Intolerant society. We live in a belly fighting off bacteria Begging other intelligence to disembowel us Before a tsumanima of hate floods our irrigation system of morals. No lives matter. Nazi's aren't the only few crazier than Mercuries Mad Hatter. Everyone has an opinion. Every Judy thinks they are entitled to a Punch -... Continue Reading →


This is a surreal piece I wrote about the cruelty of life and how the elderly are treated in Britain. It was inspired by the time I spent with my grandmother in her care home when she had Dementia and Alzeihmers. It's a stream of consciousness borderline script.  MRS BRUISED :   "I'm tired"  ... Continue Reading →

Raised from dead

I planned another attempt on my knees Spoke to a God Pathetic Uninspired Extraterristial Daisy is no more. A body emptied walking on egg shells. Shocked mind No purpose too unkind. Secret whispers Willful whiskers Silent sisters Cause me to break out in blisters. Words fail to recover my obsolete pose Hesitant Defunct Maleficent stream... Continue Reading →

In the twilight of my mind I arise from my slumber. A perfect piece of calm envelopes my sacred space. It intertwines with my beating heart. A knock at the door. The man from two doors down- Inebriated, Staggering, Incoherent. He mutters about galloping away from his latest nightmare. My child - Her peace disrupted... Continue Reading →

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine Unknown one liner  Wednesday    

I’m the woman who feels her mind unravel every single day. I’m that woman who will drop (almost ) anything to be loved, liked and to try and be there for people. I am that woman who thinks I am one step away from insanity. One meal away from sitting with others -in the cafeteria... Continue Reading →

And in my darkest hours, when the air extingushes all light. Hopelessness hangs heavy, spongy and dense. Above me it hovers, a cloud with a fierce clout. I scramble searching to strike my last match. Unable to see what is right in front on me.I hear the mirthful tinkle of a giggling child. A purr... Continue Reading →

Stone cold. I sit in silence. Tears betray the death of another beating heart . Distant to my heart ache. Love is meaningless accented by meaningful nuances. Hunger strikes, I'm alone with the pangs, Unsure if I want to feel the caress of familiar hands or if I'd rather escape to a nether land. Conjuring... Continue Reading →

Be a bare foot bear in mind, body and spirit. Daisy LIFE UPDATE There has been so much going on-trying to write consistently  and coherently has and is still a struggle. I did a major overdose in March 2018 (yes, stupid and I didn't want to come out of it)-the gory details are : I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I feel like why do I bother. Sometimes I feel like I’ve used up all my bear care The cities I lived in . The people I’ve engaged with. started to stick two fingers up. But only to the dickheads. I dance to these beats cos I rise to the funk masters compilation. I... Continue Reading →

If all is fair in love and war… Is it fair to compromise  our loyalty in the name of Freedom? Or to give up our freedom in order to remain loyal? Where were these words when we are at the culminating   breaking point? Sir cliff hanging Off that jagged little edge. Peering over Salacious Not... Continue Reading →

My blog (that I share) has always been about 'keeping it  real' and being authentic to myself. I never started out my blog  think ing - YO This is the shizzle- (as my mate Lou says). And  then expand my blog to include other passions and interests on Art, mental health, politics, ideas, poetry. I've started writing... Continue Reading →

My greatest mistake

If I let you creep under my skin would you forgive me for wishing myself to die from sin? If I let you hold tight and folded into your arms would you forgive me for needing someone to look to for my daily psalms? If i had you ravage my body in kisses, linger fingertips... Continue Reading →

I don’t want to be in your soul tribe

Here she comes Me -the late bloomer I have a revelation words matter circa 2015. ALL WORDS MATTER. Let me try and type something with substance Words have power. We collectively should choose our words carefully. Don't stop talking. hashtag it's still okay to talk. start a difficult conversation. Mental health is here for as... Continue Reading →

Love Cartel didn’t end well

sails set -flappers on deck- bags packed ready to dance with le mistral - Prepare for signs of cursive scurvy , unorthodox rats. a canary and a dove destined for a new type of island style Known by the name king Louis of swing. Roots. Start over. Allegiance to the flag Pledge to acquiesce to... Continue Reading →

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