Do or die

Sitting on the roof top trying to tell myself I’ve not misbehaved.

Blush rose hues creep up my cheeks and I know my hearts desire is unexplained.

I look at the stars — one always stands out brighter than the rest.

I say to myself — there goes my next conquest.

With liberal wings and green peace in my heart ,

I know for the sake of inhabiting my skin-unconfortable feelings will always play a part.

Forgive me for  being free spirited and seeking out a bon ami.

If I had testicles would  my new gender let me walk free ?

to be me?

It’s a plea.

I love what I desire .

I desire what I love .

I hate it when my sanity decides to imitate a neat whisky on the rocks.

Truth be told – I know I’m getting old .

Disambiguous feelings about the path I tread.

May my daughter’s laugh always bring me round to the sound of present day clocks.

Murmurs of hesitation .

Live my life, have a voice, and sail away

Where else do you think I would choose for a holiday destination?

The one I never have to come back from.

It’s me inside me.

Dare to take a part of me — feel my anticipation.

The specials-the after math.

Told  off for  my impulsive reaction.

The fact I’m conscious I am typing these words-

I feel inauthentic in how they roll out my mind with a hesitant tense formation

Words rise up ,around me – Jab me and a jeer me to dare say whats on my mind.

I’m not a child and I’m not venerable just yet .

So I swim against the tide of the alphabet soup.

Clarity I seek.

One tidal wave from forcing myself to write these words down;

If only to reinforce I have my own sound.

Sound as a pound

Scared of clowns .

That’s better-Socs — that’s my deal.

My contraband.

How I get from a-z- without reaching out for the  plan involving illegally, prescribed Ativan.

Banned from my perception of the elite.

Breached my licence to complete…

Should I hit delete?

This is my beat.

I won’t let me beat me down.

Self is the worst enemy-you know how it ages your reflection

scowling in a frown.

She’s back in business now . Wah da da da da — the song clearly has relevance in my sense of decline.

Fall 8 times — get up again.

Who am I to want merely blend in?

I was born to be a Bengal feline.

Character building — life coach ,I sense my patience won’t let me vote for your reality T.V. yoke.

It makes me sick.

Confession .

Watch one episode and I will mutate into just one more cockroach.

I’m on the down line with a mean upper hook.

Priorities in order.

House work infected by the pox — aren’t you glad you vaccinated your park life children?

Let my demon free to infiltrate the anti’s, confront them with the disease bitten book.

Have a say — what’s the worst that can happen?

Speak your mind — illegal aliens might just descend from that planet called Saturn.

Write to recover. Write to escape.

Shake up your mind , dare to continue —an inner ongoing live debate.

Not for hate — you make your own fate.

Feeling Anxiety. Too worried about what John Sax’s might reveal to his munchie  queen.

Know thyself and be true to yourself.

I’m not going to change my character to fit in with society’s latest heart melt.

Superstitious mind – I earned it in walking my path — did you see my black belt?

Stand up for who you are and what you believe in.

Some may consider me strange but have you had a look at your inner heathen?

The entity is back — no wheel-dealing with a bad batch of sugar coated crack.

6 million ways to die — choose one 

That came from a song – Who am I to sit around and hide?

 * DEADLINE  for EMA  Sunday night.  *


The song -contains  some cussing and may offend feminists …..  😉 Maybe not this song 😀  Idk.


A sweep of consciousness

Polish face lifts

immigrants on a striking shift.

Release the scent of the maximum sedative.

How many wrongs make a right in a world indulging in a  toupe wearing predictive.

In the slums – she bares her teeth.

rips at her tights.

Hoping to show she can cough up her own weight when she’s challenged to cognac fights.

Be funny! 

Be sunny!

Rhyme like a dimer who thinks life is one giant inflatable bunny.

Spring in her step – she waddles a concubine to the left.

Eating her mushy peas and the renmants of a palate once cleft.

oh, come all ye faithful – fish nets, voluminous hair.

All that makeup gunk and dressing attire scream out they live in a world in scenic bare.

Boxed tight in – creativity swivels to an allurer.

Betrayed by the one she led down consciousness  – hostile intruder.

Be funny!

Be sunny!

Genuine, inspirational, honesty appeals to an egotists intellect.

How much funk does one consume to come to believe in this deficit?

Character assassination -Emotions maul – pall bearers shuffle on knees.

a clear casket in mind – drunken on herbal skies, the night before the shaman declares he indeed sees.

Truffle this slice with something so nice.

Be happy!

Be funny!

49 kilograms of crystallized heart stacked with genetically modified, combed honey.

Pest in my side. No great thought- a merry flow tilts to contrive.

This is what you get when you reach out for a pair of ears to listen to what you wish others could see through your hide.

Make it a happy ending!

Tortured with teddy bears, candy floss not fit for human consumption

Connect the E numbers – ADHD charged disorderly suspected of the ability to function.

Write what you know.

Know what you write

For old times sake, can’t we just make up and redo introductions without resorting to repeats of historical dramas televised late in the night?

Spirited away from a despicable raven heart that galvanizes.

Bloody, pumped up

clogged up arteries.

Whimsical bird   – an indulgent Eliza

Do little.

Timing is everything, nothing, and something.

If she could just make a connection – could she expose the trilogy cycling stationary in the ring?

She gives a damn but it is probably not what you think she has planned.

Convolution confederate.

marvellous toast dictates who should ordain an anthem to strawberry jam.

Drummers in a sweat lodge – chanting druids beating on stones, let the sow lose her intelligent piece of three-year-old jambon ham.

She’s not a funny writer .

She writes what she wants to – it’s weird and it’s messed up but it is fucking fun.

Sanity is a line just beyond the blur – hasn’t it ever occurred to you she writes to live for her?

Cape Vulnerable

Danger lurks in wild-eyed faces.

Thoughts restrained to assuage feelings inverted debases.

Danger thrusts a third eye world view,

of hatred and vomit a careless overlook of blind men seeking to anew.

Danger conquests damsel in distress.

Jeans make it pleasurable for when she denies its requests.



danger, –  it haunts her.

She sees what she wants to see; how it taunts her.

Hush little darling, remember naive, white rose petals,

Dreams hijacked by villains in full uniform metals.

Skettled and nettled – itching to find a place to seek comfort.

A goose down feather pillow makes a dream fit for the unfit.



Danger, it hawks in on her.

Hush, little darling – feed thine hunger, mother goose is baking in the oven.

Commit to a mind of normal functions. Emotional battery, maternal coven.

Reach not for this soul. It is claimed and is bold.

Wretched and lectured- ears buzzing with sensory ejaculation.

Sleeping partners do just what the contract state. Don’t let this assume an identity of edification.

Soothe, muse, love every bone,

ever tenderized bruise.

Damsel will never see you fall from your pedestal – you can never lose.

Choose, use -in moderation – her body will allow you to take so know thine limits

Infants on feet -rapping at the  doors -ready to impose a new order in the house of the fidgets.


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When Imagination flew

Hocus pocus -back massage -focus.

Pinpoint – sins anoint.

Deliberate – invigorate.

Disintegrate .

Vinegar – malt – bread and crying lambs.

Bones and hams and dreaded brushed up dams.

Inland – sea water –  -Captain  Considerate bellows out a whispered order.

Shrouded in ghostly ,plaid sheets,

Halloween  music – down tempo.

folk are stranger than fiction.

Potion – paddle me back. I cry for the touch of a heat pack anointed by the king of my  lotus.

Socks – odd- colored. Even spotty dotty.

Handmade witches hat.

Black and pointy – little girl new apprentice forgets the cliche black cat.

Mog – Dog.

Who let these thoughts loose  ?

What a tease.

collar them quickly before they infect a nation of  flightless geese.

Boozy – oozy.

Green mushy peas hit the back of Charlie’s head with ease.

Take this to the 20 pence  psychotic nurse – a comic strip has taken off on a temporary lease.

Clouds ,tufts – whoops and cheers.

 Cowboy yeeha aa’s  with somersault dips in a  carefree child’s stomach- a turbulent ride – nervous passengers close off their ears.

Fish breathe – fish fry – bread crumbs – bits of eyeballs, bats of  fish roe,all make up a composite of an all day, Sunday breakfast, fashioned in  the latest dregs.

Drags racing round  in fine cars – cruising for their latest blonde sign,

eye winks abound .

nudge- nudge –

Fudge dove,over there!  He looks mighty fine.

Caped crusader at your service.

Ring a bell and make intercourse with  a strewth’s strumpet – mind – she is a bit nervous.

October – hallows  eve is back around full circle -creeping up behind you.

Adults know that children shouldn’t  be anywhere near the main parade, down South  street, around  all things  pertaining to blue.

Saxophonic porn – jazz wax pouring out in a meek tone, quite forlorn.


Afraid  of all that is to come.

Nightmares stain sheets with betrayed body sweat – heavily undone.

Palpitations jump in groups of flees.

Lice take a buzz cut to the party stopping by the willow trees.

Busybodies- bee’s knees – one always has to wheeze.

Inhale the scent of lavender – Drunk on words of free flow .

On the rocks – slippy and trippy .

Land in a heap, laughing, making angels in the snow.

Poke us – hoax us.

Social media dopes cuss.

Make the weekend count towards at least one credit on the bedroom headboard.

Cardboard cut outs.


elegant geezers and high school drop outs .

Mass orgy – dreadlocks, colors , basslines.

‘put your back into it’ – don’t make them  use the cutting cord.

Make the most of your imagination.

Life is not nearly as warped  as it sounds for this raging genderless Caucasian.


Always inspired to write by Linda G’s stream of consciousness.


Check it out have a go.


I’m Buzzing! it’s the weekend. Rock and roll – child free night – movies and cuddles with my better half.




Heads up

A coin has two sides.

Heads or Tails – it’s crazy how we let fate decide how  our life will transpire.

Fate. Mate. It’s  all overrated – celebrity ,drug addicted ,dead skateboarder – cremated ashes arise from the livings tears-earths most selfish empire.

Hawks is a brand name. I find his business methods something left to be desired.

Underhanded- an opportunist.

Monotone. All alone.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If we don’t speak we will never have our say.

Seems obvious right?  Don’t hold it all inside – don’t delay – make a  good go at it  and relay.

Play the violin, a piano. Instrumental sounds. Rap  beats- car sounds reverberating – runners paving the tarmac with their well-trained feet.

Musical – emotional .

I ‘m touched by what I hear. It moves my soul quicker than all the gold or silver in the world.

My words serve to validate all that I seek when I am feeling somewhat  unworthy.

Why do we undervalue ourselves ?

the ones who should sign a cheque to  get a  re-evaluation – go up in our own self-estimation.


Uncurl your fingers – point in whatever direction the wind blows, just walk wherever your finger lands, you can always change your mind if you hear the squawking of black crows.

It’s all there – in our head.

our heart.

We are a work of seraphic art.

Goals achieved ?Celebrate them . Flaunt them -don’t sit there with your head in your hands full- tearfully  grieving. You must not be deceived.



Chimney poison ivy creeper.

Santa has decided to go for the crimson look for yet another year – What   a heathen!

Life is a miracle . Look at your child – turning  five , thirteen ,sixteen , eighteen.

I don’t care if she decides to run with  the LGBT team or  swap cuticle tips with  the  latest  Hollywood cream queen.

Happiness. Her individuality. Her style. Her choice.

Role model. Demonstrate .Affection. Reciprocate.

Infectious . Laughter – stars above –  sit, wide-mouthed, in awe . Blessed to have sight. I’m not Stevie wonder.

True, some say  he was talented but he was not me.

I too am Original .

I too am visional.



Open your mind to  the possibility that money is nothing but worthless of your  valuable time, scavenging around under the bed mattress, in hope of clocking an epic find.

It’s all relative.

That’s what the judge said.

In proportion to Age.

The solicitor offended his honour in his  own chambers,  pulling the ageist card to a venerable man .

His honourable threatened the organisation to pay out – headless chickens  running around, not enough eggs or battery farms. Overfed   already   underfunded.

 Hegemony -sums in deficit- terminally  defunct.

send them back to the Flinstones era .

Exile – a  yabba dabba doo ban.

Regret nothing.

Embrace every compliment, every kindness , every soft touch.

For you  don’t have a clue just how much you have to offer,

just how much you  give to so and so and such and such.


Reorganise .

Make a treasure map – Find a weather app.

What do you  value? Does it make you happy?

Elevator music- always smells  of corporate candy  -a  chihuahua  at your ankles, constantly  snapping.

Don’t blend in. Stand out. Be fierce, Be proud. You’ve come far.

The underdog title has got a new replacement.

Now, don’t hesitate. Don’t fear. Take that hair-raising  step . Success is attracted to you  like static – you don’t need a lint roller to wipe away all of you. You’ve worked – you  have put in the time.

 Look at  your face!  amazement.

I know we  all battle. Not every day is full of sunshine.

Colours change. People fade away. Some people stay the same. Dismal,but that’s not your problem.

You are here to honour your rightful place next to your fellow man , women – indeed even that  sodding goblin.

Two sides of the coin. No, you don’t  have to flip it like a burger.  You have a choice. You always have a choice.

To give power – to give your free will away to chance – heads or tails .

It’s unbalanced , unnatural . Shed away the  archaic scales.

You are in control even when  you are on automatic.

let’s wrap this soCs up and  affirm how hard you’ve worked -you have every right to celebrate your achievements. Stare people in the eyes – make sure that  they are on your level.

Tell them -Let them all know.

Yes.  I am. 

Yes. I did. 

Yes. I will.

When you do decide  where it is  that you are headed for next on the chessboard . Sing, dance ,shout -do a jig – do it your way.

Make sure you are emphatic, Charlie Chaplin  style or  simply be over dramatic.


Check out her Blog here 


Summer Daze

When I  first saw you , in Sitges , across from the bay- To say I was struck by your display of non-attire   is hardly an understatement.

My eyes darted in every direction . Phallic erections were all I could see in my embarrassed array- it was all so blatant.

There was simply nothing else I could do  but hold eye contact with you – those emerald-flecked  eyes is when I felt true mesmerism.

It was only then I realised how naked I felt fully dressed on this hidden beach -it projected the true souls that contain all thing auriferous.

My hands easily untied my tie-dyed blue sarong. I didn’t stop there . I may only have a hand full but I whipped off my white bikini top and wriggled out of my bottoms. All I could sense was an aura emanating off of  you

(sigh)  simply so… chivalrous.

The sun shone starkly – but being the  mightiest of knights you picked up my clothes, placed them next to yours. You took my hand and guided me -running , gold spun,free – to the turquoise , fish enchanted ocean.

Legs entwined around your torso – skin on skin  contact – salty, wet, tongue licks of devouring  devotion.

Lavishing one  other, two became one. The ripples, the bubbles- our heady  infusion, blasted open my eyes to the skies- – tufted clouds – summoned up  an old tune-

Puff the magic dragon.

Magic is always possible when you believe in you.  I  swear it had nothing to do with  that extravagant  elixir  of a  cocktail – I  imbibed a  couple of hours before, at that quaint restaurant – the one that I drank out of a craggan.

Composure – time to depart, float on my back -contemplate this dilemma of how quick I was to abandon my clothes.

 I may have come into the world as naked as I am right now but I know what is waiting on the coastline is a far cry  from my fantasised hardened  cocks.

 In fact quite the opposite. I know no shadow can camouflage    the   pruned skin of a   60-year-old Grandad  with a   wrinkled ,flaccid   penis.

Christ,  I am 21 years old- apologies for the sudden heaving up of  old man smell that a young me loathes.

It was meant to be a bit of fun – find the secret nudist beach – have a laugh – take a few sneaky pics ,make them go viral- anything for a cheap high.

It’s gone viral alright – my mates couldn’t resist -filmed it all!

pardon me – if I gather  my clothes and seek legal advice to prove to you all – this act is one steeped in a state of  stultify?

Food for thought.

Hark! I feel the desperate need to fletcherize.

What? Is this some new mumbo jumbo, hybrid- combination form of exercise?

Yes,   I would imagine it involves some motivation from a person with no predilections to become easily disheartened.

Why can’t you just eat sensibly ,stop this   new wave of choosing a new flavor every month-

to keep up with  fitness promoters incentives  to keep  people outsmarted? 

It’s the new rage- it’s catching . It takes great skill , I can’t help but swallow great lumps of it, 7 days a week –

such is the weight of my  grief.

Sounds like a disease with such a symptom as that. Rage is not all  it is cracked up to be as a moderate form of stress relief.

It is not just some novelty – like limited -edition candy  bars being sold to profiteer the next big entrepreneur.

Oh really ,so next you  will l tell me it is an exact science – proven to actually have more lasting benefits than a summers worth of lazing on the beach in a bikini –  eyed up by the oil slick crowd that draws in like a tide -ogling to be  near.

Oh no. It has been well proven that  to engage in this exercise is likened to yoga. It is a practice.

The evidence for this is where ? a desert far away – hiding in the form of H20 in a well prickled out cactus?

Look,I’m not asking you you join the parade and get down and groove with us who choose to exert ourselves in this way.

I know , I just don’t want you to get sucked in the PR vortex and lose yourself with  an accompaniment £10  diet plan-

 to prove the results  work when you have your weekly weigh day.

Tsk,I’m not just going to gobble it all up without reading the terms and conditions.

Well, I am most sincere when I say I am glad you have paused for thought -slowed down your impulsive urge to guzzle down additional condiments –

and other unnatural apparitions

In practice, I am going to be mindful and chew on these words slowly and deliberately.

Wise words, coming from some one who is usually so careless when it comes to honoring your basic right at retaining  your  liberty.

No offence but  you  partake in media shake ups, that regurgitate  out a new shape each season,  with an  acute, floundering dignity.


Circle .




Mmh,that’s sparkingly rich. I only look up at those who have a celestial  essence of a shape – one quite like the star.

Well, while you persecute me for attempting to live my life in a shape I desire to acquire- with all due respect ,

I will strive to be what I want to be  and you be who  you are.

Wait!  I need 20 minutes to digest all this information .

Now, that it the right attitude – jut enough time to satiate before you give in to  more  temptation.

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One day until the weekend  YAY!