Raised from dead

I planned another attempt on my knees Spoke to a God Pathetic Uninspired Extraterristial Daisy is no more. A body emptied walking on egg shells. Shocked mind No purpose too unkind. Secret whispers Willful whiskers Silent sisters Cause me to break out in blisters. Words fail to recover my obsolete pose Hesitant Defunct Maleficent stream... Continue Reading →


Be a bare foot bear in mind, body and spirit. Daisy LIFE UPDATE There has been so much going on-trying to write consistently  and coherently has and is still a struggle. I did a major overdose in March 2018 (yes, stupid and I didn't want to come out of it)-the gory details are : I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I feel like why do I bother. Sometimes I feel like I’ve used up all my bear care The cities I lived in . The people I’ve engaged with. started to stick two fingers up. But only to the dickheads. I dance to these beats cos I rise to the funk masters compilation. I... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I wish I hadn't lived. That overdose was meant to kill me. I didn't want to live and then I have moments when I look at my child and my Ma and cat and think -these are the people and moments to live for. Life isn't easy and no one ever said it is... Continue Reading →

My mother called me

My mother called me a narcissist I delayed ringing an exorcist Eve didn't want to admit she was too affronted by the orange county housewife I' d laugh if it weren't for the affray the truth is I'm a direct line of self sabatageoust my mother called me a narcissist cos i killed myself she... Continue Reading →

It is what it is.

Where is my mind? The weed who has every right to declaim — life's not fair. I'm back , I'm here . And a round of applause for me. I'm reclaiming my life! Life is like tax credits. We have to keep on reclaiming it to make sure we get it. For one reason only:... Continue Reading →

Be careful what you wish for.

Another deadline has passed. I should get my marks back after the 12 th February. I haven't had a chance to pause and I'm already drafting my 3rd TMA (due 30th March). I haven't been on here much as I'm fighting with Wix online website creator to get my business up and running. I guess when you work... Continue Reading →

I can’t get none.

'You are strong.' Vexed, pathetic. infallible diatribe. Ghoulish enterprise.. hiding my true desire. This is the big moment - I bare my scant soul. The thoughts that I hide away from all those I seek to protect from a scalding. Never did I ever want this blog or these posts to come from  an abyss of such desperation,such hopelessness, from... Continue Reading →

A dying shame.

Yeah, I'm obviously not going ignore that it is WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION  DAY -especially considering the work and training I have been doing this week, around Mental Health Recovery embracing the 5 key concepts to   the Wellness Recovery Action Plan Programme. HOPE-People who experience mental health difficulties get well, stay well and go on... Continue Reading →

I may be committing my own blogging life suicide here- but when has that stopped me from writing about my thoughts? Never.  WOW! I started at 6 a.m. and it is now 17:37 p.m. of going through the blogs I follow. It has made me kind of sad and a  bit confused too. There are... Continue Reading →

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