Now, I thought

Now, I thought I’d tell my husband that I was going to walk out into that  main road Wait for a car to run me over. I’m sure he would have expressed concern and said I should have invested in an organ donor Card! That he is with his wry sense of humour.    Now, […]

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Spoken. Word!

  Thanks to those who have been so supportive.

I’m still a newbie at doing open mic but what a great crowd and I’m so honoured to have had a chance to share a space with so many incredibly talented singers, comedians, poets/artists  who welcomed  this blooming weed into their little home and embraced me like a friend who had been away travelling.

Apologies for the poor quality video. Will try and upload a better one but tbh all you see is the back of me ha ha!  Not very exciting.

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A classless post.

A classless post Throwback Thursday They didn’t get why a white girl with seemingly everything would wanted to live a ghetto life – have black boyfriends and live in squalor. One thing having class did help me with is get me out of a lot of trouble Before you say money doesn’t buy Carry on […]

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Line of Deliverance

I’m the one who needs these murky waters to survive . Forget I too need oxygen and gills to stabilize my Eco system.

If my world was captured by a drone;

I would want it to show me evolved into a hybridized pro-humanity amphibian.

Swimming side by side

dolphins & whales ad infinitum.

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That woman

I’m the woman who feels her mind unravel every single day. I’m that woman who will drop (almost ) anything to be loved, liked and to try and be there for people. I am that woman who thinks I am one step away from insanity. One meal away from sitting with others -in the cafeteria […]

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Johnny K got bills

Today I’m feeling this song, because I’m working and trying to make some money to get by. Aren’t we all? I do plenty of scouring the web to find original music that makes me feel. Today I’m feeling poor…. but only in my wallet. Ha ha! I’m hopeful.. all is not lost. It may seem […]

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Did God make funky beats ?

Do you ever let fear get in the way of letting you get on with achieving your goals? I totally self implode and go into self destruct mode. It’s been an eventful year. Full of the plethora of rainbow colors. Its been a spectrum of ups and downs. I lost my mind for a bit. […]

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These willowy thoughts

My blog (that I share) has always been about ‘keeping it  real’ and being authentic to myself. I never started out my blog  think ing – YO This is the shizzle- (as my mate Lou says). And  then expand my blog to include other passions and interests on Art, mental health, politics, ideas, poetry. I’ve started writing […]

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Cheerio escapee

Intense Too much so dispense Emotions ladled with cheerios Not fun when rotund escapees flee from the nick. Allow inner self respect to dictate your tone. I digress, I can write. I can. It’s a ‘happening’ . I’m not doing this out of lust or hate. Per chance,I did go to heaven or indeed another […]

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I write these words at my detriment. One could never state i’m pertinent Impertinent A condundrum Fun until the sun sets and all glows shady dim. I have bars I could sing It’s my cage. It’s inner song lost I need customer service. Hit 3 to subscribe  to Paige.

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The simple life

Great ideas and plans sometimes mean delays. I’m the worst person to put off goals I’m passionate about. I am learning that if I want things to look and come across a certain way, I have to wait. I’m beyond excited to be approached to be a part of an industry I love. I’m one […]

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Final Ultimatum

LIFE UPDATE   I’ve decided to  get tough and work with an inherent quirk:  self sabotage. I’ve given it an ultimatum. I’ve been  quiet-ish and random  (on here )because I’ve been a busy bee working on fulfilling my true passions. Here’s a brief check in about  what I’m  currently doing in my life – I’, […]

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Hi Lo Perspective

*If you want to find out more a bout the inspiration for this piece and raise awareness against all forms of violence and abuse-Trigger pictures of me looking bruised -HEAD OVER HERE share #It’sok2talkaboutabuse If not read below. It’s not Saturday and I’m feeling non conformist. I guess its kind of my way. Haven’t done […]

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Pep talk retraced

Euphoria daze Though lightness may fade. Forget words wasted on ill gotten behaviours. Stuck in a quagmire? Want to send out the vigil of hope. It’s in me. Buried under a thousand haunting ghosts. Make this a cheerful post. What is disarmingly charming in this world? Open my eyes, Look around! Be interested in gazing […]

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Art of Protest

I’m no academic poet. Talk  to me about about syllables, haikus – to be honest,  I can only hear the blood rushing to my head. I started doing stream of consciousnesss posts in 2016. I’ve received positive feedback on here, and now I want to step up my game. Just for fun, the social aspect […]

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and so, they lived…

Life update I’ve finally received my results for my 1st year, doing my Masters, in Creative writing. Drum rolls. PASS-with merit. I officially can use more random letters after my name — ha ha! I  am now  in possession of a post graduate certificate in the Arts and Humanities! Wow! Amazing. How’s this going to […]

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Weeds need no moonshine

When you’r feel you’re hanging on the vine, remember- a seed push forth a mighty sign. You must  take the sunbeams and treasure what’s thine Wild Kansas City  is but one destination on the sign Take hope, light and lose the animosity , for inside there is no monstrosity Get yourself  caught speeding in high […]

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Buy ding time

So many people watch and talk about those who they under estimate. By all means watch, And learn. Maybe you will learn how to deal with one or two of your own issues A perfectly flawed Daisy Willows I let us down? Shadows betrayed with a mere glimpse of a frown. No words can express […]

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