I love ART

“I don’t take part in these kinds of actions near enough, so here it goes. Here’s my quote. Since I’m not wired to share other’s quotes but infrequently, this is one of my own:

“Change your attitude and you will change your altitude.” I’m curious to see what you will do with this one. Bombs away!:)   ART ( ADVANCED RESEARCH TECHNOLOGY-life within life)

THANK YOU  for being a part of #FollowGreatFootsteps 

The first thing that popped into my mind when I read this is GAME ON! It’s just the banter   that myself and ART  have as Blogging friends.

The next thing that came into my mind is Art needs to go and check out a festival called drop beats not bombs  but I guess that came way too easy.. 😉



He has a beat..

Oh, he has a beat…..

Some   blogs are easier for me to describe. ART’s is not. This is a nickname he allowed me to use for him .Considering the the “woah this is some heavy shit we are talking about” topics I expected to have with him and his Bloggers


I did not think I would have anything in common when we started chatting but don’t judge a blog by it’s title …

No he is not some guru who is trying to get you to convert to some new religion. His posts are challenging and baffling and I so want to understand it all that -I am drawn back – again  and again.

giphy (4)


Start hanging around this dudes Blog and you will feel that heavy  attitude shift and just like you that ;

You will rise to higher altitudes with  a free mind – truly  open to discussion.

One thing I can say is ,ART is a true conversationalist.

I didn’t start Blogging just to get likes. I want to converse and learn new shit. Sometimes that means saying.

“I’m not even half way close to understanding but this is what I do think!”

There is no right or wrong – only a matter of perspective and ART  does write from a different perspective with flair.

So,I am coming in from a different perspective and giving you an insight into the different types of thinkers we have discussing or commenting or just reading in ARTS blog .

giphy (5).gif

A recent post of his.

There are No Flightless Words

“Words are spirit, and carry the life of the the one expressing them, within them.” ~ART

At risk of irreverence … God said “My word goes forth from My mouth and it will not return to Me void” … elsewhere, He said “let us create man in our image” … so if His word goes forth and returns to Him having completed the work He sent them forth to accomplish – and we are made in His image – we ought to be very mindful of the words we send forth.

How I hope and pray there are no foul words out there winging their way back to me with a load for the dropping …


One perspective.

:) I’ll put the smiley face first on this one, as that is the reaction your comment initially stirred.
However, you hit on something very deep. Whenever God speaks, it is done through a man. There is a whole Book to prove it.
The relationship between God and man is not one of distinctiveness, but of overlapping Spirit.
In the Book, it is actually the Word inspired by Almighty, but penned by man, that does not return void.
So it is all in the inspiration, or Spirit behind the words, that determines the outcome of what is sent forth.
So again, at the risk of irreverence, what we send forth in the Spirit IS the Word. If we occupy this position, we should expect the intended outcome.




My thoughts. I feel I can’t compete with half of what ART speaks about but he makes me want to understand. And that is a good thing.

So here is me jumping in the conversation like I do on most blogs I follow (with my  “un evolved” answer)

so much power in words. I don’t speak like you folk do but – there is something to be said for conscious thought and deliverance of words. I believe even in spirit there needs to come with it a great deal of discipline -especially those who use these words of THE ALMIGHTY or  what-ever to educate or influence. I believe intention has a lot to do with it too.


What I love about engaging with this blog is:

I don’t feel stupid.

I feel I can put what I understand down and that is what is important.

We all have to come to a point of understanding from some source. The start is always the best source – I’ve found I soemtimes get more things than others but shit does get clearer.

I like to keep my mind open and challenged.

This is one of the great blogs I follow which does indeed do that.



The Beyonce of The Blog community

“A silly proverb in my place is “that you should always treat your towel very kindly because the part that wiped your ass today, might wipe your face tomorrow.”:-) – JACQUELINE OBYLKAKOCHA

Trust the lovely Jaque from a cooking pot and twistedtales Thoughts and Tales Etc..A Lifestyle Blog with a Zing.

I have been reading some of your lovely Bloggers posts this morning . I have also been feeling a bit not such a happy chappy of late.

So this proverb has some serious truth in it added with  Jaque’s signature zing of humour injected into it. I wouldn’t have expected her to leave her mark in being part of my  #FollowGreatFootsteps without  making sure she made my facial expression contort

giphy (2).gif


I would like to add that perhaps when we clean our cloth make sure we put it on a hotter wash and add a bit more softener- just in case. Better to be safe than sorry, right?  😉

Who doesn’t know this fine lady’s Blog?

She makes up her own quotes. She has inspired me to start doing my own.

She is full of wisdom and has  a wicked sense of humour.

She does not come across as a lady who suffers fools gladly.

Actually she she may depends what they add to the pot. 😉

She is hard to pin down and I wouldn’t want to.

I’m going to let this Dame talk for herself. She does it so well.

“I am a gregarious, avid reader, who loves writing and telling stories”


Want a taste of how good she is with the written word?

HERE YOU GO A Poem about Me

She is a mother and a a proud wife to her gentleman of a husband. Her words. She  does not stick to doing one thing.

“I am still a child of Evolution, with varied interests ranging from pottery, painting, photography and gazillion stuff that I would like to try out.”


Nigerian born, lives in Dubai. She is bilingual in French and English.

‘Ambitious and Delicious’  should be her spirit totem name.

“I see a story in everything, humorous, serious, life matters, beauty, child rearing or anything that inspires me that we might have in common as humans.”


I’m always liking and commenting on her posts. She has me hooked. I am a loyal fan. 

She is a grafter/worker.  You will see why.

I am for hire

I am available to work with you on:

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Join The Challenge

“I presently host two blogging challenges that caters for different tastes:

Writing and Photography.” 


Dame Jaque is a bit of a party animal. Wild and very welcoming and generous with her monthly spreads.

Monthly Blog Party

“At the end of each month, we have a blog bash, that offers the opportunity to meet, greet and mingle with other bloggers new and old.

It’s been a proven success that helps to facilitate better cohesion of bloggers as well as driving your blogs growth.”


Not only are they fun but they are strategic too. You want to appeal to her more business minded self – take a look at her

My Strategic Partners

My amazing store

What can be found here?

Before I reveal all. Let me let you in on a small nugget of information . This Dame has only been Blogging for One year!

Look at how much she has achieved.



This Dame is a lady I look up to. I admire her femaleness. She empowers me as a female, that  anything is possible with hard work and a bit of creativity. She is also an incredible support of my own endeavours and a friend.

Don’t be intimidated folks, there is a lot of heart within her.


Want to take part?

I’m always looking for great quotes so if you have one that is unusual or unique -let me know in the comment sections. I will make sure I post your quote/ folk tale/proverb/ in #FollowGreatFootsteps category and I will send a a direct link to your page:)

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Bringing inspiring quotes into our conscious minds gives us the chance to try and adopt that quality we love in an inspirational person




Exquisite horror #FollowGreatFootsteps #SHOUT OUT NEW FLOWERS

I don’t know  if any of you wonder why the hell I give so many shout outs. If you do here is  the reason:

It is a really good way to actually get to know the person behind the blog and it builds up more intimacy.

Yes, it involves effort and looking at what others have to say but I’m nosy and far too curious. I want to know everything and everyone. ha ha

Sounds creepy- maybe it is…

giphy (10).gif

If I am ever at a loss to write something – you lot inspire me and I am not some knob head who won’t give credit to my inspiration.

Simple as that!

I know my posts can seem like a mixed bag. I am not one to conventionally follow rules. So mixing things up and  not doing the same thing -the same way -all the time- keeps me interested.


My G goes for his detached retina eye op on Thursday morning. Not sure I will be around much. We will only find out how severe his post recovery surgery will be once they have operated and found where the tear is.

Hen do is on the 21/05- Saturday. I’m terribly  excited.I get to drink cocktails and eat good food!

So ,I still have a couple more quotes to share that people have shared with me on #FollowGreatFootsteps


Are you ready for the blurb bit?


I’m always looking for great quotes so if you have one that is unusual or unique -let me know in the comment sections. I will make sure I post your quote/ folk tale/proverb/ in #FollowGreatFootsteps category and I will send a a direct link to your page:)

*OPTIONAL* -add a short or long comment about why you love a particular quote a simple word or to on what it means to you.

Why do it?
Who doesn’t love a good quote?

Bringing inspiring quotes into our conscious minds gives us the chance to try and adopt that quality we love in an inspirational person


Today’s quote made me think a lot. I like to think.

(Singing ‘Arabian Nights’) It comes from a place in a far away land where camels and (forgot words) roam….. – silly Daisy.


It comes from   Anna from Life As A Bipolar Artist- A place for venting, explaining, and maybe learning something.

 “Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality.”  –EDGAR ALLEN POE 

“Telling the whole terrifying truth certainly does give words power, I think it connects us all in some way or another. Also, I have to appreciate the phrase “exquisite horror” from an author who clearly loved his dark side, despite the trouble and struggle it caused for him:)


Why do I love Anna?

Because she expresses her darkness with such finesse that it almost seems like a great place to be.

Her art and her exquisite expression of all things malade, make me   feel drawn to  visit  ‘the Maison de Sante’, like some character called Doctor Tarr  The methods of expression(treatment if you like)  employed are intriguing .


to find out that this place  lets the patients revel in their madness and are at liberty to roam free  is  even more fascinating.

The true horror is to find that the asylum has been  over thrown by its patients. The lunatics are posing as the professionals.

A great idea in theory but not something I think I would enjoy in practice.

 Read Poes -fine piece The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether by Edgar Allan Poe (published 1856).

What I have learned about Anna is just how easy it is to misinterpret what a person means in their writing. I am not at liberty to explain this  cryptic part of my post, as it genuinely is not my my story to tell. I am merely a character in it.

I can show you this is how I became involved in Anna’s journey – I clicked on this The beginning of Terror 

and saw this.


© AnnaMechelle88 and Life As A Bipolar Artist, 2016.

Anna said:

“This will be my last post for a little while, so I thought I’d leave you with a sense of how I’m feeling with this picture. It was inspired by some strong feelings, the kind that are strong enough to leave you numb. I don’t like to admit when I am feeling less like myself than usual”

What I learned from this post.

If some one says they are going somewhere or won’t be in touch for a while have the sense to ask why.

THANK YOU ,Anna for joining in

publication11Finally, I won’t get a chance to give all the new flowers in the community a shout out on Thursday so this is the part of my  post that is full of inspiration and community and awesome epicness.


giphy (4)



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Leave me your Facebook links  in this post and  hopefully I will be able to get around to checking out what you do on FACEBOOK and maybe you might like what you see on my FACEBOOK PAGE.

No link included…

It’s just something I have been thinking about. Considering, WordPress and Facebook are my fave communities.






Options (with Its PH -The daily reads and writes)

“You always have an option to opt between,
‘You will always remember’ and ‘You will never forget’.”

“I feel though they both mean the same, second one is more strong.” Prakesh –


Its PH The daily reads and writes 

for joining in

#FollowGreatFootsteps     with me 🙂


This is as philosophical as I  can get  at 8 a.m. in the morning,on a Saturday.

I have to say I agree with Prakesh on this one.


Even though both are technically the same in meaning.

In my experience, remembering or trying to re call facts can be way too  energy and time consuming.

Thoughts get scrambled.

Other thoughts jump in and hook up  with the others and the memory becomes more of a sketch of what happened.  The trying to remember is more subject to manipulation.

giphy (3).gif


To  me, to ‘never forget ‘is so much more potent – because this is when an experience happens,where all the data and thoughts at the moment it happens is crystallised for all eternity.

It gets filed under ‘memories not to be fucked with’. 

 Other thoughts can’t get in that drawer .

It is bolted.

More often the key get’s misplaced. It gets put in the fruit bowl or in that favourite pair of jeans pocket- -never the same place.


giphy (4).gif



 Even if my thoughts  want to scramble the bolted  memories with a shot of what ever other thought. It’s not going to happen.

I can only liken this quote to :

I was once attacked at knife point with a friend. I remember bright lights, there was a group of people, a sensation of a tug on my jeans ,the sound of a blunt blade  cutting off my friends back pack.

Everything is hazy.

Details like what the people looked like – I couldn’t tell you.

Were they bigger than me?

 Possibly because other thoughts have dominated and questioned that night and diluted the memories.

One thing that other thoughts can’t scramble is my ‘memories not to be fucked with’.

 I can never forget the primitive fight and flee feel of fear.

It’s imprinted  on Me like some one took a boot to my head. These kind of memories leave deep scars. If I walk alone in a dark place at night on my own. This fear feeling will come up . It won’t let me forget.

I think the things  that are harder to forget are the things that arrest us – immobilize us. Stop us from moving.

giphy (5).gif



Details are changeable . I can read a book and suddenly have a new take on what the scene looked .

It is only when I am forced to stop,this is the time I am likely to form a memory that takes hold and cements.

Other memories like-

 clothes worn,

how many?

the date?

the name of the road.- don’t have the same “possession kudos” that a frozen memory does.

Thank you so much Prakesh!

A man with degrees up to his ears in the technology arena. He then   decides he needs to be dabble his hand in the arts sector and becomes a wizard with a flair for all things pertaining to the heart too.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Only joking. 🙂


I say he is a wizard because of quotes like these of his.

“My research work has not only motivated me to do technical stuff but also all other reads and writes. Blogging has opened a new life to me!”Prakash B. Hegade.

“There is also a small piece on Ageing. It is One of the topic that excites me. It is covered in introduction and four small episodes”Prakash B. Hegade.



“I mostly like to pen down poems. They can carry deep thoughts in few sentences and phrases. They are quick and also fun to read. If you ask me my favorite write, i would say this one – “Is this life all about –  A new old”. Prakash B. Hegade.



“You can also check the IBMCif challenges excite you. I am sure all the 10 tasks will engage you enough into writing. ” Prakash B. Hegade.

IBMC    challenges a plenty.

“I have a love story completed called “Today Calls Tomorrow.” You should read and let me know! Its a mini novel with 50 episodes and all available online. There is a free ebook version also available Here.” Prakash B. Hegade.





That’s me for the moment. I’m off the my mates baby shower this afternoon.  Catch up with you later.



The Daddy Blitz- ‘walk the line’

“Well I’m thankful for the things I have,
And all the things I don’t.
And I’ve got dreams that will come true,
And I’ve got some that won’t.
Most the time I just walk the line- wherever it goes.
‘Cuz you can’t hang yourself if you ain’t got enough rope.”

-Christ Knight, “Enough Rope”

THANK YOU and a huge SHOUT OUT  TO   DaddyBlitz @The Daddy Blitz -Blogging about Family ,Religion and Politics  for these lyrics for #FollowGreatFootsteps. I found myself in stitches (not of the hanging rope/ medical kind) at the humour.

These lyrics give you a sense of what the mood is like on DaddyBlitz’s blog.

Want to know more about this Christian singer artist, Chris Knight ?  HERE YOU GO

Some valuable advice is  ‘ walk the line’. I had to look that up because I haven’t done a whole lot of ‘walking the line’ in my life.  😀

Walk the line

1. To maintain a fragile balance between one extreme and another. i.e.: good and evil, sanity and insanity, decency and decadence, etc.
2. To behave; to abide by the the law and/or to abide by moral standards; to walk a straight path of decency by following the rules; to “walk the straight and narrow.”

The latter definition is that applied in the song “Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash.

1. I walk the line between good and evil.

2. I used to be a drunken thug, but now I walk the line


I do love Johnny Cash. So thanks for the this new term. I do a lot of that these days.

giphy (5).gif

So what about DaddyBlitz ?

Last night I read his post and he  was writing about his life being married and having 5 sons varying from the age of 4-14 years old.

He has this way of writing that made me think

I could be a a mother again… It’s not that hard, surely …

Then I realised this is DaddyBlitz!

A man of God,

An epic and comic parent,

Works in the Attorney trade.

He writes and he blogs about  PARENTHOOD ,RELIGION  and POLITICS.  

He also Writes SHORT STORIES and POETRY  too!

He even has a GUEST BOOK on his blog. It’s such a lovely touch. People leaving their thoughts in comments about his blog – check it out.

Then, I realised that this man in my eyes must be some Demi — God. So, the planning to have another sibling for my daughter went back into it’s little cave again.




He reminds me of my G

No G is not in the attorney trade

Nor does he have a growing hockey team

But he does have the same spirit.

I read his post on Advice to new parents -Relax and I thought if this  is who springs to mind when I read this man’s Blog then I have nothing to fear when I get married -or maybe everything . Ha ha.

DaddyBlitz’s Blog  deals with heavy themes but not in the way I expected . There is a lightness, a spring in his style of writing and humour is never far away.

I love to laugh so I am sold –

giphy (6).gif

I follow this dudes blog.

I’ve ‘walked the line’ for a few years now and I never thought this would come out but I love the security I feel. I love the feeling of contentment I have in me and I love the direction my path is on.

I will always be a rebellious spirit is some form but I realise I can do this in way that doesn’t damage me and the ones around me. 

When I was in the thick of all the crap I went through a few years ago. I spent a lot of time with my legal team. They kept me going. 

The first solicitor I met was when I was when I woke up in a cell and didn’t know why. 

It was all around the issues with my daughter and that night.

I didn’t want an attorney because I didn’t know that the charges brought against me was assault. The police insisted I have some form of legal representation with me. 

I met S – the solicitor.

We went into a room to chat. I told him as much as I could remember. 

I didn’t know yet that all the tests had come back on the assault allegation. 

S started to tell me a story it went like this

“Did you know last week I went to   played in a baseball match in Manchester and it was a perfect day, the sun the was shining, I saw this ball coming for me and I whacked this ball so high – everyone scrambled for it. The thing is I don’t remember running each base.”

I was like.

okay…. the thought never occurred to me that baseball is an American sport and we were in the U.K. and I thought what a cool story – thanks for telling me.

He then came out with the words :

“Do you want to know why I can’t remember?

I obviously wanted to know and I nodded my head.

” Because it didn’t happen” 

I choked up.

Just because my loose cannon ball ex made the allegation I shook my child there was  no evidence and it didn’t happen. It was a lie.

Yeah, so thank you for this and for  engaging with my #FollowGreatFootsteps challenge I came up with.

Solid advice to live by .

I’m always looking for great quotes so if you have one that is unusual or unique -let me know in the comment sections. I will make sure I post your quote/ folk tale/proverb/ in #FollowGreatFootsteps category and I will send a a direct link to your page 🙂

*OPTIONAL* -add a short or long comment about why you love a particular quote a simple word or to on what it means to you.

Why do it?
Who doesn’t love a good quote?

Bringing inspiring quotes into our conscious minds gives us the chance to try and adopt that quality we love in an inspirational person




Insights From a Bipolar Bear – #FollowGreatFoosteps

“Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

BIG  SHOUT OUT TO BRADLEY in L.A. for sharing this #FollowGreatFootsteps quote. It’s hard not to resent. I agree that it is a wasted energy and an exercise in futility.

In my opinion, the less resentments we hold the better we age and the healthier we remain.

When I think of Bradley’s Blog name– Insights From A Bipolar Bear .  I start hearing Baloo the bear  (from Disney’s ‘Jungle book’ ) singing

“Look for the bare necessities”


If you have never listened to this song as an adult. I suggest you do .  His philosophy  should be given a serious paws for thought ( couldn’t help myself.)

Do you think Baloo could sing this song if he he was still upset he got stung by a bee looking for honey?

Or if he fell asleep under a tree and that bloody bird shat on his head  AGAIN – like it was doing it on purpose?

I  think you get my meaning.

Bradley – has a wealth of information on living with Bipolar. He was diagnosed at the age of 14 years old with Depression and this went on to him being diagnosed with  Manic Depression (Bipolar)

He has every right to be resentful because of his experiences but Hallelujah he realises the waste   of harbouring this feeling.

Bradley is always on the look out for GUEST BLOGGERS -so if you have something to write about – get in touch and share your experiences

. It is Mental Health awareness month in the U.K.

So let’s get our voices heard.

Thank you so much for contributing to #FollowGreatFootsteps  

Peace . Namaste and all things zen and breezy.


I’m always looking for great quotes so if you have one that is unusual or unique -let me know in the comment sections. I will make sure I post your quote/ folk tale/proverb/ in #FollowGreatFootsteps category and I will send a a direct link to your page 🙂

*OPTIONAL* -add a short or long comment about why you love a particular quote a simple word or to on what it means to you.

Why do it?
Who doesn’t love a good quote?

Bringing inspiring quotes into our conscious minds gives us the chance to try and adopt that quality we love in an inspirational person




Making something out of nothing

“Who says nothing is impossible? I’ve been doing nothing for years.” -UNKNOWN

Ha! I love this quote. I very rarely let myself truly chill out and veg. This weekend was the first weekend and time in over a year that I have given my mind and body a true chance to chill and enjoy being in the moment.

Why do we think that what we do is– nothing ? not enough?


I look back over the years and ,at this moment in time, no, I don’t have a 9-5 job.

However,I have been working harder than I would, ( I am talking about me here) ,say if I had been working  in a 9-5 job.

I’ve only just realised how important it is  to take some time away from my work and what I do.

I love being active  and in the last couple weeks-everything I love to do  stopped being fun any more.

 I was  even getting stressed out about some of the  things I do to wind down, an  example is  Blogging. It was having the opposite effect. I  was getting way too grumpy.


I even thought taking  a break from it.

I have just  realised that all  I  needed was  a couple of days to

  • not get too worried about being up to date with my posts

  •  not  work out to my most difficult dance work out session

  •   not only  seeming to eat bloody fruit until the wedding.

  •  not having to be the most awesome .. insert title here……

  •  not worry an have that inner belief that  I can give my all in whatever I have going on next week.

It’s Sunday and I woke up at 10. It does help having a Bella Bee free night.

I didn’t wake up at 5 am to start bloggging and reading blogs. I know I can do that  later on today and this week and next week and the week after that.

Here is the philosophical bit.



I don’t know if  it is age but my mind state is finally starting to shift.

I have my goals but I have finally started to stop trying to prove to people that they have to like me or what I do or say or write.

I care about a lot of people and support many people here and in my “real life” but I  now know I don’t need their approval.

Not all people will get me or you.


Don’t take it to heart.

No, seriously,

Usually if someone seems to ignore you, is hostile ,  is not consistent with how they treat you. If you are always left  feeling drained or uncomfortable and generally bummed out   around certain people.

99% of the time, it is not something you need to figure out.

It is usually all about what that person has going on in their head.

People who judge and are critical to others, try and target the people who are themselves and who are 100% genuine and happy with what they are doing and where they are going. Haters try to make you question if you are good enough with what you do or have. They never give you anything but a serious doubt in your abilities.

download (1)


Usually, what ever seems like a reflection on you and who you are and how you are –  isn’t.

I know I am the only person who knows myself better than anyone. If I trust my gut instincts,I know how to reign myself in , reflect on my own judgements and check out what is going on with me.


Not everyone is comfortable with the fact I don’t hide certain ‘”skeletons”  of my life in a overflowing wardrobe,that I  supposedly should be ashamed to share.

My thinking is  – I share them because I fucking got over them.

If you don’t like that I am not all caught up in an eternal self- mind fuckery, that is your problem not mine.

I and you . We all have a life to live.

There is a great life out there  to see and experience. We need to take time to chill and do our own thing.  Even if it seems like we are doing nothing. We are usually doing a lot.

I am convinced that all the things I have lined up for this next week -will be tackled with 100% passion and commitment.

I’m feeling fresh, energised (amazing what a few haribos can do)

That’s it from me.

Daisy  ❤



Want to  be a part #FollowGreatFootsteps?  You can do it! I will review your blog:) -check out the link above. It”s easy peasy.