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wabi -sabi disambiguation (audio version)

This is my latest ,warped experiment with using GarageBand and sound effects/ free samples and my words and voice. WAHEY! PRESS PLAY (I can't remember how to embed codes. I need to update my WordPress template). 'Word ?' 'Word.' Ha ha! Musing of the day: If the birds are still flying. Your world is not… Continue reading wabi -sabi disambiguation (audio version)


P.S. I’d do it again in a heart beat

*Prompt FORBIDDEN LOVE* Forbidden love shell-shock hearts with echoes of the gun shots . Bang! Fall to the floor . Emotions mastery of us; The puppets.   Universal soldiers we plea the heart must be acquiesce . Ration it’s rational . It’s bled blood red. We walk — fine machines-   Bang! Bang! Bang!   Trivialise the flesh armour riddled with… Continue reading P.S. I’d do it again in a heart beat


Squwark Streams on a sound byte

Shake it … shake it baby It's prompting my Behaviour.   Keys to unsilence the drama a hip-pity  a  happen ing in my  Soviet Russian impersona caricature is classic! Say what is on yo mind… why dontchwa. too many interests' Too little time.   I can't rap But I do got flow 70% water — can't Make this… Continue reading Squwark Streams on a sound byte


Just a piece of paper heart

*Something I wrote in November 2017 whilst listening to Red Hot Chilli Peppers 'Give it away'*   Throw it away. Throw it away . Throw it away now.   It's only a  a paper contract wasted on keeping real life from plugging in.   Throw it away. throw it away. Throw it away now.  … Continue reading Just a piece of paper heart


Cloud nein emcees

*Inspired by the quote* 'be nice to those on your way to the top, don't believe your own hype, you never know who you are going to meet on your way back down' Today, I rant about those who sit on cloud tufted pedestals self righteous Judging others they deem have morals lacking by half… Continue reading Cloud nein emcees