5 nominees, name and link to them. Put their names in a list then hi lite them and go to the top of the editor and see the chain link, click that and paste their homepage URL. Then send a copy of your finished post’s URL to each person in their most recent post and you are all done.

 As for some newbies what I like to do is open a page devoted to the award, go through my followers and open a new page for each from their homepage to post the first URL for all to click on and I go down the list and then link to them. Do not be surprised if your nominees do not do a post regarding it as many have an award free blog or they are too busy. I am nominating well more than 5 and for a good reason.  I encourage those who read this post to check out these blogs as many are newer or new to you



5 things about my me and my blog

  1. I was a bit of a rebel when I was young. I started going to raves when I was 12 years old. I’m  what you call a problem child today.

  2. Blogging is a huge part of my life.

  3. I want to do my MA in Creative writing   through the Open University, next year.

  4. I have Bipolar and Chronic Anorexia (  mostly managed)

  5. I am obsessed with symbolism at the moment.

Okay . I am going to put my own stamp on how I distribute these awards. These are 15 blogs that deserve  the ‘Versatile blogger award’ and ‘the especially awesome award for  being epically awesomeness’


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You are all so unique and awesome – there are so many more blogs I could name but I don”t have the time to add more today.


We hear so much about equality and diversity these days. If I asked you what each word meant, off the top of your head could you tell me?

 Mine goes: well, Equality is about fairness and being just with all people while at the same time celebrating our differences (diversity).

It’s so frustrating why can’t we accept what we can’t change?

 You accept your friends for who they are.

Your children?


 Why can’t we accept that there are some things that we can’t change about ourselves, no matter how much we try?

What You Can Change: You can work on eating cleaner, healthier foods that leave you feeling full of energy and in a good mood throughout the day. You can find an exercise plan that suits your needs and also doesn’t leave you feeling as though your life revolves around physical activity. You can wear clothes and style yourself in a way that makes you feel attractive and healthy, while still being aware that your physical appearance does not define you as a person. You can pursue a balance in life that involves both indulging yourself and treating your body with respect.

What You Can’t Change: You can’t make your body be naturally predisposed to a different shape. You can’t guarantee that you will always be in a certain weight range. You can’t ensure perfect skin, or find a diet and exercise regime that works without fail. You can’t spend your entire life denying yourself the things you want every now and again, nor can you give into every craving or whim and deny your body the care that it needs to function normally. You can’t make the scale replace every other source of value in your life.


Our main focus should be on being healthy and maintaining that health. That saying ‘you don’t know the value of health until it is taken from you ‘seems apt –I may of made up that quote.  I guess we can to some degree alter our physical appearance. It is harder for us ladies when we go through puberty and when we go through ‘the change’. There are loads of traits we can change about ourselves if we are unhappy.

We can change

  • how   we do certain things

  • how we act

  • Our attitude.

By the end of this ‘Celebrating your unique qualities’ challenge. I challenge you to find three things that YOU can do to help promote acceptance of your own unique qualities and appreciate other people’s qualities.


Quality over Quantity-followers following.

I may be committing my own blogging life suicide here- but when has that stopped me from writing about my thoughts? Never. 

WOW! I started at 6 a.m. and it is now 17:37 p.m. of going through the blogs I follow. It has made me kind of sad and a  bit confused too. There are some bloggers who write so beautifully , have a story to tell, need support and some are so awesome but because no one likes their posts, I assume they give up!  There are a couple of blogging sites with 1000’s of followers but I didn’t connect with any of what they put in their post/s . I read more than one to gauge if it is a blog I will read and not just follow! Some people haven’t posted in so long that their blogs don’t even come up so I have no option but to un-follow. Then there is a blog I loved to read and I find out she is leaving this community and I have asked her to comment in a post of mine if/when she picks up blogging again so I can follow her blog again..

I may not have hundreds and thousands of followers. I started writing for myself and also  in the hope that I could connect with others. Having people follow my blog annd interact is the ‘dogs bullocks’ as they say in England.  I have done this and do this. I love reading the blogs I follow. I do NOT want to get into that ‘you follow my blog so I follow yours’ which is so easy to get caught up in .Then you find yourself scrolling down all the time to find some one you follow because you connect with what that blogger writes. There are a few blogs that still haven’t come up on word reader,  I want to explore their site more and what they are about -soemtimes time can be a big issue in exploring more sites. Blogs can be a bit like emotions, in my opinion. I  know that my emotions change frequently and it is only normal I will want to read blogs that connect with what I am feeling at any one time. That is why I don’t just follow one topic. I’m confidently assuming that I am not alone in this.

Here is what I am thinking : I’m not just going to follow blogs just  because someone has followed mine. If I follow your blog, I will interact with your blog.  I do check out every person who has followed mine and most of the time there is some kind of connection. Something that makes me think I will get something from reading xyz blog.

So I have had a clear out. I don’t limit myself to how many blogs I am going to follow. I want to make sure that wwhat pops up on my reader is what I want to read- be it sad, glad, mad- you get my point.

HAPPINESS TIP:To be different is what makes life spectacular

SECRET TO HAPPINESS: Accept yourself and others for being different and embrace who you are

TRADITION:La Vela de las Autenica’s  Inrepidas Buscadoras del Peligro – (bit of a mouth-ful, roughly translated as ‘The festival of authentic, Intrepid Danger-seekers)

DATE: November

CELBRATED: Juchitan, Mexico

Being different to others can suck balls! I know from my own experiences growing up. There are all these stereotypes of how a person should fit into society. You know, like that popular girl that everyone gravitates to with the blonde/ black hair and blue/green eyes -the perfect figure. Everyone wants to know her. Then there is the Emo who wear eyes liner and grunge clothes and never smiles and gets odd looks wherever he/she may go. People stop and stare and gasp. People call him/her  a freak. Then you get the straight A student with a bad case of acne, skinny, pale and is an easy target to bully. I know I am generalising a  bit but you get my drift.


I know the world is getting it’s head around the fact that gay people , lesbian people and Trans-gender people do not have a kink in their nature, and as a culture we are more accepting of peoples sexuality choices/ race and religious choices. This step  is not enough because their is still a lot of prejudice around being ‘different’. Many people are still segregated from society because of these reasons. In a world of never ending war – British Muslims and American Muslims are being ostracised and blamed because they supposedly share the same faith as terrorists/suicide bombers. An intelligent and learned person will know that these cowardly terrorists hide behind the Muslim religion and distort and warp this faith to justify their horrific actions. There has been a lot of debate around African Americans being over looked by the movie industry. A lot of people still think that all  people who identify themselves as black, are gangsters who want to mug people or deal in drugs.

In Juchitan, the the zapotec people of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec believe and celebrate a ‘third sex’  This group or class of people includes both Gay/Lesbian and Transgender people. They are referred to as ‘Muxes’ ( pronounced Moo-shays). Muxes people are given divine sanction status and are considered a blessing to their families and within their community.  They are respected and treasured for their beauty, tranquillity and their domestic talents. 

Forget about San Francisco’s  annual ‘Gay pride parade’ being a cutting edge and bold culture in celebrating diversity. These awesome people in Juchitan were celebrating  different sexualities when G.P.P. was not even a seed -in germination mode.

At this festival -the muxes  Zapotec people dress up flamboyantly proudly  sashay around in brightly coloured clothes. They have a full on fiesta- with plenty of food, drink and revel in the whole towns attention.

What a glorious world we would live in if everyone no matter how different was accepted and got their very own party to celebrate their differences. Can you imagine it?

The message is simple: Love who you are -you are not meant to conform to one ideal of what a community or a society dictates you should be.


The final message is:  if you live in some part of the world and are not accepted for who you are, have hope, take comfort and remember there are places’people in the world  who think you are  awesome! 


Hi all,

I started blogging  in September 2015. I had been putting off doing it for far too long. People won’t get me, my writing will be rubbish. You know how those garbage- can thoughts can infect the mind sooner,rather than later. 

It’s a big day for me. So I am going to pat myself on the back and say ‘well done- keep persevering’

I follow some incredibly diverse blogs but also many blogs about people with mental health issues. This subject is close to my heart and in my head -sometimes they are  loud and sometime  a little  murmur is all I hear.


I don’t want to go on too much but getting 100 word press followers is an epic milestone for me.thank-you-for-one-hundred-followers.png  I read your blogs and am blown  away by your talent and imaginations and your realities and how you put all this into words. I would like to add that none of my friends or family have supported me and that is what makes this achievement so valuable. I can connect with people and I’m good enough. 

So , let’s all raise a glass of whatever your favourite tipple is and cheers to you all. Cheers-GIF.gif