What’s been happening in Daisy’s world.


Right, nearly three pm and I have got plenty accomplished today. My dentist is so good to me.

Here is a message to all of you who want to start messing with your diet. My anxiety around my looks and weight cost me a lot.


My teeth being a massive loss. It is something that I have had  a huge hang up over. I’ve been living with the gold –

“aaaaaargh matie”   look for so many years now.

My dentist is helping me sort out my teeth so they can be in the best possible condition for my wedding.

 Not perfect but better.

I even cried today,when I saw my new not gold tooth. I know it’s superficial but I  want to look  in top from.


I’ve caught up with a fair few of your blogs this afternoon.

 Daisy calm down and breathe. A lot of  people seem to be stressing at work.

Spring break is happening..

All of you are awesome.

I mean that.


I read so many posts where I think I could never handle what you guys/gals go through.

We have a bunch of tough cookies in our little word press community. To those who work late shifts and/or  can’t blog daily. I look forward to reading any upcoming  updates.

Should I post a pic of my new smile? I don’t know ……….. Ha ha….

Our wedding is only 10 weeks away. I can’t believe it. I’m not even panicking.



I’ve been really low in mood lately.

I have been so excited about co -producing and facilitating an eating disorder group in the town I live. It is so needed.

Unfortunately, due to red tape issues. I’m not really sure when it will be up and running -hopefully by Autumn. All good things come to those who wait  -as the saying goes….. 😀


My first non -human  “child” Tatiana has finally forgiven me for having a second human child. It has only taken nearly four years.

When I got back from the dentist. I did my daily work out ,had a bath and when I walked into my bedroom -she was all curled up on my bed -purring.

Just like the old days. mega  watt smile 😀

I don’t know what is up with my daughter at the moment. She was doing so well with going to the toilet but lately she is having accidents constantly .

Any advice?

Is this normal?

I feel like a rubbish Mum.

Have I failed my  not so four year old baby girl?


Looking forward to Saturday – DATE NIGHT- My mommy is having my Bella Bee for the night. We are going to  binge watch movies in bed and veg!

Easter is happening this weekend!

 I’m being pampered by my mommy- she is paying for my hair and eyebrows to be done.

I do feel blessed and lucky.

Blogging is exceeding my expectations. I’m in awe that even 1 person digs what I write..

I’m also growing as a person and developing interests that I was too unwell to grasp years back.

Loving symbols, beliefs, religion, quotes.   It’s all  in  my blog. I’m passionate and enjoying  learning and discovering.

While we are on the subject of beliefs. I was walking back from the dentist and look what I found on the pavement. Yes, a  daisy!


I don’t know what it means but I’m going to look at it as a positive sign.

I’m finding myself more and more comfortable with my writing style.

I used to worry people wouldn’t get my brand of humour.

Some don’t and some do – that’s the way it rolls.

 Okay you got this far with reading my post so,

Here is a pic of me with my new  non pirate tooth


and a lovely pic of two babies  Tatiana and Bella Bee  to help you over come the trauma of my not so Colgate smile perfect teeth 😉 – the main thing is I am happy with them.


That’s all folks



an epic stag and Daisy hen do

Stag do’s seem to go back to the  Spartans , in the 5 century? Spartan’s  afraid to get married?

Spartans! this challenge of taking on a bride is no ordinary scuffle in the arena. You will never win –

 Mwahahahaha – from the evil bride(lurking in the back ground)   from some  obscure adults only pantomime


Henry the 8 th was partial to oh I don’t know -say roughly 8 stag do’s in his time.

All his.

I look at him with a fresh perspective, he was just a wild party animal who didn’t know when to retire and let the young ones pick up the party where he left off.


I could get really rude here and suggest an innuendo of a  she  be a  heading stag do?

I think. I would rather not go into that too much. Daisy has a filthy mind.


Okay so on to  Hen do’s?

There is some research – it’s on Google  😀 that says that  the word  ‘hen’ way back could refer to any type of bird.

Us “chicks” have been associated with augury -divination by birds since Greek times.  So,quite rightly, our Grooms- to -be would need to get together with there fellow stags to have a few beverages. If only to help prop the poor groom to be on the day or give him a few pointers on how to win an argument with his bride. Good luck with that one…

 In the East henna is believed to have properties to purify us sinful brides and I quote

“…. and hold her risk free from the evil eye”

The evil eye, hey?

 Ah of course us ladies,over the centuries, have honed in our ability on  how to make sure the recipient of our   evil eye – men- make them feel the wrath of their inability to bring back the right colour box of tampons.

Are we that bad?


The research on these stag/hen do’s  are rather hazy – maybe that is the point. I mean I thought there would be tons of information on how and when the stag and hen do originated  but not much is coming up. Only suggestions.

What am I doing for my hen night?

A cocktail making class with a difference.


And my  beloved stag,

Well, it started with rock climbing- the only reason was so my hubby-to -be could laugh at his supposedly unfit friends – He is a cruel bastard isn’t he? 😉

He out right refused paint balling. He doesn’t want to look all bruised on the day. This coming from the same mouth who had to be dragged into a shop and forced into a suit on by his Best man along with the help of the best man’s wife!

The mind boggles….

Then it changed to a RPG night a the pub with a Ghost busters theme!? That one went straight over my head.


Last time I checked it could be a toss up of bowling and a “historic”  pub crawl.  The difference is (according to my partner )a normal pub crawl is going from one bar to the next and consuming as much alcohol as possible and a historic pub crawl is visiting pubs with history and admiring the decor,as you do.



 Interpret that as you may.  My partner doesn’t drink alcohol  but hey? It’s his stag do.

His theory in the ‘historic’  pub crawl is not focused on the drinking but on the pubs themselves and  his  other stags company.

And I thought is was us ladies who changed our mind as and when.

I’m sure him and his besties will have an epic time. I intend to 😀

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silver highlights

One of my favourite mantra’s/ quotes is:

“‘Every cloud,’ says the proverb, ‘has a silver lining,’ and so I did not despair.‘”

So of course I was going to get around to researching the symbolism of this mantra.

The moon basked in silvery light is a message of hope – in darkness there are shades of light -no matter how subtle. We only need a  small flicker  of light to switch on our hope.

Hope is pretty much how we carry on living in this world of ours. No hope = mere existence. Death even.

It is also a symbol of strength. We often need to summon up great strength from within to grasp onto the concept that hope is a choice.

images (4)




This is symbolic of a subtle strength.  The message here is that we ourselves can be flexible enough to be molded into something better – but strong enough to keep our core integrity in tact.


What is really interesting  to me is where the saying,

‘Always look for the silver lining.’  came from?

Some one once told me that if I can imagine a storm cloud clearing , soemtimes the rays from the sun shine behind the cloud like a lamp and can give the cloud an appearance that there is a sliver lining around it., this is where the ‘silver lining’ term came from ,

So, the idea for this phrase is that when things are looking dreary, there’s always a brighter side; the comparison looks to be drawn from how dark clouds have a brighter side to them: their ‘silver linings.’


This saying was huge in ‘ the great depression’ era. Tons of  upbeat songs were written about it. This says a lot about humans capacity to never give up hope, even when the world seems on the brink of an apocalypse.


I read so many  things about how humans  how humans have lost their humanity but the silver lining in this post and it’s message is clear:

If we can still hang on to some shred of hope that  there is a chance that humanity can still be awakened in even the hardest iron clad of hearts. HUMANITY AND OUR WORLD HAS CHANCE

I shall let the lovely Judy Garland help you to ‘look for the silver lining’ today



the female

What better day  to look at symbols associated with females. It is Mothers day in the U.K. It’s no secret that us, ladies are very in touch with our emotions. This is probably why we have been  associated with divination  for 1000’s of moons .

How can we just know something without practising magic?



 Men have been in awe and petrified  by women since the very first lady  to grace our earthly shores- Pandora/Eve -pick your choice.

Women have been cursed as being forbidden temptations.

It’s all our fault.

Obviously we  cast bewitching spells to make us desirable to men  I  personally think men should take responsibility for their own feelings. 😀 .I guess our men have made some progress over the centuries so I will try and not give our men too much of a hard time. ( I say this in jest…) 

 But to re-inforce a point ‘NO’  does actually mean NO.  😀  #FEMALEEMPOWERMENT  

The most common symbol connected to females are  boats,bowls,baskets,boxes,cup-shaped flowers,goblets,vases and wells. The message is clear: women are seen as carriers, protectors, vessels carrying life.

My favourite symbol of  the female is the ocean.  


I was born in South Africa, on the coast and I have always been drawn to the ocean or any body of water . The only vessel of water I hate to be in for long periods is  my humble bath. I don’t like the idea of bathing in my own dirt. My partner calls my bath -‘Sheep dipping’ – A Yorkshire term. 

It’s interesting how much power the ocean or or any body of liquid is. Us, humans are made up of a high percentage of water according to Science. Not a such  mystery after all.

 We can’t help being so powerful and alluring. Nature or God deemed it so and we have been suppressed from the very beginning.



We can come across as still waters run deep and then with one swell become a tidal wave of emotion. Our poor kings. We are a force to be reckoned with. No man has ever completely  come away from an expedition in the ocean  untouched and indifferent.

We still live in a society where man has this ‘love -hate’relationship with us ladies. They want to possess us but we are more likely to possess them. Not by some hex or curse but because of the fact that we are naturally made up of an element capable of soothing, cleansing, bathing or  drowning.

Why is  it that the female form deduced to monsters?

Medusa ?

Well , according to the myth  she was once a beautiful woman . She took a trip to her local virgin temple and was tending to Athena -goddess of virgins temple. Poseidon saw her and apparently she lay down with Poseidon in the virgin temple – some say she was  raped. I wasn’t there so I can’t say for sure what did indeed happen.

A list from a God  got her into the position where revenge was taken out on her by the jealous and unwavering sister of Poseidon ,  Athena. Her punishment was to be forever doomed to turn every thing she looked at into stone. I’m guessing she wasn’t popular on Valentines day .

Harsh or what? 

It is true what they say’ God is a jealous God’ -all of them by the looks of it. 😀

 The Dude -Poseidon just couldn’t keep it in his trousers. He is not doing any favours to break  down the  stereotypical navy man  reputation of ‘Screw you and leave you for an even harsher mistress.’ 


Crazy ,that even today men who cheat on their women usually blame the other women and not the male. Our power is a threat.

Even down to our lovely Penelope -the epitome  of the dutiful wife -not a monster but capable of using her wits to  bide time to wait for Odysseus to return home. 

There is a Hindi Goddess called ,Kali, -she is known as the dark mother- maternal figures are often feared. Damn right. Touch my child or anyone I love and you shall feel my wrath.



Let men fear us.

We are not a gender to suffer fools.

We are not going anywhere and we get more powerful with each generation.

Men need to know how to work as a team not all this Alpha wear wolf bullshit. 😉

 So today we honour the female in all her beautiful forms.  

Yes, thank you men for your seed so that we can grow life and nurture it , give it a home until it is ready to be born.

Motherhood is something pretty epic.

I guess it can look like some kind of magic.

 Maybe not such a bad thing after all.

Who doesn’t need a tiny bit of magic in their lives?


I’ve been on Facebook and twitter this morning and came across this status update

“How can a Utopian exist in a Dystopia ?”

( author of source has rights to privacy without breeching any rights/ plagiarism)

My answer:

“It can only exist for the minority and the ones at the top. One great way the elite create an illusion of Utopia is by conditioning.”

Daisy Willows

I get mentioned in a comment with this reply- from the author of the status update

“Maybe I have conjured up a perfect paradise in my mind. A place where there is love peace and happiness. A place where everyone works towards the betterment of everyone else. A place where people go out of there way to help and support each other. An environment where laws are just and true.

A place where truth, honour and justice is aspired by all.

A world where equality, brotherhood/sisterhood and fraternity is second nature.

A place where war and the wholesale slaughter and genocide is abhorrent and inconceivable to all the inhabitants of Utopia. T

he Utopian being born in this ideological setting then wakes up one day to find himself or herself trapped inside this present reality of modern day existenc”

I think: what an idealist- how can I respond ? My Brain is doing overtime.

maxresdefault (1)

 I respond

“That place in your mind is a place in my mind of what I think would be the ‘perfect’ society. I don’t know why we need to suffer and why suffering continues to go on mercilessly.

I see so many FB posts of quotes about wanting to wake people up to what the governments of our world do, how we are slaves , To stand up and unite against all the injustice, the crime of pain . I have got bored of these posts for what is enlightenment without action?

I take small steps to not be so influenced by a world of decay and diseased minds and I am not talking about people with MH issues. We have been conditioned to be ignorant for so long that it has become an automatic default- we go to ignorance because it is exhausting to challenge our perceptions.

I still do it.

If this world we want existed how would we know we are happy ? Does suffering and evil have to be a package deal to experience or wish for something better? I don’t know the answer”

Daisy Willows

What do I think when I re- read these comments? is, what do we as a society symbolise ‘Freedom’ with?

If  you  can picture the generous extension of France’s  ‘Statue of Liberty’ gift to symbolise the centenary of the American war of independence and a symbol of the solidarity of  French and the American friendship?



The burning torch is the  ultimate emblem of freedom. When I look at this statue and go back to  all I have read about it’s true meaning. I see a darkness. I see lies. I see people thinking they are walking around with freedom, to be who they were born to be.

I’m trying to come across as really clever here :D, I studied ‘myth in the Greek and Roman worlds’ in Uni as one of my 30 credit  modules. This symbol of fire goes back to Archaic times.

The myth of Prometheus – the Titan who made humans out of clay.

The Titan who went against the Gods  and tricked  them.

As punishment the Gods took fire away from the humans and he stole it back and gave it back to the humans. .  In occult terms ,Prometheus would be associated with the name ‘Satan’ or ‘Lucifer’.


He betrayed the Gods and tempted  to elevate humans to God-like status (in the context) of knowledge and free will. I use the term Satan and Lucifer in a metaphorical/philosophical  way. He is the symbol of betrayal.

 Helena Blavatsky explains in her classic occult work, The Secret Doctrine volume 2 (page 244) that, “The allegory of Prometheus, who steals the divine fire as to allow men to proceed consciously on the path of spiritual evolution, thus transforming the most perfect of animals on Earth into a potential god, and making him free to take the kingdom of heaven by violence.

Hence also, the curse pronounced by Zeus against Prometheus, and by Jehovah against his ‘rebellious son,’ Satan.”


I’m don’t wan’t this post to get too complicated.Here is a summary of my opinion of  the duplicitous meanings of symbols of Freedom.

Freemasons/Illuminati  – members, know the power of using   symbols  in business and in governments, to manipulate events so that  these events go in favour for the select few. Guess who?

Read these quotes by Adam Weishaupt founder of the Illuminati  ( he later said that he didn’t mean what he said)

“There must not a single purpose ever come in sight that is ambiguous, and that may betray our aims against religion and the state. One must speak sometimes one way and sometimes another, but so as never to contradict ourselves, and so that, with respect to our true way of thinking, we may be impenetrable.”

“This can be done in no other way but by secret associations, which will by degrees, and in silence, possess themselves of the government of the States, and make use of those means for this purpose.”

“The Order will, for its own sake, and therefore certainly, place every man in that situation in which he can be most effective. The pupils are convinced that the Order will rule the world. Every member therefore becomes a ruler.”




Us  commoners are told that knowledge is power – yet they hide a large portion of that knowledge from us.

We are told:

Freedom is being able to vote democratically.

Freedom is wealth.

Wealth = happiness.

They don’t reveal how they use these symbols to condition us to thinking we are happy and successful.  We are mere slaves and help a very small elite portion of the worlds population live,in an almost utopian life, of their making, creating a dystopia  for the rest of us.

Most of us don’t know we are anything but free.


Think back to the decade before the roaring 20’s.

Victorian times – solemn ,sombre, emotions in check  moderation, void of emotion.

images (1)

Then, BOOM! The age of decadence arrives.



Diamonds become ‘A girls best friend’-worn by all the stars in Hollywood –

The film industry tells them  to wear diamonds.  Advertise them.

The message:  If you love me -you will buy me a diamond because diamonds = wealth and success which makes me feel happy and  loved.

When I am happy and loved I am truly free.  There is nothing wrong with this statement

This was a well thought out and executed propaganda . The problem with the above statement is we still believe freedom comes from external things. Cast your mind to the slaves mining for diamonds under the watchful eye of the corrupt Congolese Dictatorship . Not so Utopian and free for all after all ?


Another symbol comes to mind when I think of Freedom. The dove.  Here is a bit of information for you – ever heard of the term Augury?

The definition of augury is the practice of clairvoyancy by a prophet or oracle, or is a sign or harbinger of things to happen in the future.

  1. An example of augury is a priest explaining a divine act.

  2. An example of an augury might be the flight patterns of birds.

Read more at http://www.yourdictionary.com/augury#LgsbpcbAGLGtkkiA.99


Remember knowledge is power.  What greater power is their than predicting the future? There is no mystical bullshit – governments and  people who have their own interests at heart, use the symbol of a Dove to  signal that the future holds peace and love.

The dove represents peace of the deepest kind. It soothes and quiets our worried or troubled thoughts, enabling us to find renewal in the silence of the mind. The dove’s singing is most prevalent when the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are thought to be at their thinnest – first thing in the morning and last thing at night – again representing a link between two divergent domains.


It is a Aldous Huxley -brave new world, brain washing, narcotic to numb us.

Subdue us.

All is well with the world.

It isn’t.

I could go on and on so I will summarise what I have learnt about these symbols of freedom.

In my opinion,

True freedom can only be found within oneself. So far the best answer to coming up with a solution to this problem, is denounce all modern society and live in Nature and become self sufficient and independent.  I don’t see many people willing to give up their mobile phones, flashy cars, collection of fine wines , burn up a bunch of millions of dollars to live a life of true freedom.

A snake has the power to kill yet it can be’ hypnotised’ by a snake charmer…

Does a snake have ears? can it even hear music?

A snake has eyes and responds to what it sees.

What do you see and feel  when you see the word FREEDOM?




The moon

After last nights melt down of a post, I finally managed to fall asleep. Thank you moon. The moon is often associated  with our intuition,sleep and dreams. It is also connected with unconscious wishes. It’s the feminine to the masculine sun.

I received many supportive comments from  from She bares all she can bear







It is an new day – a new a dawn – a new life’ Nina Simone.

 So today I want to focus on symbols connected to out emotions and instinct.

Yes, I had a shit day yesterday. The beauty of life is: just  like the moon will always make it’s appearance so shall the sun. Until the Apocalypse of course. 😀  I’m not suggesting that men equal happiness (sunshine) . Some do but so do women.  :D. That’s my equality awareness comment out of the way.

Some see the moon as representing the soul.  The moon has so much power over  us. It controls the rain, the oceans tides, all four seasons.

There are 8 phases in the Lunar or moon cycle , we are currently in the third quarter of the moons phase. This is meant to be a time for letting go and to forgive. Time to clear the cobwebs from the mind ,tidy up  and surrender to my emotions .



I understand  now why  my feelings have been jumping all over the place. It is interesting how I chose last night to share the post where I felt like I was going ‘mad’.  My brain was feeling pressurised. I felt burdened. I felt like  I had a myriad of thoughts stuck in the vortex of my mind and not enough resources to process them. The paper of my printed thoughts was jammed and the switch to turn it off was  broken.

 I need to get my shit together.  Time to buy some new ink.The new moon is on it’s way and this will be a time for a fresh start. So no point ruminating over things I can’t change. I am already thinking about the things I need to do, what jobs I need to start. Training  courses I need to prioritize. I need to shake out the dust of any excess useless energy leftovers. Only then I can move forward with confidence  and  make March a month where I achieve what I want to achieve. To use the moons power to aid me instead of being merely governed by it.

Last Quarter MoonNow is the time to let go, release, and forgive anything and everyone that you may feel has hurt you in any way.  It is a time of emptying self and allowing the universe to take over or whomever you trust in your faith.  It is out of your hands and no more action is needed from you.http://www.astrologizing.net/lunarcycle.html


Maybe I am scared of things being ‘taken out of my hands’ . I want to push forward but the natural cycle and rhythm of nature is  compelling me to take no action . To rest, to find peace.

Something I struggle with a lot. I’ve never looked at my struggles in the context of symbolism before. It makes sense why I am exhausted and all over the place emotionally. Natures message is clear:

 I need to prepare for the new moon and what I want to achieve.

Balsamic Moon Peace.  This is the time to surrender, rest, and recuperate.  No more thinking, planning, getting in your own way, or action of any kind; just peace. As the Moon slowly enters “the dark of the Moon,” we allow our visual minds  to become dark, too, and still.  Peace


I’m sure a few of you have heard the connection of our monthlies with the moon. Many moons ago women would retreat into their homes and take a kind of sabbatical. Doors closed  with a huge -‘DO NOT DISTURB’  sign hanging on the door knob.  What a perfect time to tell people what is really on your mind and then we can blame it on the natural cycle of the moon.  We can call it  ‘Monthly madness truths’- what a great therapy technique, ne  ce pas?



This is really interesting and a bit gross too  but we are all adults? I   started my monthlies yesterday so I am getting rid of physical and metaphorical  debris. By the time the new moon arrives. I will once again have my fertility powers restored. I can create new life– again metaphorically or physical  I wish Science would give Astrology more credit.

So what can message can we take away with us?  Well,I have discovered from this post that I need to be more aware I am of my surroundings,  what is happening not only within me but to also look and be more aware of what is going on  outside of me. This knowledge can help guide me to focus and get the maximum results out of my life.

We never stop learning






Why so many myths about giants?

What do they represent to us symbolically? When we are children the first giants we meet are usually our parents.  I can remember how terrified I was when my Mom  got angry. She wasn’t being cruel but her anger was volumized because of her physical body and presence. People who get attacked or raped usually describe their attackers as bigger than they are in real life ( if they get caught)

Giants are always in a shit mood. All those anger issues  -Sheesh. So uncontrolled, so …. uncivilised. They intimidate with their brute force. Giants are not usually seen to be as the smartest of creatures. Famous myths  usually depict Heroes like David in ‘‘DAVID AND GOLIATH’ and Odyssey’s little meeting with CYCLOPS, as only being able to defeat these creatures by using their wits. Thinking on their feet literally.


David has his sling shot and Odysseys?  well he gets a  rather hospitable greeting with Polyphemus- the Cyclops- throwing rocks at him!

How uncouth ;).

What does our hero do to the one eyed monster? He jabs him in the eye and then flees with his crew mates. One step closer to being reunited with his dutiful and faithful Penelope- who also has  had to use her wits in the many years her husband has been sparring at sea.  but that is a whole other post and story.

 So do GIANTS show us that Wisdom always overcomes Ignorance?  Harry potter didn’t do so bad. What does this say about huge multi corporation industries(oil, guns trade, drugs trade, most governments)  who in ignorance will do anything to protect their own agenda and interests – bullying , control , destroy the earth even? These are the giant monster of today. I don’t see any  one hero coming to our home to  rescue it and us; but us folk who stand together and use our wits, can bring down the biggest and scariest of monsters. We just need to over come our fear.