A follow up to NEMBUTAL. The man on the right loves me inside & out. My Boo . He has seen me in the best positions 😀 and seen me in positions that would make a man shake the rice out of his shoes quicker than a man walking on hot coals. He ain’t perfect. […]


The power of choice

*Life is busy again -I choose to post this 10 days before I am “supposed” to because I think our MENTAL HEALTH needs care and attention every single day* Inspired by taking a head ache tablet and the film ‘the Matrix’ It’s a bit abstract and simple at the same time. Using the matrix as […]

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Unhelpful Prohibition ban

When in doubt or clouded by fear, I communicate. How you communicate is less important – write, talk, draw, paint, act, dance, create, do anything to express yourself in a way that promotes a healthy mind and your well being. Heard of the saying: Write to recover?  I do this all the time. This is how […]

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Emotional IQ zero percent

Just let go – what have you got to lose? eyes veer from every inch of the walls surrounding her, desperately imploring ,pleading for an answer. Gain, gain – You have everything to gain. Let yourself be loved, adored ,laugh. Gain some weight. Give Life a heart beat that doesn’t stutter out cacophonously  . Passing […]

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