I can’t get none.

‘You are strong.’

Vexed, pathetic. infallible diatribe.

Ghoulish enterprise.. hiding my true desire.

This is the big moment – I bare my scant soul.

The thoughts that I hide away from all those I seek to protect from a scalding.

Never did I ever want this blog or these posts to come from  an abyss of such desperation,such hopelessness, from a place of I want to  let go.

I haven’t got the courage to do it yet. I really am not feeling this life flow.

Put me in a hospital and I might as well be the living dead  – what is the difference if you visit me in a bed or room or a graveyard ?

It’s not all my head. I can’t just say  to myself

” hey,  I’ll be back in two minutes.”

I can’t step out of my mind or body for a break from  my twisted doused thoughts and emotions. That rise and scratch around me like I am perishing in  the desert.  the fittest  caught  a whiff that someone was ready to let go.

Dare I even cower?  Try and protect myself from the sharp beaks, the canine teeth.

Is it going to feel  any worse than what is going in in my own body and mind?

I can’t hide.

I have yet to decide on a method.

I’m not going back to my vices.

I haven’t built up the courage yet to actually form a plan to hang myself.

I can’t get a gun and I literally  don’t have the balls to blow my head in.

I thought about looking up a drug dealer . Researching how much  heroin I need to inject to kill myself. I’ve never done heroin.

Maybe it would work.

If I had leukemia and asked you to help me end it all now – would you collude with me? Take out your swiss army knife, sharpen it and slit my throat – leave me grinning like a Cheshire cat,from ear to ear?

Whiskers -beaten eggs –  stuffed devil eggs. Paprika -food .

 Mood and food – you have  to get the balance right – or else .. well, you may end up like me. tee hee!

Gaga? Maybe I was born this way, environment, on medication from a young age, drugs, I don’t know, I’m  tired of labels.

I’m sick of myself. I make myself sick – I am a heretic.

Hectic shit.

Mother ?

what kind of mother am I?


I’m not meant for this world.

I  never  have been.

Summon up some courage woman!

Don’t stomp  the pity cry –  just do it!


Stop drawing it out like I’m drawing on a hookah and curling out long spirals of smoke.

Satisfaction- this stone sure  ain’t rolling  . I can’t get none of that.

I’m writing scripts. I’ve got my ideas down .


writing ,


Is it actually all going down.

I’m aware of my physical body. I eat and I loathe – god I wish I drove.

A hot stove – delirious – the crumpets , they trumpet.

Who fries crumpets?

A sandwich short of a picnic.

Doolally .Define that in a way that it makes me feel less of a  crazed , social outcast, a whore at the end of the line on Brand alley.

Losing the plot. Did she have one, to begin with ?

People are fighting Cancer and working a nine to five job  at the same time.

She parades around mouthing off all she is doing. She’s not lying. She is lying down now because  she took on too much .

Too much?

what is too much ?

Comparisons are they good enough?

We are told not to compare ourselves to others but I can only sense that what I define as success is something that I am yet to even address – I must confess.  aw, bless !

I hate it people say that  to me.

“Aww bless ya .” 

Demeaning, scheming. Raging against societies screaming fan club, teething.

Don’t make me be like you. I don’t want to. I want me back . I want my sense of self and my peace of mind.

I stumbled back a thousand miles — all down hill – Throw me a boulder so I can carry on running up the hill and then lose it at the top – groundhog day. Greek myth .

Sift . Sifting.

Plans of my own suicide- well thoughts —  who’s on board ?

Shaking my head at what I profess to do or want.

Selfish shellfish.

Man up . woman up .

I don’t know if I know how to anymore.

I lost the Swedish translated directions. Granted they were confusing to assemble, to begin with . I’ve lost the paper.

Now I just type and think…… Surrender.


Hyde ?  you can’t expect me to just roll over and give up  and deny my true hearts side.

Nonsense – sprayed about in bad fashion  like a  novice graffiti artist –  Nobody or  indeed somebody would want that tag on their C.V. guide.

By being an open book ,in my ques,t to reduce the stigma against mental health .I think I have made myself wholly vulnerable and people seem to admire me from afar – I’ve  set some kind  of bar.

Maybe my own prison . 😀

What a star ! As long as I am unreachable – then people don’t have to converse with me.

Self-pity – feeling pretty shitty. if this makes the publish line. I dunno ,man ……

You may just find me in the Cape, working the vineyards, squeezing grapes to make into wine.

Connoisseur tasting – chicken basting.

Stuffing , innards- That is what I look inside. No, it ain’t tasty -far from it .

Thoughts can get loud. I don’t hear them – it might be fun if I actually did hear them.

I hope I’d get a few characters or a  caricature with infectious accents, just so I could copy them or mock them  or do both.

Entertainment . Call me a cheap thrill seeker.

Laughter. You got.me. Bottle it up and I’m anybody’s.

“Sell yourself short , you do , do you know that?”

That why I stopped smoking cigs.  Stunted my growth – vaping is far better. I’ve brought into the latest tobacco industry goldmine.

Money never has a lasting effect on my happiness. I swear I can go and buy 1000’s of  items and I won’t bother to look at them.

What about them wellness tools, you know the WRAP and all that?

Well, thing is .. I think I am further down the line. Early warning signs alert .

If I confess – I’m possibly standing in the crisis line -clinging on to freedom – an abstract  notion.

My albatross – my greatest loss.

Get it out. Get it out. Get it out.

Talk, type, distract yourself. Do some mindfulness – yeah cos  it is working – can’t you tell ?

I am the epitome  of the fully functioning member of society.

We all have our shit, don’t we?

I know exactly how lucky I am – still, my mind is rather damned.

Accosted , snow frost, molested then for obvious reasons detested.

I don’t know what to type anymore. Do I upload what I started doing for my MA?

I got ideas , I’m not stupid. I wish I was. It would make this easier .

Do I want to die?

All these emotions and self-pity make me angry and I can’t even cry.

like sob – real sloppy bucketfuls – enough for Bozo the clown to dive into and get his big flapping feet wet.

That’s one hell of a debt I’m signing up to.

Opt in , opt out.

Peer support – one to one scout -doubt -shout – rhyming until I am caught out.

Bramble bushes – poison ivy.

Shiver a bit for the decline of her Daisy willows liberty.



Are words just that?

My mind is in a long tall hat. Mercury poisoned – Boomed  off to wonderland.

I don’t want to go there. It’s not cool , fun or even fair.

Merry go round – a wee bit of sherry for anyone who is still around?



I’m the beaker of light. I am the one who makes everyone feel better.

IMAGINE what you all must think to receive this as a letter?

Just one of those days when my fears caught up with me -,overwhelmed me, jabbed sticks at me – tell me I can’t .

I’m a Mexican, not a mexi-can’t.

if I can actually bring a daft, cliched, joke into this post then surely I   have got it made and just got laid ( don’t judge me or do)

or if indeed I have made my bed and now need to lie in it.

1359 words count.

Who has time read this?

I’m going to end this with a quote from my daughter.

“Mom , Mom – guess what ? I swallowed a carrot” 

Fucking brilliant. My child is eating her veg.

Eh, whats up doc? I’m starting to feel a bit more hopeful – She  keeps me dangling.

*inspired by fear,emotions, comparing myself to others successes, my MA , my new job, life*


A dying shame.

Yeah, I’m obviously not going ignore that it is WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION  DAY -especially considering the work and training I have been doing this week, around Mental Health Recovery embracing the 5 key concepts to   the



Action Plan


  1. HOPE-People who experience mental health difficulties get well, stay well and go on to meet their life dreams and goals.

  2. SELF-RESPONSIBILITY– It’s up to you, with the assistance of others, to take action and do what needs to be done to keep yourself well.

  3.  EDUCATION-Learning all you can about what you are experiencing so you can make good decisions about all aspects of you life.

  4. SELF-ADVOCACY-Effectively reaching out to others so that you can get what it is that you need, want and deserve to support your wellness and recovery.

  5. SUPPORT – While working toward your wellness is up to you, receiving support from others, and giving support to others will help you feel better and enhance the quality of your life.


I’ve been so inspired, comforted, shocked and angered by the stories I have heard this week. Every one of us has been through shit- the same  clinical diagnoses come up again and again, being drugged, feeling ashamed, stigmatized.


Being called crazy for acting in a way where obviously a person’s mental health is not good for whatever reasons .

Still, we live in this society. With this Victorian -lock them away, throw away the key mentality.


In my life, I have met people from all walks of life, ethnicities,religion, job roles/class .

I knew a physiatrist,  (I have known many)  who was not mine but a fellow inpatient,just like me.   No one will know who I am on about. It was many years ago and nobody who knows me  today and who I connect with today will know this person.

The thing with suicide – it can be intentional and unintentional – a quick act or an act that goes on for years  until eventually, Grim reaper does come to collect .

Usually, there are  years of pain and suffering and wearing  the ‘I am ‘normal’ mask,  not like – them – the “crazy” -unwell people, before someone does intentionally/unintentionally ends their life  .

“I only drink 1/2/3 glasses of alcohol, a spliff, a night/at weekends  to calm me down/get a buzz .”

I’ve  heard that a lot.

 Why does a person need this kind of outlet and coping mechanism to chill or escape from  reality?

I include myself in this.

Life is stressful.

We are not helping our mates, colleagues, family,friends and community by pretending  this is one of the  healthy ways to cope.

“I  only  inject heroin or smoke crack ,snort coke/Ket on weekends”  It’s recreational use.”

I hear that too . These  very words have come out my mouth over the years.

giphy (15).gif


“I  can’t cope with life at all and need to  take antidepressants/ mood stabilisers/ drink/smoke/inject/starve/comfort eat  to cope and deal with the stresses of life”

I can hear the crowd heckling and tsking already.

That person has gone too far.

“All in moderation.”  I hear  some people say.

Have you actually looked at what the ( ahem..) governments guidelines for how much alcohol you are actually “advised” ( doesn’t mean you should) to drink or the number of painkillers you should take and when you should take them ?

(if that is your “thing”)



Did you go out and buy a government ,custom made, wine, beer glass or whatever to make sure you  are getting the correct dose?

If you look at your drinking glasses compared to what the size of the glass that is advised (if you insist on drinking something that happens to be legal), I think you may have gone over the limit.


In this context, The moderation theory is a fucking myth, in my opinion.

Food is legal – people get addicted to it/not eating it.

So is Sex. So is stealing – that is illegal, of course.

Why are we self-medicating ourselves in this way?

Ask yourself. Don’t point a finger at Bob or Tina next door who are total mad heads, crazy,raging druggies or whatever,who are always having a bust up.

Look at your own life. The own things you use to keep you well, that  keep you able to make it to work the  next day or not.

Keep you ticking over just nicely enough to cope with Lifes/ people’s unrealistic  expectations of you.

Just a thought.

Do or don’t. I am not here to judge. I’m merely expressing my thoughts. I’m thinking/ musing– being human.

 I know I come acrosss as confrontational in this post and maybe I am.

Hell, yes I am.

I’m pissed off at how society decides who is fit and who is a misfit.

There are so many other ways to chill, be happy , live.

Why do we  (I  include myself in we)  choose  ways that are not actually healthy?

Why do we alter the wiring in our brain?  Numb our feelings?

What is wrong with feeling and expressing so-called “weak” ” negative” feelings?

Take a look at your friend, a stranger in the street/ family member/ the person who calls you crazy.

See this?


giphy (14).gif



It’s not hard to figure it out.

Did you know that a person with a label of schizophrenia is more likely to kill him/herself before harming another?

Yes, self-medicating – drinking ,taking drugs to cope increases the chances of a person with a diagnosed mental illness becoming violent.

Think of christmas, bank holidays, seasonal drinkers who congregate in civiliced places to drink or even the illegal druk takers who congregate wherever to imbibe whatever substance.

I’ve been to these pubs/clubs/houses/parks/festivals/doss houses sober and seen what “normal” looks like.

How many of those people do you know ?

Do you know their back ground , mind state?

Really, How well  do you  know them?

Have you seen what what alcohal and drugs can do to a person who is a “normal” member of society?

“It was the alcohol , the prick who looked at me differently, the fucking coach of whatever sports team, that German/English/ French prick.” 

What you put into your body will change how you act/perceive things and that is my point.

If I drink alcohal  – when I have and done so, I  tend to binge drink and I can “lose” it.

One last thing to think about, if you wish.

If I asked you to  visually describe and give traits of a   person who you think  is likely to think about or actually take their own life,what does that person look like?

Here is a  Fact:  or about as accurate as a statistic can tell you.

The person most likely to attempt/take their  own life,according to the statistic website I chose to use,

  • White

  • Male

  • age 30- 64

  • method: firearm, strangulation, suffocation and poisoning

  •  Previous Attempts to self-harm.

This is my husband.

I’m using him  as an example with his permission, of course. 😀

Five years ago, he did fit into most of the criteria for being the person who  is more likely attempt/commit suicide.

 He  thought about ending his life  when he was bullied, in his early teens, in the neighbourhood, he grew up in.

My husband has  ended up in A&E due to an injury he acquired intoxicated. In his  case,skateboarding accident.

Today,he is not suicidal nor does he own a firearm( it is illegal to in the U.K.) He has not drunk alcohol in 5 years, doesn’t smoke or use drugs – he has never even  smoked a cigarette.








Daisy in the Willows

I have been quiet on the WRAP  front – wellness recovery action plan . Only  for the reason I knew this testimonial video would be available for YOU and others who want to take their life in their hands and have a plan for if it all goes down the toilet.  Eeeugh!


Anyway here it is. I think it will have more of a powerful effect on those of you who do decide to watch it. Instead of me waffling about it over 12 weeks on camera. If you want to  to do WRAP and are not in a physical place close to where I live. You can still do it via my WRAP page. No costs – for free.  Or you can go to the founder of Mary Ellan Copeland and pay for the various material (if it is not free) that can be…

View original post 64 more words

Daisy learns a life lesson.

“Emotional arrears were well over due. Today I got full payment and my soul is filled with warmth and love and a lightness that helps me move on. Thank you!”


It is very easy to point fingers and say

“oh that person is the one with all the issues. That person is insane”

Without  taking a step out of your own mind and get another perspective.

giphy (10).gif

When someone says I am crazy.

It hurts.

 I know I have mental health issues but sometimes things that happen in life and how I react, is not just a symptom of my mental health issues.

I have emotions.

I have my own thoughts and feelings and my own perspective.

giphy (11)




I did some “crazy” things of late. I am not proud of them and I have been emotionally destroyed and angry.

All I got was silence.

I was made out to be the person with all the issues. It got to the point where I thought

Yeah , this person is right. I am crazy.

giphy (13).gif

Never mind, everything I have done and achieved in the past 6 years to get to who I am today.

I think people really need to be careful about flippant words and how they use them.


I started to believe I was what this person said. I thought I couldn’t take care of my daughter or be a normal functioning human being again.


giphy (14).gif

Everything I am still working towards , I nearly threw in towel, because I allowed one person to get to me.

One small -minded perspective to get to me.

I can cause mayhem on my own but in this situation it took two to create an exploding  time bomb.

My partner stood up for me. I finally feel vindicated and heard.

Ironically, he feels better too.

Sometimes, we need to take on another person’s perspective to get a clear picture of what is really going on.

The only way to do that is clear communication.

Texts and emails can be misinterpreted, especially when you are responding to emotion which causes hurt.

I have a remarkable man in my life. He took me outside ,into the sunshine today and said:

“Let’s bask in the light a little longer because you deserve to be in the light and be seen. I will always support you, protect you and be your champion. I understand more now.” 

Yup, I have a real man. One in a million.



The only way to break down Stigma against mental illness is to communicate and not be silenced into shame.

I have so much purpose in my life but I wasn’t getting answers.

Now, I  have my answers.

I feel my point of view has been slotted in to this persons life for however brief.

My heart is lifted.

I don’t feel ashamed anymore.

My heart isn’t breaking.

I don’t need social services to look after my daughter.

I don’t need to check into a clinic.

I am entitled to be happy and to move on.

Who doesn’t have mental health?


We all deal with stress and life issues and dips in our health in a variety of ways. Some are not always good.

Drinking for 2 days is probably not a great way to deal with a problem ,because it heightens emotions and it can have a bad interaction with medication, and that mix brings out the worst in many.

Some people smoke weed to deal with their issues others pop a Valium. Some do other things.

Who is to say who is right or wrong?

I know how to get back on track –  what I know to be the right way for me.

I am back on track.

Our marriage is stronger and we closer because of this experience.

I always say, honesty is the best way to deal with people and situations.

Tell it like it is , if you build up a wall , well you lose out.

I can  see the light again.

giphy (17).gif

I can move on .

I won’t look back.

Heart ache and insults suck but I’ve learnt by sticking to my guns and being persistent I will find peace –

some how.

I have.

It’s a new day -well it is  actually the end of a day, but I know who I am and what it has taken me,  to get to the person I am today.

I fuck up .

Who doesn’t?

My heart is lifted.

I can see the silver lining.

I have renewed hope.

I have my confidence back.

I am not my mental illness. I am not a psycho or crazy.

If I use shitty coping mechanisms, then yeah! my brain will flip out.

Study the brain and educate yourself.

 Especially,if you don’t know what synapses and neurotransmitters and dopamine and serotonin are and what function and part they play in your brain, along with what environment and genes and, continual   new neural structure pathways being made in the brain, do.

giphy (15).gif




That’s it….

Oh no



Can’t wait to check out all your lovely Blogs

The love just continues to grow.

Beautiful flowers and manly trees everywhere. I appreciate all of you, in all your natural beauty.

Oh and one more thing before I hit club duvet -zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  – check out what arrived in zee post today

CHARLIE ZERO POET – Signed by the man himself.

Awesome poet. Can’t wait to get reading.


 Music is a positive way for me to get my mind in better mental health.





 So, if someone calls you crazy or a psycho –  get a second opinion.

A third even.

Don’t rely on the people who don’t  even have a fucking clue who you are or even the ones who think they do.



 Daisy learns a life lesson 🙂


Daisy is a sentient “monster”.

We all have to start somewhere to get to somewhere else right?

A year of volunteering and training done so far and all of the effort has been 100% worth it.


So, today I am very proud to say I successfully helped to put together a Mental health awareness workshop and co -facilitate it.

I felt so at home. I felt the most comfortable I have ever been. I’ve helped out with a few workshops before but this was like my mini baby step to doing something I didn’t think I could do.

‘Be your greatest cheerleader – nobody else is likely too.’


Upon reflection I realised we still have a long way to go to reduce and breakdown Stigma against Mental health issues in our community and society.

I stick by my rule of always being authentic. I have nothing to hide.  The more I shared, the more  I felt I connected with other people.

giphy (2).gif

People opened up  and it was awesome to observe this.

We all have mental health and I discovered a lot of people have similar issues. We deal with them in different ways and some can have more extreme ways of coping than others or vice versa.

I’m on a roll here . ha ha

I know what you are thinking. Just let me have this moment? Please!

giphy (8).gif

United, we can break down the stigma attached to mental health and address the issue properly.

We all have a mind and a body -so no one- unless a person defines themselves as an actual (not metaphorical)   robot- is susceptible to having Positive mental health and Negative mental health over the course of a life time.

Why do we feel ashamed to be labelled?  We quite happily wear labels like Prada , Gucci, Matalan , doctor , chef , cleaner, politician ?

I don’t have any shame in what I have done or what I have been through. I have so much respect for the people I meet here and in the real world.

I am truly on a mission.

Perfection is unattainable!

We need to leave that with the Romans.

Look to the future .

Even better pause and take time to enjoy the moment. Look around you and be happy with what you have.

giphy (3).gif

Don’t read beauty magazines or buy into the celeb media market.

Pick up a book and expand your mind.  Take pictures. Paint, draw, act.  Get creative.

I have recently found out that a lot of people Photoshop ( I mean really Photoshop) their social media images.

No wonder I don’t recognise people when I am out and about in the big wide world.

I am kind of  joking . 😀

 I do day dream when I am out and about.

I always have a million things going on in my head.

Not everyone does this Photoshop thing  but to know that people do, just made my jaw drop.

giphy (4).gif

So I am going to stick with being real. It seems to be working.

I can smile at strangers in the street and they smile back.

We are all human.

We need food, exercise ,sleep, a toilet…….  Can you see where I am going with this?

That’s it for now.

I did it.

We did it.

Totally motivated and ready to break down stigma.

giphy (6)

My  mantra is:

‘I am successful at whatever I do.’ 

no matter if that means getting out of bed or getting my degree.


Moving Forward

Another week has passed and I haven’t been posting or reading as much of your Blogs as I have wanted to .

I kind of screwed up. I decided just over a month ago that I didn’t have Bipolar and that I didn’t need to take certain medication.

giphy (18).gif

This past month has been a living hell. I reached breaking point yesterday. I thought I was losing my mind.

The reason why I am making this public is because I am so passionate about reducing the Stigma surrounding Mental Health issues.

I did something so stupid but instead of letting my mental health  get to a point , where I was  increasing the  risk that I would get worse, and I would probably end up doing something epically silly. I reached out.

giphy (19).gif

I’m back! . I know what keeps me well.  Blogging is one of my coping tools..

My volunteering  is another.

Yesterday I thought I blew it.

giphy (23).gif

I was a mess.

I forced myself to face my fears and I got through it.

Today we have a plan for the  Depression and Anxiety workshop ,for Thursday.


I do have good ideas and stuff to bring to make this workshop work.

giphy (20).gif

It is okay to screw up but you have to  reach out too.

Do it as soon as possible. All my Bipolar symptoms started coming back.

My Anorexia triggers came back.

I haven’t come this far to go back to living in  a mental hospital again. I have too much to gain and far too much to lose.

Today is a new day. I have a chance to start over.

I am petrified about doing the workshop but I know once I am there – that is my one place I  will feel comfortable.

giphy (25).gif

It’s the same here on Word Press. I convinced myself that because I had no energy and that my mind couldn’t take in information when I was reading other peoples Blogs , I would lose people.

I can’t just pretend to read a post and like. That has never been an option for me. I don’t do things in halves.

I didn’t lose anybody. In fact quite the opposite. I have gained new friends – The Daisy in the willows  flower community grows.

I am not going to question why .

I can only say thank you and count my blessings.

I work hard to over come my fears and demons. I  have a lot of support and you – all of you -don’t know how much your comments have helped me. You will never know.

Let me re phrase that  you are

giphy (26).gif

Pictures can be misleading…..

But I am back and I am pushing forward and that is what counts. I got through yesterday. I am getting through today.


 So I guess it is time to explore all the new Blogs who have come into my path and give you all a MASSIVE  SHOUT OUT for taking a chance on me.



Keep pushing forward. I swear your future self  will be thankful . I know what keeps me well and what doesn’t..

giphy (4)




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living in stigma  I have been following this lady’s Blog for many months. Love her blog and she kind of likes mine too now.  What a compliment xxxx

Tarnished Soul Searching for Peace in a Tumultuous World– a Man trying to find a meaningful life. He is a bit like me. Totally wears his heart on his sleeve.

mommyrosebuds  Asahela a 25 year old Mum . She had her child when she was 16 but she has such sass and attitude and personality. She can show us all how to live and be a great parent. She has an epic community going on too.

Coloring Outside the Lines traveling to little places, inside and outside of mind – the title alone of this Blog -resonates. Mark is a lover of Flash Fiction – something I am dying to do.  Well travelled too.

Sweta Ojha A Personified Narrative : Defying Reality. Sketching Imageries. -Sweta’s Blog is ice candy crack. A journalist and a published novelist of a book THE LAST JOURNAL

Ever wondered what’s a personified version of the thin line that exists between imagination and reality?
‘That’s me’


jstnluu Justin.  -A law degree student who happens to be crazy about fashion and all things creative.  Justin is a deep thinker. He has a lot of interests and a curious mind.

ELLENBEST24 words and scribble.  A writer…

My name is Ellen.
I am stronger than I seem; happier than I have ever been. I am a complex character who loves life. I Bathe in love, laughter and words. Words that I read and write, words  that I swallow whole



BEYONDTHEHORIZON– another awesome Blogger who can’t make sense of the cruelty that people do to each other. Another deep thinker with a lot of soul and a lot to give.

The Self-Help Sucker Enlightenment by the Book   -love the title. I seem to have found a bunch of thinkers/ philosophers this past week – well you found me and I love thinking outside the box. I am in good company.  This dude reads all the self help books we can’t and tells us the best bits to take away with us. Awesome!






Pretty Charms – Plenty of analyis,case studies and essays  on mental health in a no jargony way

Shandra Eats Cook, Eat, Travel, and Be Merry!!  It is all about the food!  Food pawn alert!

SHELISHACAMPBELL  has a poetry brain 🙂

518-SONGOFMYPEOPLE A town everyone hates, yet no one leaves…  check it out. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this Blog. I have never come across one like it …

Bay art -BayArt with Science-based Practices for a Meaningful Life is the single destination for effective, evidence-based solutions for better emotional health and wellbeing in the 21st century. Let get your workbook today & join us    LOVING THIS BLOG.

ClearDope-Success, Genius.. Becoming the best version of yourself.   – Another awesome Blog about finding your purpose, self affirming and a great place to be to get into a great mind state.

Annas Art – FärgaregårdsAnna- OPEN MIND ART– To say Anna is talented is a slight under statement. I’m a huge fan of people who can draw and paint. I can’t. And she has a sense of humour too!

MY CHILD WITHIN- Healing from trauma   Not as heavy going as the title- there is a lot of emphasis on Recovery and moving forwards in this Blog

 I have started this website to share my personal story of recovery, healing and hope. I want to offer tips on how to cope with a special needs sibling and how to heal from narcissistic parental abuse. I also want to offer insight into how complicated the grieving and healing can be when recovering from chilhood abuse and neglect in the family. Mental health is very important to myself and others and people have to understand that it matters just as much as physical health.


MY ORDINARY LEGEND I CAN ONLY TELL YOU WHERE THE STORY STARTS AND TAKE YOU ALONG FOR THE RIDE   Jessie was living in Germany for some time and started her thought journal when she went back home to the U.S.A. – She is pretty talented with what she can do when she has a camera in her hand


business with psychology    I’m not to sure what is happening with this Blog yet but thank you for the follow all the same. Best of luck with developing your Blog 🙂

SHERRIEMIRANDA1- The wonderful world of writing  Certainly has a sense of humour


SanoLovesWriters!!!!!!!    Sano most definitely does!


I dedicate this blog to everyone who shares one or both of these challenges. Or any mental health challenge for that matter. If someone manages to find their way here, and finds something valuable in my writing, or can relate to something, it will be worth it.

We might not always believe this, but there is hope. Like a lighthouse… It’s light can be seen shining during even the most turbulent of storms.








Have you heard?

I hadn’t.

I have now.

Now you need to know about this!

I’m super excited to share one of the most innovative communities there is for people with Mental health .  The only way to stop discrimination is to get on board and use your voice and not be ashamed to have mental health issues.



I’ve decided to get more involved and volunteer.

What does it mean to be a volunteer at #SickNotWeak? It means sharing a part of yourself to help others, it means starting conversations we didn’t have even twenty years ago, and it means making a commitment to change. There is no singular way to help an organization like ours – our volunteers have diverse skills sets, life experience, and quite often different diagnoses.

We welcome both sufferers and supporters on our team.Something everyone at #SickNotWeak has asked themselves: “If I am feeling broken, how can I fix anyone else?” Simply put, you can’t. Our job at #SickNotWeak is not to “fix” anyone. We are not doctors; we are friends. Even if we just co-exist as broken-but-brave pieces of ourselves, that is enough. Feeling a sense of camaraderie is enough. Telling just one person that you are sick, not weak, is enough. You are enough.


If you’re ready to jump in, here is a current list of volunteer opportunities: Click on the  link  below  for how you can get involved



How can  #SickNotWeak help YOU













Check them out.


A whole new contemporary community.

Can you tell I am just a tad bit excited about this?