A song to get you through the post.. Ha ha! My mental health kick ass anthem. If you are female you should listen to this to gain strength over your triumphs and understand your grief. Men - if you love women- you will appreciate our complexity and emotions and way of self expression through Sa... Continue Reading →


Extra Extra- Tories mirror chicken

*photo credit Francesca Woodman* the pen is indeed  mightier than the sword- The weak will draw blood first.  Daisy Willows Shame on who ? Me? for having an opinion, a view Of the outrageous Manchester bombings. Killing off innocent lives of younger generations. Who truly wants to show who has global  dominion? Silent politician  —... Continue Reading →


Sights of sanity conquest over humans infamy. moving faster than the speed of light. computers can't process the spoken  word lose track of sight. Soaring, tumbling race  to expose hidden epiphany. vocabulary fails Athena from reaching success in the liturgy. damn harmonisation - pomadera technique. Time management  -father grant one hour for those deaf,dumb and blinded... Continue Reading →

Generation of Meh! mes

STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS WITH LINDA Generation of memes and  meh. No to negative - yes to positive, change the bulbs and glow iridescently, no fear in being one light -solo- informative. Skulking around caves in the fashion of  Scylla -drinking whirlwind pools of Charybdis Not her usual pret a porter a  la mode - turn... Continue Reading →

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