Spout Weed words

Writing to be something I’m not. Not nothing But a sense I’ve lost details when planning how to plot Standing mid-sentence tongue ties all thoughts I need a referendum to sort out what to prioritize first. Thes are my words they grow like weeds amongst the Garden  fascinators     Smoke break    

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Filly, mare,stallion -acrostic

HORSES My 7-year-old daughter’s version H ow the horses smell like a barn Our horses like to trot Realise something, where a horse comes into your house Sour horses get sick Elephant came to talk to Mrs Horse Sour horses run for water after drinking sour juice   My husband’s version Heavy is the head that […]

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Keep Livin

My body isn’t a shrine Nor half as gory as the scene of a horrid crime. It’s not that abortion clinic beating hearts put on a foetus pant in mime. It’s not pretty. I don’t do chocolate box Not in my city. This image I have… of a body in the stocks. I may look […]

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HASHTAG All Words Matter -Part 2

Buzz words of 2019 premonition? (HASH TAG All Words Matter Part 1) Gucci -as in fine, real good or an alternative to cool, okay It’s all Gucci – I first came across this word listening to the song ‘Hot damn’ by Blimes. We’ve surely all used this one. Done– I’m totally over it /you /I’m […]

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( 10 minute free flow stream of consciousness revised) Those spoken words infect the brain Until eventually it will rot and fester . Dare deny utterences of thoughts will promptly drive thee insane. Be it in mind maps or in clusters. Gathering speed from maimed parts Propelling bodily functions into a state of catatonia. nerves […]

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Daisy does time

  High on life- no light of artificial sight. I know what I will do if I ever get mugged. I will look my mugger right in the forehead and say I can see the emergence of his third eye.   His monobrow will wriggle in confusion. Then, I will 1970’s kung fu him in […]

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Another heathen #w2recover

Write to recover is what I always say. I’ve discovered, Is  few of my words  leave me whirling with  – I’m proud to park,  pay and display. Deals are made, devils I summon. People are abused, Charity leaps to a new order of Coven. I write this way, with careless affray to not lose a […]

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Random generation of Procrastination

 *RANDOM WORD GENERATOR  WRITING PROMPT  AGAINST  PROCRASTINATION* Rules Apply  😉   Collect your  RANDOM WORD HERE  Go with the first word/s you receive. Don’t cheat  😀 Don’t  pause to think when you start  writing/typing News  Makes this tail mangy from substantial abuse. It rips at the soul- It makes censorship an ideal  way to protect society […]

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Life Midwife

Panic  glares at them boots tossed near the scullery  bin Churns its  stomach until it resembles a soiled salad Curled Brown shaded  stemmed leaves.   A dice scarred  thrice Flag down The fourth Pleiades  sister Her face disfigured by a silhouette. Speech dubbed over until she believes she is mute.   Declares her name as […]

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PUNCH & JUDY- Sober edition

  Intolerant society. We live in a belly fighting off bacteria Begging other intelligence to disembowel us Before a tsumanima of hate floods our irrigation system of morals. No lives matter. Nazi’s aren’t the only few crazier than Mercuries Mad Hatter. Everyone has an opinion. Every Judy thinks they are entitled to a Punch – […]

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Whale music

And when I believe that everything that  I feel is real, I set myself up . Grasp  the short straw  to hear whale music oxygenised- Death becomes her Another attempt on her life Variety is indeed her spice. She marked it out as hers with a tank girl knife. Neathanderals and the world are  conspiring […]

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Mrs Tersable

Mrs. Tersable had the patience of  Hades with a lengthy dose of blue ball build up  syndrome. Beans on toast, eaten straight out of  a tin can –  this is not how she was used to living, outside of her comfort zone. She wore wooly jumpers to cover  the razor sharp teeth piercing through her very […]

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Operation clam

Maybe I’m not who I say am. Maybe I’m too prised shut. Im certainly not the man More likened to a clam. Plenty of fish to test my lack of faith. Indirect lines Caught in the net- Delivering me to an Ill designed fate. Mate, Tag me with an aphrodisiac. Swimming in the theatre room […]

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The conduct of the fear

Introduction to the function of life from the conception of conduct. His caress catches me off guard. Wanton to stay in his embrace. Yet my inner scars compel me to flee. Does he get me? Does he see my plea? Forever  etched into my life –  part of  my unforgettable history. Scared to be loved […]

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Devil’s Sunshine

DAILY MUSING Devils sunshine in promised hope of the sublime intertwines with my veins. She will rock me into the seventh min dynasty Riding on the seventh wave. The bars of gold pulsing liquid molten around my corpse. Dear lord , can you save me  from this devil ? She goes by the name of […]

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