Parted Flesh.

*Currently, I'm working on my Masters-Year two.  I'm working on a piece about a jury split over the  ' grey areas' of a  media frenzied, high  profile case, A young ,married man is accused of Raping his partner.  Is he  absolutely guilty of  Raping his wife? One night of passion. Two stories.  What happened that... Continue Reading →


What do you know?

What do you know about life? roaming in the streets with a bag of foam E coloured, banana sweets, a flat cap to accompany your flat ale. My mind can't take the stairs to your psychopathic fuelled attic. Try know about life. I ask myself why. Got plenty worries to wait on. there's nothing but... Continue Reading →

Still breathing…….

If you believe in justice,  a fair government,  equality and you have ever enjoyed my posts on here. PLEASE -read this Hope. you all had a great Christmas. This may explain (in part) why I haven't had the time to read as many blogs as I usually do. THE TRUTH BEHIND HERE SMILE - read... Continue Reading →


Every body's got to hear the shit on FM willows call!  😉 Stumped hand makes it arduous to know to what to write  about. I made a statement! Not the  one above — but to the men in blue. finally the thugs who beat me  multiple colours in hue At least one will, hopefully,  get... Continue Reading →

Punch and Judy -sober edition

Intolerant society. We live in a belly fighting off bacteria Begging other intelligence to disembowel us. Before a tsumanima of hate floods our irrigation system of morals. No lives matter. Nazi's aren't the only few crazier than Mercuries Mad Hatter. Everyone has an opinion. Every Judy thinks they are entitled to a Punch - no... Continue Reading →


When my Kalinda peers into his reflection he see's jagged, ragged parts of a body discombobulate Staggered yet separate. -body parts sewn together haphazardly. The truth is stranger than fiction. How can it be! his soul mate doesn't mirror the effort in his deeds. ffinger nails claw and pierce at skin -prolong hanging flesh separated... Continue Reading →

Head Mace

*Inspired by daily human observation*  Citizens arrest a seizure exploding out of her chest Detest the demise of optimism- look aT that crumpled face bereft. Raging carnival trying to stay straight 'Nature welcomes me' Though not blinded by an attempt on her savage drinking spree. Moments owned  in contemplation Detest she caught a Jack Wills... Continue Reading →

The unsensational one dimensionals

 The pain inside me remains the real deal It's  a tragedy how I  only cruise on wordpress when I have tears dripping onto the steering wheel. The journey that promotes me to tap away is always inspired by an ill gotten day. Deal with the past. It's too easy to blame. I swear, I  look... Continue Reading →

Raise your words. Not your voice

Dedicated to the gangsters inksters of the writing world. Lifetime member of sudden death writer collective. Butter them up to increase traffic  then render them defective. Noble people not saying what they do. It's a performance of sorts. It screams out - this scene has been played out far too many times. Fucking over a... Continue Reading →

Yoo hoo ?

*Apologies in advance- the picture is my muse - credit to Francesca woodman  Rage incensed unfurled by the scent of the unsaged. Wisest fool, I know. Marked myself with your own hands and let your faecal swimming champion attempt to have a  go Let you paw my naked flesh - dirty - blue rinse. Touch me... Continue Reading →

Mrs Tersable

Mrs. Tersable had the patience of  Hades with a lengthy dose of blue ball build up  syndrome. Beans on toast, eaten straight out of  a tin can -  this is not how she was used to living, outside of her comfort zone. She wore wooly jumpers to cover  the razor sharp teeth piercing through her very... Continue Reading →

Just ice cross- fire

Bang Bang, I'm going to shoot you  dead! Electric convulsive shocks creating heightened velocity in her head. Trigger words of mothers who have died, snowed, under morphine. Malignant lungs charcoaled. The death rattle  - gargles and fills up  the lungs ready to  drown every last Mercedes Benz  dream. Bang Bang -  a Prayer  sent up to... Continue Reading →

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