Janus of global slang

Inspired by his lyrics - it's not exactly physics. Big boy - Little boy Atomic bomb decoy don't come across as coy. Paranoia looms over A  shadow with no owner. Scented thoughts hang outside on the laundry line -  drying out, pegged up, sketchy. Nowt out of the ordinary. The demise of senseless beatings. The savage frolic in secret meetings.... Continue Reading →


Indulgent woolgatherer

Let us sit here for a second , right here on top of this lush hill. Pause, for a moment and think about life and what we want to do – explore how we feel. Lie down ,sprawl out  our arms and legs like star fish and gaze up into the sky. Cloud gazing- can... Continue Reading →

Force of drole

*writing to recover-writing to remember who I am. Writing and shrugging of the insults of so called friends/family DROLE-this  world is a part of my repertoire  seek it out I  observe the stars bluster out a cosmic sigh sun ushered in to greet me and says to me high sunshine deflated-slips behind coy eyelashes flicker... Continue Reading →

All I need.

The need in me is to create.  What? Anything - it is all up for debate. I've been away far too long from my usual stream of conscious ramblings. Doing important, official  work in the real world. I don't mind but my urge to write  ding dongs in my head like Big Ben , pinching  at... Continue Reading →

My True penny

I'm taking back my power. I've got my ammo and my gun powder. I'm not going to use it cos I'm more of a peace than a 'fuck you -let's bomb you to oblivion' type of  person. I have realised that  to allow someone who thinks nothing about me to have so much power to lure... Continue Reading →

Do I get a star?

Discipline is what is required to receive the Masters of Creative writing. To be perfectly honest when I am told to do something- I just want to be a bit of a rebel. Shout out  a mega -No!  My spirit kicking and fighting. Word of the day. Absurd to think I don't even know if I... Continue Reading →

Her Legacy.

Coming from a place of Fury. Never go to sleep with an angry mind so I saved it for waking up on my side of the bed. Move two steps and three paces backwards, doubts plague me. Dementia 's grey cloak  veils all I want to retain in my head. The sheep get weary before I... Continue Reading →

Summer Daze

When I  first saw you , in Sitges , across from the bay- To say I was struck by your display of non-attire   is hardly an understatement. My eyes darted in every direction . Phallic erections were all I could see in my embarrassed array- it was all so blatant. There was simply nothing... Continue Reading →

Out on a whim.

Do or die - live fast , party hard - be an honorific rebel. Spank me,  Shake me up,  Colour me bold!  Don't wind me down - use a font that sounds like Bevel.  If I could jump in that diamond encrusted  box with you ,would you promise that when the children come by  we could... Continue Reading →

State of Dis Orient

Ladies dressed up to watch the jockeys race, not on but  against  their steed. A befitting bet ,the only time you will see her bow down, wearing a fascinator - laid on the mud- sacerdotal, on her knees - lunacy fanned out in a stylish turn  of the century plead.  Mixologists stir up  a great... Continue Reading →

All hands on deck

A silly poem - Ho! Ho! Ho!  I'm going to put my two cents worth in. Board the Jolly Roger with Hook and his crew of Rum kins. Ah no, I'm  not slumming it. 😉  I'm going to be an honorable Captain. See that ship flying out of the clouds? Welcome aboard the Jolly Willows-... Continue Reading →


A true union of hearts was joined one summer in late  June. The birds chirruped, the sun shone - the two became one -reflected for all to see by La  Luna- the moon Air and Water - shouldn't cross paths. These two elements casually ignore each other in nature's form-its innate core. He of Air... Continue Reading →

Food for thought.

Hark! I feel the desperate need to fletcherize. What? Is this some new mumbo jumbo, hybrid- combination form of exercise? Yes,   I would imagine it involves some motivation from a person with no predilections to become easily disheartened. Why can't you just eat sensibly ,stop this   new wave of choosing a new flavor... Continue Reading →

the Estranged one

Estranged from the one  she  loves. Cursed by her wretched, past associations. Darkness, rough, clawing hands -grabbing flesh -their  only Agenda: to satisfy their base emotions. A hand constantly tugs at hers - out from the dark, away from  these faceless haunters of hers, now theirs - a battle they now  share.  This hand is different.... Continue Reading →

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