Head Mace

*Inspired by daily human observation* 

Citizens arrest a seizure

exploding out of her chest

Detest the demise of optimism- look aT that crumpled face


Raging carnival trying to stay straight

‘Nature welcomes me’

Though not blinded by an attempt on her savage drinking spree.

Moments owned  in contemplation

Detest she caught a Jack Wills scent  immersed is  his idealised rave nation.

How many  t – issues to imbibe.

Called her his inbred so he could remain high

Sensational arrest

No mirror to attest to the beauty she finds.

searched google maps for Scalifax’s finest hearth.

Should she lay down to rest?

Wait for a sudden epiphany?

Her mind can’t take twocker  ignition games from kids still wet behind the ears,

straggling their momma’s rancid pyjamas

Searching for a place to settle in between her knees.

Scrumpy Jack persona

she assumes

Is she really a cut above the estate who try to convince her they have answers to all the clues?

She’s not like them.

This species are not her brethren.

English cider tasters of blood from a irrefutable provider

Knock heads against tombstones and concrete walls.

Green-eyed,Winkie  slept behind a grill gate to keep out the flybys.

Vulnerable heart -veil lifted from day one.

Chinese whispers of some busy blasted scum

Common decency leaves the palm of her hand -slaps a face hard – its body turns

enthralled at the chance to appear overly occupied.

Enjoy chillled !at 6 percent 

Bad move to guide to her to her own whereabouts

She paid for her own calm connotation.

Guideline on  how to  avoid walking  into a web of sin

Tanned face betrays  that her heart hasn’t felt  akin.

There’s nothing of substance behind the beer goggled eyes.

Monotone life

get up

get dressed,

smoke a roll up

take a sip of the brew that simulates a disguise of content.

She’s not one to say she’s any better than these numbed, train fare skivers

Fun when a teenager…..

Numbers on the  increase –

She thinks they should at least have figured out how to suit up and boot up

Yes, use your all your  ties.

Bound up in this place of besmirching death

Positive energy sniffing up the vibes

conflicted as the amish addicted to meth

Red ant crawling up her thigh

more focused than most humans she has the pleasure to relate to

One mighty jump off this stony  hearth would not be

how she would want end her life

not nigh.

Sun in her heart

Moon never far to seduce her into a twisted cadence with

legs defiantly apart.

‘The settle’ calls her home –  shrieks filled with the ego of the Saint Lies -a Spinne.

What business has she pollinating with  the  bees?

It’s her playground too.

She won’t  let the bastards inject their humdrum existence –

unleash their quiet, unpalatable disease.

Point fingers at an indecipherable colour or sound

The ku klux clan live but one gate from the smack head who sleeps with the blood hound.

Remove these walls ineffectively

Family values, Adams apple samples the hit of threes company too

Humour her, she never  preached to know every pelvic beat.

Extend a hand

Forget not

that one gaze will settle reflectively

Don’t make another feel uneasy

Solely because it’s you who feels Queasy.

Smirking at them playing it cool

Do they think she is a brassic , court  jester fool?

Indulge  them she does.

but only because she knows the truth

They live a life that’s  ambiguously impenetrable.

The difference between the simple life and herself ?



An open mind.

Sentiments branded on her – costs three lifetimes in wages to wear her kind of fashion.

Attempts at making her feel she is wrong and potentially illiterate.

It’s beyond a joke – she plays naive – she knows  they are a hoax

She treads through a land full of tossers

Pity not more of them get fired off into a land of terrorist moshers.

Feelings misgiven

This drink was an attempt at a pitch

It’s not her style.

impetigo limper

brewed up to tease pacman eating jack and jills in a ditch .

Irate she  saw integrity  in one other smothered core.

Ineffectual – yapping up intoxicated mummies three day old pyjamas.

Think it’s an accomplishment to shove her mistrials in front of her face?

How many more fuck you’s  and put up’s must to deal with?

Momma doesn’t need their  drama’s?

The issue with people who stick together in stitches

is that without an audience -without a chase

they will dangle that carrot

especially when their  life is on the down

squinting them  into the glitch.

They need her kind more than her kind needs theirs .

Empty out  the contents of a full can of scrumpy poison

One factor in blurring all boundaries.

Is it fair to intoxicate nature with man -made hootch?

She’s repulsed – she sees them all  their stark naked  form

such is her clarity

who to label as a warning ‘ there goes another douche’ ? 

ethics, medics, system of values- it’s an appeal to their humanity.

Need to get out

Get out of this space

She can see she’s playing into this heinous fate.

She makes her rules

She breaks the rules

only because she knows them so  well- lets state she knows how to present the look of

I’m off my face 

Temptation heel to her command

She regrets inaction of  strength she  usually ordains

only this time she lacks

Fuck it , she is done with the cloud of visual  mace

She’ll get hammered at a location ,

on her request,



Can she have a mirror?

Third eye awaken to  the true head case.

Photocredit Francessa woodman




Free cello flotsam

*WARNING GET THE VIOLEN AND CELLO’S OUT-it’s all very woe is me.*.

Here something to lift the mood?  There is optimism lurking from the shadows… ha ha!

I followed a trail

To a rock with scurvy emotions inside of me.

Don’t know what to expect.

All the rage, ignorance, silence

bleaches the promise of a future sapling tree.

Astrology says we have a Destiny, and there’s a part


Who revels in the nostalgic quest within me.

Why do I shirk off those who encourage my rays to reflect outwards?

Why do I seek out on my impulses, toxins to detract from my light?

Keep me from growing into a burst of melody  I can shout out to the cowards.

Confidence issues get the best of me

it’s just all about





It isn’t-it’s also about my husband , my Bella bee.

When I enunciated my vows last June-what a chirrupy day.

I didn’t have a clue what commitment to another meant

That I would be required to stop mid flight and stay.

Stagnant breathe, I cry out for security

Inside it’s all I’ve needed to explode into full maturity.

I write aplenty about letting go

The rage, the ability to let it stop over analysing my creative flow.

Seeking out what exactly?

Roses thrown at my feet every hour?

Incase I forget in my self and believe I am merely dour.

I crave a prism of  connection and escapism.

All I want is to answer my own question.

What is my purpose?


The birds murmur in their usual stanza of cursive.

Have I ever learnt the language of civility?

Emotions  have tripped me over

Countless times.

Surprised to appraise the sky admiringly

I’m chasing after the elusive high

Frequent in multiple forms.



Sometimes a shape  in a human form of a fungi 😉

sigh, me and my warped sense of humour

Desperately  trying to prover I need a holiday under my current demeanour.

the rage inside is never  quelled .

I write and I write yet the tears continue to overspill.

Reticent to see what is standing in front of me

I pause,

I look up

and despite the majestic scenery,

I feel the weight of my guilt-dissecting me into bits to use as flotsam at sea.

One small town to the next

Happiness is a state of mind

Not some hidden idealist.

A paradox of uncertainty

Love me.

Need me.

Crave me.

Believe in me-

The true person outside of my physicality.

I’m not stating I’m beautiful or full of grace.

I do believe I am unique .

This is more than a hope or a whim.

I don’t see absolute distaste when I glance at my face.

The simple moments, the words , the memories that won’t hold on.

I have a purpose-some path to walk without feeling triste

Emotional depths descend into an abyss — it ranks.

I adore the ocean ,I hate that I need technology to breathe in, and gasp.

I’m not a shipwreck lying on the floor who gave up and sank.

I’ve learnt how to swim and fight,

For what its worth.

What do I want with this life-streaked ,woven into nature’s tapestry?

Here ,little bird ,come closer unlock the coded language that will show this mystery is more than a pyscho spieling diatribe of empty soliloquised solecisms

Dead eyed,

Heart stammers .

 Side by side a pack of soulless zombies.

Goofy syndrome

Mouthwash gargle soprano interlude

Still damned if I do or don’t by my inner feud.

Can’t Darwiniate   😉 like a bird fish off the fly

grow a pair and touch the sky.

Sunshine intervenes, always with this static state of mind.

If I started to grow and extend a branch – could it be so bad as to what I find?

Life needs nurture – decay -70 pounds of envy watching Nervosa images online.

Scales de harmonise ‘we are family’ tune

burning the bridge -wasting so much of this vessels time.

Come out and play and invest in cherished moments

priceless .

This choleric temperament pillaged every time I stand my ground spasmodic


Fits jump to the left -turn your cap back to front and leave me in the wind.

Some don’t mind making a life out of lying down – this vessel scowls in an impediment.

Little dwarfs fall from the sky.

Black holed theories bask in the sun,

nebulous erasure

convinced counting blue sheep will make sense

constantly on the run.

Never have to leave current occupied dwelling

yet, so convinced I’ve spun around the globe and back- so quick to reject love.

Trees I planted.

Trees  I denied oxygen -another one down from the felling.

breathe of grit

fluoride is the key to mutate this smile.

Disposition in denial.

government extends VAT -we all walking the green mile.

Pencil rapping,

wooden table – fraternise with education.

Anxiety levels cut off all circulation

 Leaving all my bluds homeless without an occupation.

Distress call.

Look above you for the murmuration.

Gone gainst my nature – this character is in a constant dance with eternal damnation.

One theory for all of this!

Life straight through to death;

so many of us become motherless.

Sorrow in faces- show me the money.

natures green is the only path to the land of pure honey.

Extinction of the masses. Humans are not as smart as we think.

The creator reveals a divine plan the golden ratio printed on everything.

No time to blink.

Floppy child syndrome, fetus rest dormant for 36 weeks.

Blood, tears and love -fallible, selfish

there are side effects to every action each of us seeks.

Fear destroys love.

Hate is Its biggest symptom.

Ever seen a child frown sliding down into his daddies arms?

rapid growth,

we could be forgiven for thinking

Life is a phantom.

Feed into reality.

Make happiness a closer eventuality.

exacerbate the problem until people do that point saved for those deemed suffering from stupidity.

Set the sound wave.

my biggest moan is why can’t I be a shade of norm Amish tone?

Forever on the collect call waiting for the silence on the other end of the phone.

Heartbreaking words to have everything

and denounce my own.


There can be only one.


* not my usual style of writing*


When someone has said to her:

 oh, you’re pretty.

She always gets mad and ditzy and insulted.

Is that all ,pretty?

 not beautiful ,funny, smart, intelligent , dramatic?

Pretty crazy…

that fuels her embers –

I’ll show you pretty. 

Pretty demeaning is how I  would describe her state of mind.

She’s come to that crossroad: hit a right for success or hit a left for back to her ‘usual isle of distress’.

She’s always had this pretty dark quirk in her nature- a dent .


 More like her nature took a key to her brain – triggered it in  the same way a malicious person keys a person with a fine automobile or new car.

That is what she does to her mind. It’s almost like there is another- living inside her . She’s not pretty .

She is ugly .

She says ugly things .

She makes people cry.

She pushes people away.

She isolates herself .

She knows it will end up  wrapped up in stained sheets of her own  self-pity cries .

Ones she pushed for – ones she earned.

She never liked herself – wouldn’t have her own picture taken for a long time.In hatred, she tore up all pictures of herself ,

then sometime in her life she grew confident and started taking lots of pictures of herself -too many .

Maybe she was beautiful stunning,   pretty even ?

  Was it worth the self-damnation she put herself through to achieve a look she deemed is acceptable?

Many people have asked her what it feels like  to be so intelligent and aware of her issues- to have so much insight and phycology into her own problems.

Is it a blessing or a curse?

Let’s try something .

Think of a person coming to her house with a bottle of wine/ cocaine /pills/ bondage style stuff/ comic books – insert vice/ fetish /escapism tool  ………..here.

Let’s make this person -super – pervy -sleazy -gender? unknown.

PERVY PERSON: So,  like ,hey why the long face? ( stream of consciousness brain has become lame)  You , uh … wanna get wasted ?

She does get caught off   guard sometimes not always.

The truth is these days her reply is mostly,



She’s a stubborn mare .


She knows the consequences .

She knows the problem is burrowed deep within her – nothing but her can make it stop.

Pretty lame?


Pretty courageous?

Either way, she has to live with herself.

So ,  she gets the whole escapism psychology .

She has taken countless overdoses, countless drugs, been in various institutions – locked up for being herself -criminal or “just” insane.

It doesn’t work.

Why does she push people away?

Why ?

She knows about her upbringing and she can’t blame them or that or it.

Or the others- this is not a horror movie!

It’s her life.

Yeah, agreed. Pretty horrific.

She is an adult- with her own mind and life and responsibilities.

Her pretty demented reasoning is : eventually –   she will hurt those she loves and she would rather things got horribly ugly-

sooner rather later.

She doesn’t want to draw it out.

Oh, darling , Don’t let her fool you. She loves acting!

She can do one hell of a supernova act if  she wants but she isn’t malicious – something inside her is disturbed.

It may have come with her when she got delivered on a wonky legged stork,


she may have seen something that petrified her into this state of self-destruction.

She loves to sing twinkle twinkle little star to her only child.

Stars are huge.

She knows why people always say before they die or, to someone who has recently  lost someone

There is the person you love – twinkling above – looking out for you. 

Stars have a lifespan of billions of years. It’s pretty amazing to think she  quite  possibly looked at the very same stars that her great grandparents or ancestors looked at many moons ago.

( singing) When you wish upon a star…. know that once she did so same from afar.

Ha – pretty lame as it gets.

Ever thought what it would be like to have a child /ren who are siamese twins?

Say you could only possibly save one.

One was seen as  truly wicked and the other?

Well, the other one could go on to make his/her mark in the world.

 Maybe not with a fancy career but merely by  being human.

 Reaching out to people in need.

It can make a difference!

 Sometimes more than all the money in the world could.

Just knowing someone cares. What does she  know.

I digress, – -in a pretty way – ha ha.

Think of yourself as a mother -as a person with some kind of intellect .

You would reason that no person is born inherently evil or absolutely good.

There are many sides to a person.

 Inside her is her very own siamese twin.

She has to put one down .

 Murder it!

In  that moment,that pretty wicked one has a grip on her heart and her mind – it’s all so terribly confusing and frustrating

So ,she has to make a decision.

 Invasive surgery for, no – on  her siamese twins, in the hope, that the one with the potential to twinkle can be reborn.

Good by, Red dwarf. Be angry.

Good by, white dwarf -cool down.

And finally, ciao ,Black dwarf –   your true composite make up  is on show for all to see.

Your heart is blackened –  not because you are evil.

It’s just the nature of how life (and those who energize and roam  it)  goes.





No time for self-pity #SHOUTOUTS

“When in doubt. When I feel low and ready to back out.  It is time to stop feeling sorry for myself and start feeling grateful for all I have. “ DAISY

I have a new challenge I am working on for June. I am getting married in three weeks time and I have hardly wrote much about it.

All I can say is it is happening.

The best way to spend my time today is reading ‘Storm sister’ by Lucinda Riley- books always inspire.

Watching the second series ‘Orange is the New Black’  and as many documentaries about  species and evolution as I have time. I’m especially  excited for when Hollywood movie director and explorer,  James Cameron does eventually hit the bottom of the ocean and capture what is hidden down there. CHECK OUT WHAT HE HAS ACCOMPLISHED SO FAR HERE

The solutions to why volcano erupt and why we have natural disasters such as Tsunamis are hidden and to be found at the bottom of the Abyss.

I think the best way to get out of a self pity mood is to look out and not focus too much inwards.  An extra shout out for

Camellia’s Cottage Alabama Lifestyle   for reminding me about a song I love so much.

This is my favourite version


So I have the great pleasure of checking out all my new flowers /followers in the last week. Thank you and it’s time for a shout out.



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Bob cat – another earthling friend

BI love cats. I also love other animals – of course.

 ‘All things bright and beautiful and all creatures great and small’ – kind of thing’


I was mainly brought up in a home with cats, I learned that they are not too needy and they have so much charisma. they make you work you ass off for attention. Biting is seen as loving kisses.

If I allowed my Tatiana -a normal cat- to shit on my head ,she would. I  am so owned.

Bobcats are a bit bigger than your average , well  say – my Tatiana,  for instance.  They are known for being super shy.


 They are breath taking to  look at, a perfect of example of some of the things that nature got right .  It’s really weird. I saved my Tatiana -who happens to be a Bengal  cat from an illegal sanctuary ,that was  under investigation, and she does the same thing with her tail. She is all spots on her body but her tail is all stripy. Sometimes I think she has a mental health issue like me. She just can’t accept her body :


I want to raise the issue of Wild life over population  today. The green link is a great article on myths of dealing with over population.

 The Bob cat is a loner they do not share their territory. They are adaptable to desert conditions and forest conditions.

Us, humans  have just about taken every inch of the planet for ourselves.  We want to build a free way / motor way and bulldoze our way through a forest and a  home to many earthlings.  It has been known that bulldozers will even go through animals to get the job done. They won’t even be patient  enough to let the animals move to safety.

That great big shopping mall where all your favourite fashion brand stores are, was probably a home for animals like the Bob cat, once upon a time.

I’m not trying to make you feel guilty.

I only want you to understand that  if you could put yourself in a animals hooves, paws – you get it- understand that   an animal becomes homeless when it’s home is destroyed.  It is  not just that new mall that drives them to seek refugee status from their homes- it is pollution, hunting, research, entertainment, or souvenir industries.

These are all topics I hope to explore in the next 24 days.

  Where do we expect them to go?


Something to think about.

Okay so back to the Bob cat – he starts looking for a new home. Chances are he is not the only newly evictee. He is a loner – the places he wants to take up home in is more than likely taken over  by an earthling friend that operates in numbers.

Where does he go?


You may spot one near your home. All thoughts activate the juices of   the Amygdala primitive, cave man part of your brain.

There are too many of them – we need to get rid.  So Daddy gets together with his friends or the community come together and hunt down the homeless.

There is no other way –

We have to be cruel to be kind

That is just how things go

It is either them or us.


Killing is not the answer.

We can learn to live with our neighbours. Allow them their space so you can have yours too.




 If not kill then HOW?

There is an effective option that has been used on Deer in South Africa and other animals. It doesn’t harm them or poison them . It is called:

 immunocontraception—a humane way to control animal populations where it’s necessary and appropriate. This method safely uses the body’s immune response to prevent pregnancy without harming the animal or the population as a whole.


Immunocontraception has been used to control deer and wild horse populations across the United States and elephant populations in South Africa.

The same can be done with your own cat or dog. My Tatiana was spayed as soon as she was old enough. Yes, she will always be a virgin and I have possibly denied her all kind of sexual expression  and liberty to pro create; but I can’t take care of hundred of litters of her kittens. If you have a boy family earthling – get him neutered .

Finally, please take 1 minunte of your time to listen to what the talented actor, Christopher Walken has to say .

Day two down and I have learned that people are lazy. The whole just shoot them and  get it over with as quickly as possible – is and never will be the right solution.

It is fucking up with our / natures eco-system which has a direct affect on us but that topic is for another day.

Have a grand Weekend -Going to pop over to Blogging A-Z to check out as many of your themes – 🙂 thanks for reading 🙂


Beliefs (5)The Gods desire blood..


Most of us know sacrifices happen in religion but  don’t you go giving them all  the credit. This notion/idea of  sacrificial ritual goes as far back as the Aztec’s and Maya people in Mexico.

These two  peoples held similar beliefs.

They thoughts that the Gods had shed a shit load of blood in order for the humans  to live in this world,  they felt it was only noble that they return the favour. So far very gallant.


This creation myth goes something like this:

The Aztec’s believed that the Gods had destroyed four suns (eras) and  the God of wind-Quetzacoatl and his  shady accomplice –Tlaltecuhtli. ( I am so glad I am not standing in front of a bunch of people giving a presentation trying to pronounce theses name. The pluses of being a writer : D

In order for the humans  to have everything they needed to survive..

  • Trees

  • Gardens

  • Grass

  • Fountains

  • Wells

  • Mountains


A great sacrifice had to be made.

Roll in the Greek Goddess/ God (always bloody women :D) – the two characters above with the unpronounceable names ripped her body apart!

Ripped he body in half! She howled in agony-


 She may have said this or something like it.She did make a pretty fair compromise, she said:

” If I have to go through this savagery  to make  a new heaven and earth;then I want  pumping,bloody, human hearts to endure this.”

Okay so far -pretty bloody.

There is a tender moment to this creation myth. All future sacrifices had to include blood. So to create a new awesome planet- no global warming, plastic floating in the sea, poisoned fish.

The first stars were born from the blood of Quetzacoatl’s tongue.

How romantic?  erm……..

How did that happen?

He felt like  he wanted a tongue ring and pierced it himself. I am not sure how  hygienic that is so please please always seek a professional tongue /body part piercer.


A fifth sun was needed and so  Tecuciztecatl and Nanahuatzin moulded together and   made themselves  into a funeral pyre and became the sun and moon.

A bunch of other Gods wanted to do their good Samaritan deed of the day 😉 and they gave their hearts to allow the sun to move across the sky.

Who need gas and petrol?


The Aztec’s and Maya people were in  soem serious debt to the Gods. These Gods were the original   loan shark debt collectors.  The humans were forever in the red.


Quetzacoatl had a taste for blood and he didn’t stop with the tongue piercing. He rebelled and he became the God of  under world. One minute he  is  innocently having his tongue pieced and then

boom! – the dark side has taken his soul …..

Okay I may be over dramatizing this bit.

This bit is true!

He scoured the earth for human bones and ground them (maybe) with a mortar ans pestle  and made them into a fine meal flour  with all the remains from the four previous suns/eras. He may have got a knife and sliced his wrist and let his blood drip over the human meal to make a new race of humans.


WOW! Right?

According to the Maya myth.  It takes 52 years for a cycle to end. This end could be the end of the entire human race.

The Mayans huddled together in a group and brainstormed. One got a sheet of paper and a few marker pens and they got some ideas down.

An Aztec or Mayan  dude spoke up,

“Like okay dudes, this is pretty serious shit, any ideas?”

Silence  and poker faces moves past like a small breeze across their faces. Finally one dude pipes up. He may have lit a cig and inhaled it and then paused,  let the smoke exhale slowly – only for effect of course.

” Okay the Gods want blood? We want to live.” Lots of heads nodding in agreement.  Dude continues:

” There is this business strategy I learned in TED talks – it’s called ‘Auto sacrifice:” he motions for the pen marker to write that down on a sheet. Another dude’s face lights up :

“Oh yeah I saw that one. Good episode. What was it?” Scratches his head-trying to remember what was said”

Precious seconds tick by,

” that’s it! All we need to do is give the Gods our blood and then they will let us live.”

A pompous character at the back,  with eyebrows that appear to be knitted  joined in the middle,arms crossed says:

” Oh  yeah  that is pretty fucking civilized. ” There is always one with the sarky (sarcastic) comments. “


The initiator of the auto sacrifice idea cries out:

” come on guys, let the juices flow. Get creative!”

Then seemingly all at once  ideas on how to auto -sacrifice come in thick and fast. Every group member shouts out:

” I have some sting ray spines we can pierce our skins with”

Another dude

“I have an Obsidian knife”  –

” we can pierce our ears, tongue, knee ,elbow” Some really creative dude chimes in:

” Our foreskins!”  the dudes visibly drew back but they were a proud bunch and really wanted to live and so that was put on to the brain storm chart too .

There we have it. I could go on but the I think I  have told the best bits.